Is The Chelsea Defeat The Start of a “Negative Spiral” of Results?

The defeat to Chelsea has split the opinion of Arsenal fans – some think it was a nothing game in a competition we have no interest in winning, while others seem to think it could be the start of a downturn in our fortunes.

Since the beginning of the season and the defeat on the opening day, our form has been sensational. But now with a defeat to Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea – the question is can Arsenal actually beat any of the top teams?

We’ve beaten the likes of Crystal Palace, Norwich, Stoke, Sunderland and Fulham but lost against the only real top teams we’ve faced so far – Dortmund and Chelsea. And with Liverpool, Dortmund (again) and Manchester United coming up, are Arsenal up to the task?

There’s no doubt that the next couple of weeks will shape Arsenal’s season but it appears that when against the really top teams, and teams that have excellent tactical managers, then we fall short.

We were to naive against Dortmund, and got hit with two sucker punches. The same happened against Chelsea last night. Do we have the “mental toughness” Arsene Wenger talks about so much? Are we still defensively solid or will we always get found out against the top teams?

Liverpool have Suarez and Sturridge firing on all cylinders, Dortmund have the ultra-clinical Lewandowski and Manchester United for all their failings have Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie – two world class forwards.

The next three games pose huge tests to Arsenal’s title credentials and unless we get our act together and stop conceding these avoidable (and costly) goals, then it is going to be a long hard November for Arsenal.


3 thoughts on “Is The Chelsea Defeat The Start of a “Negative Spiral” of Results?

  1. How strange, this site has been doing a disappearing act yet as soon as Arsenal lose a game it posts a pathetic knee jerk negative post.

    I always thought this was a spud blog pretending to be a Gooner one.

    The excellent run the team has been on has been completely under rated and slated by an all too eager media who are praying for a collapse. So called Arsenal blogs following their lead are even more annoying and embarrassing.


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