Sloppy Arsenal Pay The Price As Chelsea Park The Bus

Well that was an anti-climax.

Earlier today, I predicted Chelsea would win 2-1 and I wasn’t a million miles away.

I was looking forward to tonight’s game, but knew the importance of the match would be overshadowed by far more important fixtures against Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United in the coming weeks.

On paper though, Arsene Wenger looked to have played a pretty strong side. It included Koscielny, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla and Rosicky, and Özil and Giroud were on the bench if required.

There was a lot of sparring in the first quarter of the game but the moment that changed the game came on 25 minutes. A high ball was headed back by Jenkinson which didn’t have enough purchase, and Azpilicueta popped in to score a well-taken goal.

After that, as expected, Chelsea parked the bus. They do it so well and we found it difficult to test Mark Schwarzer in goal. We had a lot of possession but couldn’t break down a resilient Chelsea side who are well drilled defensively and showed how they won the Champions League a couple of seasons ago.

Chelsea were comfortable and we had no ideas. Nicklas Bendtner was poor, and Jenkinson’s confidence was shot as soon as he made that mistake.

In the end, it’s annoying that we lost to the biggest cunt in football but hey, that’s all it is. It isn’t the end of the world, it isn’t the end of our season and we can quickly dust ourselves off and get ourselves prepared for the big game on Saturday.


27 thoughts on “Sloppy Arsenal Pay The Price As Chelsea Park The Bus

  1. You Pained idiotic looser! You fucking idiot!!we were better than you guys…Le arse..Can’t stop laughing,you will also loose your next 3games to liverpool,dortmund and manchester united

  2. Shoot and Cross when You play a team like chelsea that park the bus and forget about possession football that is the only way to win.

  3. Absolutely spot on.. about the cunt bit.. lol.
    We were clueless outside their penalty box, if we can’t attack the bigger teams then we might as well stick ten men behind our keeper… : (

  4. Chelsea goals one was from a mistake and the other was just luck getting a loose ball and putting it into the back of the net, What arsenal really showed that they missed Podolski to take long shots and also perhaps flamini would of made a difference, and there was some over playing they should of just created space to whip a cross or a good shot to test Chelsea continuously.

  5. Lol, Arsenal4life, u ar a spinless caword, pattetic and stupid, WE LOVE THE BIGEST CUNT IN FOOTBALL, and ur blind, old and urgly manager, can’t beat him, FUCK YOU…

  6. u r realy fake.b realistic.we dominated da whole game.Chelsea will always beat arsenal.after all we realy brag.there is nothinh u have dat we can admire.Arsenal is so a mata of facts we wiil give u da whole team mayb u can win emirates cup.

  7. “The biggest c*nt in football”… you were doing really well up till then. What a nasty, mean spirited remark which I can only assume is directed at Jose… If imbuing your team with your own ansolute self belief, drilling them rigorously, knowing the opposition better than their own manager does and having a track record second to none is being a c*nt then give me a c*nt any day.

  8. as an Arsenal supporter, I have to take unfortunately a negative outlook to tonights game.It just proves that we can play great football against the lesser teams,But once again when and if we get to quarters and semi,s of any competitions, ie the likes of chelsea,city,man u,madrid,barca,munich, We will always be found out with to light a squad. I mean bendtner, miyaichi and then he brings on park.I,m sorry but we are still only a top 4 or 5 side.

    • No disrespect but Stop being a drama queen. It is one game in a crap cup. The CC was never taken this seriously until said Chelsea started playing their overpriced players in it.


      • I dont want to get into any slagging matches,but seriously i do fear for us this season.I call it a false top, Meaning we are top but we Have not played any of the top teams yet.excluding spurs who we thankfully beat. But the 2 top teams we have played ie, dortmund and chelsea we,ve lost.. I hate to be negative, But think about it

  9. Can’t just stop laughing. hahahaha arsenal fans sorry o. By the way u said chelsea park bus, u must b sleeping while d match is going on

  10. Arsenal…football joke,Barca’s(and rest of europe) feeder team. Bitter assholes! Mou just shit on your faces and all u could do is this? Fuck you! Fuck arsenal! You guys can’t even win emirate cup anymore and guess who stopped u last time…DROGBA! By May,y’all will be languishing in mid table…that’s where u belong

  11. Chelsea won, credit to them. It does not mean much, at all, teams lose matches all the time, it does not suggest who will be better over the course of the season.


  12. We were blunt , gotta admit . U cant blame a side for having endless deep pockets , or for sticking to a coachs tactics and executing well enough. Chelsea was better . They had a plan and executed it perfectly. Arsenal didnt seem to have one. But thats that , gotta get back to the league , make it work


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