Is Wayne Rooney Scared of Arsenal?

I’m sure you would already heard the comments made by Wayne Rooney, and how he believes that while Arsenal are doing “brilliantly” at the moment, people should judge us in March.

And you know what, I have no problem whatsoever with that. In a way, it’s a compliment that he considers us a threat, and instead of putting the pressure on us this Sunday, he’s just gone to prove that he’s scared of us.

Why even mention us if he wasn’t concerned?

We all know the Match of the Day pundits, Alan Shearer in particular, still refuse to consider us title contenders and that’s fine. I prefer it that every did underestimate us and by the time we’re in a really strong position it will be too late.

I do find it amusing that Alan Shearer dismisses Arsenal as genuine contenders and he still thinks the team who are 8 points behind us could still do it. Of course, they are the reigning champions and it is basically the same squad as last year, so it’s obvious they have the quality.

If Arsenal do win on Sunday (and I would love it if they did, for so many reasons) then that would put us 11 points ahead of them with just under a third of the games played. But you can be sure the “experts” on Match of the Day will say United can still do it and Arsenal still have a lot to prove.

I am surprised that many experts seem to forget our record since the start of the year which includes the tail end of last season. It is the best in the league by far and we have simply continued that run into this campaign.

There is a huge amount of the season to go and obviously anything can still happen yet, but dismissing Arsenal as challengers is welcome but silly thing to do.


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