Poll – Which Former Player Would You Have Back At Arsenal, And Why?

For the first time in about 10 years, we’ve managed to hold on to the important players in our squad and finally recruit a world class player to strengthen the team from the season before.

And the result of that is on December 18th, we are top of the Premier League table – somewhere most of us could have only imagined we’d be during the long summer months.

But Arsenal recently have been slightly off the boil. We have had a lot of tough games, both in the league and in Europe, and the tiredness is beginning to show. There’s no doubt that spending in the January transfer window is a necessity if we want to continue our already excellent season, as players such as Ramsey and Giroud look in need of a rest.

Then I starting thinking, what if over the last 5 seasons we didn’t need to sell one of our players?

What if the circumstances were slightly different, and we didn’t need to sell one player over the last few years? Which player would you have picked?

Below, I have created a poll and I thought it would be interesting to see which former Arsenal player Arsenal fans would gladly see back at Arsenal, and why.

You can cast your vote below, and leave your thoughts in the comments section:

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9 thoughts on “Poll – Which Former Player Would You Have Back At Arsenal, And Why?

  1. As a gunners fan from the USA. I would only players that want to come back to arsenal on their own!! Player(s) that want to see the red and white do well in all competitions!! Players that respect the traditions and the make up what ARSENAL is to them!!! No mercenary players for me!!! Rather watch players that play for the love of arsenal than mercenaries( cough cough zlatan I……….) if you caught my drift.. This comment can/will have its doubters!!! Again, it’s only my opinion!!! But, 2 the question, who would I want back at this point? Cesc for sure w/out a doubt!!! Kolo, yes!! Would have helped with the young lads coming up!! Song? Wait and see if he eats his humble pie first!! Nasir or RVP? Loved them when they were with us!! But, just too much betrayal here to have any redeeming value with me!! Great players!! Don’t get me wrong!! They are doing well for their new teams!!

  2. Captain Fabrigas for sure, he will be a perfect mortivator to team and it will also signal that arsenal fc are ready to claim their lost glory.
    Gooner 4 Live

  3. We need another striker to take the burden away from Giroud. Eduardo is a proven goalscorer who can put the ball in net – it’s him for me.


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