Is Andre Villas Boas A Terrible Manager? Did He Deserve The Sack?

Andre Villas Boas was sacked yesterday in the aftermath of the heavy defeat to Liverpool at White Hart Lane. Tottenham Hotspur have spent £107 million this summer and I assume that the Tottenham board feel like the team are under-acheiving.

While the situation down the road is hilarious, I do raise a serious question – did Andre Villas Boas deserve the sack?

I ask because while they’re having a terrible time of it at the moment, they are only 8 points behind league leaders Arsenal, and his win percentage has been well-publicised as the best of any Premier League Tottenham manager.

He was hugely successful at Porto, winning the Europa League, Portuguese league and Portuguese cup. Since then however, he’s had disastrous spells at Chelsea and now Tottenham.

The problem is he’s never been at a team for more than 2 seasons. He was at Academica for one season, Porto for one season, Chelsea for less than one season and Tottenham for a season and a half. He’s never built for the future.

And critics of AVB always find flaws in his Europa League success. On the road to the title, he never played a side from England, Italy, France, Germany or Holland, and only one from Spain.

And others will point out that they only “almost” achieved 4th spot in the Premier League this season because of Gareth Bale.

So what do you think? Is he a talented manager who was shown the door too early?

Or is he vastly overrated and too young to be considered a top manager?


5 thoughts on “Is Andre Villas Boas A Terrible Manager? Did He Deserve The Sack?

  1. He deserved to go! Half way through the season and a goal difference of minus 6, only 15 goals in 16 matches, never seen a spurs side so slow to attack!

  2. Yea he did deserve to go has Chelsea got the supposed special one we ended up with clueless one onwards and upwards now bring back the king of white hart lane hoddle hoddle hoddle hoddle born is the king of white hart lane COYS!

  3. Its the christmas season and one for feeling some pity for those down the road. yet another manager dismissed, just before christmas, even though his pay off will be in the millions thanks to the tottingham paying public, and a hundred million wasted, when referring to arsenals tenure in the top division there is this piece of history….

    In 1907/08 QPR moved to another new ground at Park Royal, capable of holding 60,000 spectators.
    won the Southern League for the first time. At the end of the season they met Manchester United for the first Charity Shield match. They drew1-1 – only to succumb to a heavy 4-0 defeat in the replay.

    QPR expected to be elected to Division Two as they had won the Southern League and resigned from it. However, Tottenham, who finished eighth, were elected, and QPR had to seek re-admission. They had to play all their matches in mid-week as the fixture list had been completed by the time they were re-admitted.

    anyway. in the spirit of Christmas, i would like to dedicate a song to our friends and neighbours. they even get a mention in the first minute of this song.


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