Arsene Wenger: “Maybe We Have A Good Surprise For You”

In the post match interview with Sky Sports, Arsene Wenger was asked what will we see in the last 24 hours of the transfer window. His response was:

“You will see what we will announce if we sign someone, we promise that we will very quick to announce it.

“Maybe we have a good surprise for you.”

And he that statement with a smirk.

Now I know we’ve only brought in Mathieu Flamini and Yaya Sanogo on a free during the transfer window and I am being extremely naive (hey, I have to be being an Arsenal fan) but if you read in-between the lines, maybe they already have a deal sorted out for a couple of players and are ready to announce it tomorrow.

Of course, maybe he’s teasing us all (like he has been all summer) but for the next 24 hours, I will be clinging onto that tiny bit of hope that we will make a signing.

So what do you think will happen tomorrow?

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29 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger: “Maybe We Have A Good Surprise For You”

  1. No point trying to second guess what will be announced but I am confident Arsenal will announce some top class signings tomorrow.
    By the way great to see Spuds still losing after buying in half a team – think they need to buy some more!!!!!!

  2. Surprise? well well well in less than 30 hours from now we are going to be surprise indeed. Let’s today’s performance never deceiced you from dipping your hands where that hot cash is Mr. Wenger.

  3. surprise nahhhhh,,,,, plsssss can someone tell wegner dat we r not kids,,,, we are not hearing dis for the first time,,,,,,,,,,,,, all we want is a new striker,, one midfielder , and two defenders,,,, if he like,,,, all dis £10m players he always sign , let him sign dem,, we need a good bench players

  4. hmmm surprise!!! Dat wil be selin of carzola, wallcot, Girou etc i guess. To is not a surprise to its reduce my high blood pressure. 1s agains up gunners.

  5. almost surprised us…
    coz felemini is good… he is running around more
    good tackle, and he looks a leader … we don’t need more dm until arteta cames
    other side plz surprise us like ozil \ mata and di maria

  6. Oh man this guy take our life until he announce some names how I can sleep tonight ?????? I just we bring some first class player and get ready for season long schedule and beat this mother fucker spuds and grave them in their own back yard.

  7. Is he going to buy all Arsenal fans a Kinder egg each? He’ll see Arsenal good, in Wenger we trust. Already beat the Spuds with thier £110mill outlay. Come on Gunners!

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