Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria?

So the latest transfer news is that Arsenal “are working on deals” to bring Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid.

Well that is certainly a surprise to me.

Usually you can second guess any potential transfer targets but these are a bit left field but according to BBC Sport, Arsenal are willing to pay £40 million for the France striker.

So what do you think of these potential signings then? Are they the real deal or just another two players we can add to the list of signings that will never happen?

Could they make way for the arrival of Gareth Bale? Who knows.



17 thoughts on “Karim Benzema and Angel Di Maria?

  1. I am feeling we can’t take both so
    we need di maria he is skill full and he is the player arsenal needs
    striker is other option may be go to falcao or lawendowisk or suarez for 50 million

    • Do you follow football?
      Falco just signed a contract, Suarez is going nowhere and Lewandowski just had his wages trippled but still won’t extend his contract because he leaves on a free for Bayern next summer.

      mr knowssweetfa.

      • Suarez won’t join Arsenal….i think it’ll be different should Real Madrid come knocking. Not sure why they appear to be willing to let Benzema go, the only “available” replacement…and it’s a long shot…would be Martinez…and he’s too unproven for Real…

  2. If unreliable sources and stupid pundits bring all sorts of stories, does Wenger surely remain answerable to all the gossip that is unfounded at times, to the point where he is deemed to be deceiving supporters??? Right now, did you get it from Wenger that he is bidding for these Madrid players? Keep speculating and guessing. That is all your stupid sources will do to you. No need to be swearing at Wenger by the way!!!

    • the BBC aren’t exactly unreliable. they don’t speculate + only ever report when something is confirmed by reliable sources. I doubt this will happen…but that does mean negotiations are taking place

  3. If wenger cudnt sign higuin dat was surplus to requirement hw do u tink he cud sign dat slugish benzema.kil foolin d fans we r already use to it.

  4. Madrid wouldn’t sell benzema they didn’t sign a striker and they are I?????n??? the middle of extending his current contract;Di maria mayb

  5. never ever gonna happen….all lies again. More likely Jelavic and Ince than Benzema and Di Maria. Wake up people, Wenger doesnt want to overspend. the only people at Arse who are overspending are the fans on season tickets, merchandise, food, refreshments etc….the transfer window starts now????thats what he said??? what a crock of sh!te

  6. We cant get those two from madrid. Cos they sold higuain just of recent and they are expecting gareth bale. So without getting bales , they cant sell any player.

  7. Wenger beta go 4 bentake nd ag
    bolahan instet of karim nd dimaria dis one 2 m is just joker nd d whole world knows dat ll need exprience striker now pls wenger do sometn B4 2 late

  8. No but Benzema, half the striker Higuain and Suarez is, is clearly worth 40 mill, I mean we wouldn’t want to anger Madrid with a low bid for him would we?

    Afterall he’s a French player we could have had for half that three year ago.
    But Wenger then deemed him unworthy, so either this team is now so bad that Benzema would improve it (Because god knows Benzema hasn’t improved) or in AW’s mind maybe its only French players that deserve a decent transfer fee.

    In any case very similar player to Giroud only better in every respect, but you can suck my dick if you think he’s world class, and it’d be fucking shambolic to see him here for the quoted 40 mill when for 15 mill more we could have had Cavani or Falcao or for 10 more had Neymar. Not to mention the veritable plethora of players of similar quality in the 15 -35 mill bracket.

  9. Oh yeah and Benzema might also go to jail for the majority of this season on rape and prostitution convictions… so thats 40 mill well spent.

  10. This makes sense.
    The Real madrid manager likes to play ronaldo as a CF/Lone striker.

    Which would mean Suarez would be the striker and ronaldo and switch between ethier wing and the striker position.


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