Who Are The Best Players We Can Buy For Under £20 Million?

As the Suarez deal is dead in the water, and there are no hints of any signings upon the horizon, I thought I would try and “second guess” who, if anyone, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal are going for.

It seemed like we were in for Gonzalo Higuain for around £22 million but then he went to Napoli for £34 million. And despite all the mumblings about having a £70 million war chest the bottom line is 3 months after the season ended we haven’t spent a penny.

Our transfer record is £15 million for Jose Antonio Reyes and we have yet to break that as yet. And to be honest, deep down I don’t think many Arsenal fans expected us to complete a £50 million deal for Suarez. There is a minuscule chance it could happen but for many reasons, including Liverpool’s huge reluctance to sell I just don’t think Arsene would take that risk.

Not on Luis Suarez specifically (and his problems), but on signing a single player for £40 million plus. We know what Arsene’s like, and would be spend that much on one player? What if he gets injured? What happens if the signing doesn’t work out? The usually frugal Wenger would have a seizure if something went wrong and he spent the best part of £40 million on it.

So it is clear that Arsene would (if he signs anyone) spent around the £20 million mark. Only yesterday, there were rumours of Arsenal going for Luiz Gustavo for £14.5 million. That is a much more realistic transfer possibility that Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney or Gonzalo Higuain. Whatever you think about Arsene, he still likes value for money.

So what positions do we need strengthening?

Well a central defender is paramount with Vermaelen injured, Miguel and Djourou going out on loan and with Bacary Sagna filling in at the moment. So who is available and under £20 million?

We know Ashley Williams has been linked to us all summer so maybe that deal could come in? Then there’s Phil Jagielka from Everton who would be around £14 million. Or how about someone from Ligue 1? Then someone like Nicolas N’Koulou.

We also need a midfielder and striker, and we’ve already been linked with Luiz Gustavo. Aaron Ramsey has looked good in pre-season but we can’t rely on him, and Wilshere and Arteta could get injured or at least need resting during the season.

In terms of midfielders, Fellaini would fit the bill but I’m not sure Everton would sell for less than £20 million. But how about Sebastian Larsson? He’s played for Sunderland for a few years and impressed, and is technically very good. I’ve always liked him and I’m sure he’d like to move back to Arsenal. And what about Mohamed Diame? He is a real powerhouse in the middle of the park and has an eye for goal as well.

So then we move on to strikers.

Christian Benteke was linked to us and before signing a new contract with Aston Villa would have been around £20 million. Then there is Demba Ba of Chelsea who will probably find it hard to get a game with Torres and Lukaku in the squad, and with Rooney who might join them. And Remy would have been a decent buy if he didn’t move to Newcastle.

So who do you think we could get for less than £20 million? With the squad as light as it is, you would like to think Arsene is looking to buy 3/4 players in different positions rather than splash £50 million on Suarez.


22 thoughts on “Who Are The Best Players We Can Buy For Under £20 Million?

  1. I’m sorry to be rude but this has got to be the worst blog I have ever read. The section on strikers just not make ant sense in that all of the targets identified have either just signed a new deal with their club to end any transfer speculation, have no intention nor has there been any indication that they may leave their current club or have just been signed on loan by another club. Surely it may have been an idea to suggest players that are possibly available or have hinted that they do want to leave their current club. The point that I agree with you 100% is the one you make re Ramshit ooops I mean Ramsey

  2. Are you serious? Most of those players you mentioned are not good enough for the Arsenal. Your choices should be as follows:

    GK- Cesar (£3-5 million) or Adler (around £5 million).

    CB- Rami (under £10 million) or Sakho (£10-15 million).

    DM- Gustavo (£14-17 million), L.Bender (£20-25 million), S.Bender (£20-25 million), Gundogan (£25-30 million) or Khedira (£20-25 million).

    ST- Benzema, Suarez, Rooney maybe Lewandowski.

    In my list the GKs, CBs are all available. For DM Khedira may be made available and it getting S.Bender and Gundogan would be pretty hard but L.Bender is ours if we up our bid to £25 million. I know some of the DM options are above £20 million but they are the only DMs worth signing. Likewise with the STs, we need a top ST and if we cannot get either of them we should not get one.

    • At least someone with some sense. All of those players would be quality additions and would make us genuine title contenders.

    • I agree with you. There is no reason to buy players for cheaper if they won’t help our squad. I am a huge fan of Bender and Gondogan. If we could pull that off it would be amazing. I think Gustavo is as good as we can get because it’s so late. I still like Williams at CB and I’m fine with our keepers. Idk about who we can get at forward. Would Real really sell Benzema after selling Higuain? Lewandowski wants to go to Munich next year on a free transfer so I don’t think he would come to Arsenal even though I’d love to see him here. Rooney is just as expensive as Suarez if u include his wages but I don’t think he’s quite as good. I think Rooney is the only one we have a slight chance at. Idk any striker who is available that we can get that would even start for us…

  3. The worst blog I’ve ever read championship players you want wenger to sign and as for the above comment about Ramsey I used to slag him off but he’s the most improved player at arsenal in the last 12 months and if you can’t see that you also are clueless.

    • Fellaini is not the guy we need. He can play in a double DM pivot but has only played well as an AM/SS. Khedira, Gustavo, the Benders and Gundogan are all better options.

  4. Signings I’d recommend under £20m
    ST-Dzeko,Ibrahimovic,Diego costa,Muriel,Yilmaz,Traore,Eto’o,Doumbia,
    CDM-De Rossi,Xabi Alonso,Marcharano,Gundogan,Bender,Khedira,Gustavo,Kondogbia,Diarra,
    GK-Adler,Akinfeev,Begovic,Ter stegen,

    Who knows what Wenger will sign

  5. funny thing, Barcelona and the development of tika taka from the dutch total football of the 70’s has shown you dont need a striker. you need the defensive shield in front of the defence, really fit, committed midfielders who will press and get possession back, who can also distribute intelligently……………………… simples.


  6. I agree with u all that this is certainly d worst blog ever. I don’t think we actually need a goalie who is top class,we just need a good back up goalkeeper. We surely need a good centreback because it’s in this area that d squad is thinnest. I’ll settle for either Ashley Williams or Nicolas N’Koulou. On any day,my money would be on N’KoulouI luv Nicolas N’ Koulou. He’s quick,strong n very gud in d air. He shal represent value 4 money if Arsenal gets 2 sign him. My choice for DM is a close one between De Rossi and Gundogan. Arsenal are a possession-conscious team. Which means Gundogan or De Rossi,cetainly not Khedirah. Bt I want De Rossi. Marginally better than Gundogan and comes with lots of experience. World Cup winner. Euro 2012 finalist,etc.Did he mention Larsson? This blogger must be high on crack (no offence). Lewandowski takes the gong in attack (that is if Suarez’s deal does not pan out. Dortmund have bought an adequate replacement for him (I can’t spell d former St Etienne striker’s name).

  7. I would get a goalkeeper for the future who would play alternates with sczenzny like rui Patricio or ter stergen , a right back as back up for jenkinson or a main right backup with jenkinson as a backup say piscszek or corchia , a defender with sagna acting as a Center back backup , someone like alderweireld or rami , and a defensive midfielder who thinks like arteta like lars bender or fellani , and a midfielder who can be another WILSHERE cause he is available in christien eriksen , and a striker with a reliable name and a cut price say a lewandowski or a benzema or a dzeko , who may wanna get out of waiting line for their chance , all under our budget since we cleared soo many arsenal players this time around.

  8. I would’ve liked Etienne Capoue as a DM signing. Apparently we were in for him in January, and now it looks like he’s going to Spurs for £9m…

  9. The way things are going,don’t expect Wenger to bring in anyone .Maybe on the eve of the transfer window shut will he finally act.He is deluded if he thinks his present squad is capable of challenging.
    Then if he doesn’t bring in any quality players and the gunners challenge collapse again,it is time for him to go. Enough time has been wasted by him.


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