Arsenal Can’t Win The League if Arsene Doesn’t Spend in January

With the devastating news that Theo Walcott is now out for at least 6 months, our luck on the injury front gets from bad to worse.

At the start of the season, we suffered a terrible injury to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, About Diaby was once again out for a prolonged period and last week we saw our only real backup to Olivier Giroud out injured with an ankle problem after scoring a huge goal against Cardiff.

Now, the only other real option we had to play up top if Giroud was out for any reason, Theo Walcott, has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament on his left knee.

Nevermind about England, this is a huge blow to Arsenal’s title chances.

Aaron Ramsey is also out, Giroud and Özil have been missing through illness and I have no idea what’s happened to Yaya Sanogo.

But the bottom line is, Theo’s injury has forced Arsene’s hand. He has to buy in January. There’s no doubt about it.

There is no way in hell he can leave the January Transfer Window and possibly believe that we would still be able to fight for the league. We’ve come this far, so it would be devastating if we didn’t kick on and really challenge.

We all know Chelsea’s weakness – Jose Mourinho repeatedly tells anyone who will listen – and you can be sure they will be strengthening with a top striker in January.

Manchester City have the strongest squad in the league, and Liverpool might invest in a central defender. Up front, they have no worries with Luis Suarez in sensational form.

Manchester United will apparently only spend big in the summer, so it depends if Moyes has already written this season off.

But Arsenal are top of the league and in with a real shout of challenging for the league. But in recent weeks, we were 5 points clear and now only one above Manchester City. We need to kick on and it would be suicidal if we didn’t sign a quality striker who could lead us to the title.

Will Arsene do it? We’ve supported Arsenal long enough to know that if you were a betting man, probably not.

But how much money do Arsenal have to spend? That’s another question we don’t know the answer to. All summer we heard about the massive spending power we had, and now we’re in January all of that talk has stopped. Have we spend all we can already? Or do we have another big war chest for January?

Who knows, and I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


17 thoughts on “Arsenal Can’t Win The League if Arsene Doesn’t Spend in January

    • I stopped reading. I also don’t want to comment except to ask: Wenger does go all out to buy but cannot, are you going to sitting in the stands and at your PC spewing out negativity?

  1. We will buy.. But im not sure how we can replace theo. even at time where he lacked consistency, he gives us something different. Gnabry and the ox are very exciting but walcott is just totally different in the way hees almost like a second striker. Dont know who we can buy in january that can make up for this huge loss, i cant help but think everytime we have a good season something catastrophic must happen.

  2. Need top class striker for sure but that is not all we need to buy right wi ger we cant depend on gernaby alone.what about that winger who sank chelsea twice we have no choice arsene the fans are watching your every move and reading your statements we need to buy read my lips buuuuy

  3. We will buy and we shall triumph. Arsenal have the bit between their teeth – they will not let go easily. Yes we will miss Walcott’s speed, but as a consolation price we know that the Ox is about ready to come back. Remember that Giroud came from a second string French league and look what Wenger has done for him… He is not my favourite type of player – Yes we would all rather have Henry or the likes, but Giroud is what we have and together with HE who is to come will bring us the title. Wenger will unearth another and make it work – but buy he will!

    • Agreed. Losing Walcott is disappointing, but Gnabry and Chamberlain can ease the loss and this will surely force Wenger’s hand in bringing in additions.

  4. In my opinion, we should sign back Carlos Vela. While he isn’t as good as Theo, he’s still a pacy striker who can play the wings, and there are rumours that we can have him for as little as £3m due to a buy-back clause in his contract when we sold him two years ago. He has come on leaps and bounds, and his problem was that he was a little immature, but has matured now. He has 12 goals and 7 assists so far this season, has premier league experience, and can play as a Striker when Giroud needs a break, and can cover for Walcott, and if we only want him for the 6 months, we can always sell him on for the 20m that he’s worth during the summer and make a 17m profit (provided the rumours of the clause are true, which they may not be). If not, Giroud will be back from his flu by next Monday, Ozil is back in the team (played 20mins the other day), and the Ox is back in training. We should be okay.

  5. Look at stats last 7 games managed without o k as good winning league m c always been fav as for this blog anti arsenal

  6. Is not all blue…the positive from theo’s injury is that the window is still open,what if he has the injury when the transfer window is shut..a striker is a must,Giroud & podolski are not enough.

  7. I hope we make an offer for Juan Mata. Hard to imagine Chelsea selling to us, but it’s worth a try.

    Lavezzi from PSG could be a possibility. Unsettled and capable of playing across the frontline.

    Signing Berbatov for a couple of million seems a no brainer. No world class strikers are going to be available in January (even if we meet Diego Costa’s release clause, i’m not sure he’d be keen to leave before the summer, with Atletico doing very well and a starting position in Spain’s team on the line) so he’d be a reasonable stop gap as a backup/alternative to Giroud until the summer, when i’m confident we’ll bring in a top class striker.

  8. I think Wenger needs to land at least 2 players. One striker and one winger. For a striker, I’d have a player who wouldn’t be cup tied, we need to get past Bayern!!! Amd winger, we need someone pacey who could get behind defenders and find players inside the box with decent crosses. So I suggest for a striker, Jackson Martinez . And for a winger, Valencia’s Stephane Feghouli. An amazing player he is.

  9. This is a real test of Arsene’s capabilities, is he off the pace or has what it takes to bring back the glory days.

  10. I urge wenger to sign somebody who can boost arsenal upfront not berbatov who failed at man u. Let him spend big for either Martinez, Isco, Benzema, Costa and even Falcao and Cavani

  11. Let’s cut the nonsense and agree that we needed a quality striker / strikers long before the current rash of injuries. Giroud’s much vaunted link-up play and “holding up” of the ball always ends in the same scenario of the goalmouth swarming with defenders while Giroud clumsily heaves this way and that. Look at the actual goals he has scored, other than one of his very first which was a sharp piece of running of the ball and slipping it into the net, the remainder has been a collection of soft and opportunistic goals (and admittedly some decent headers). Shall we talk about the myriad of squandered chances?
    I admit that Giroud is a hard worker and plays a team game and I respect him for that, but he’s not a bloody midfielder and all the soccer professors can suck it when you talk about his hold-up play and creating chances. Bollocks man! We need a sharp and accurate striker and someone that can actually run faster than Wenger or a limping sloth.
    I am so hopeful (desperate?) for a decent striker. Berbatov is actually a quality striker and would work well. Given the rarified quality of the midfielders supporting him, he could have the time of his life at Arsenal and do us all a huge favour. There are a couple of good strikers that could also do the job, including Benteke. How f***ing “special” does the striker have to be? I won’t dream about some of the more glamorous and expensive transfers – just buy a striker Wenger. Just a good one – doesn’t have to be great. Gooners have suffered enough indignity since 2004. Please?!! F**k!!


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