So What Is Going On With Lukas Podolski?

There have been many narratives to Arsenal’s season so far – how will Arsenal cope with Olivier Giroud as our only “real” centre-forward and can we go the distance this season?

But another story is about Lukas Podolski.

We have Nicklas Bendtner out injured, and Olivier Giroud needs resting now and then. And even if that wasn’t the case, Podolski usually plays out wide anyway, and we have Theo Walcott out for the season and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has only just returned from serious injury.

But yet Podolski can’t seem to get a game.

The German has been out himself for the best part of 3 months and now he’s come back to full fitness and we’ve got important players out for whatever reason, he still can’t get into the starting line-up.

He has a phenomenal shot on him, he scores goals and possibly more importantly, his delivery from wide positions is excellent. With him in the side, Olivier Giroud is always going to get 2 or 3 great chances to score from a cross.

So why can’t he get into the first eleven?

Against Aston Villa, we saw an annoyed Lukas Podolski on the bench when he was overlooked to replace Tomas Rosicky. Podolski is also a fans favourite and always seems to be laughing and joking with the rest of the lads. So what is going on?

From the outside, he is a dangerous player who can give a lot to the team. He also has Özil and Mertesacker playing on a regular basis so there’s the German contingent there, much like the Cazorla-Arteta-Monreal links.

I find it hard to see why he isn’t played more. Does he not press or defend as much as Arsene Wenger likes? Arsene has always talked up Podolski whenever he’s been asked about him but it seems like Serge Gnabry and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are already ahead of him in the pecking order.

Does anyone know why Lukas has been left out in the cold? Answers on a postcard please because I don’t know!


17 thoughts on “So What Is Going On With Lukas Podolski?

  1. Good question and I was thinking the same thing after the Aston Villa match and so I kept an eye on him when he came on against Fulham and it seemed he wasn’t tracking back! His movement was’nt speedy either but I’m comparing him to Rosicky who never seems to stop running. I’m no expert but that’s the only ‘fault’ I could see. He’s one of my favourite players and I want to see him much more involved.

    BTW, why don’t fans sing Lu Lu Lu Lukas Poldoski?

  2. Poldi is now healthy and need game time to get back to shape. If Wenger still does not start him, or give him enough minutes this Friday against Coventry, then I will be very worry about his future on the team.

  3. He’s only back to full fitness now Wenger said there after the Fulham game. Also I’d say Wenger is saving him for the big tests coming up, like Bayern Munich and Chelsea maybe. He’s the most clinical finisher in the team by a long shot and we to keep him fit for the big tests ahead.

  4. Lucas is a great player, but like you said he cant play in the middle because
    he cant hold the ball like giroud does, also he doesn’t track back often enough on the
    so, one question, who would you play? cazorla on the left or Lucas?. i know who i would choose
    Lets look at serge as an example, the kid is 18 yet he tracks back. also, Lucas seem to run
    out of steam more often than any other player in the team,

  5. It’s only because he isn’t French. Giroud is the worst player in football history, but he plays every game cause he is French. Look at the frown our players put on their faces due to the mess Giroud plays every game.

    • You were bound to get thumbed down for saying anything against Wengers poster boy Giroud but the fact is he simply isn’t good enough to be a striker for Arsenal.
      Next time he scores against a top 4 team it will be his first as that is something he hasn’t managed to do since downing an Arsenal jersey!
      He misses more chances than any striker I have ever seen, wasteful of chances and it must be wearing thin for his team mates working hard to make chances only to see him slice the ball into row Z again.
      Not good enough!

  6. Poldi is not quick with the ball,he dosen’t track back quick enough like carzola & lacks stamina.His volleys is almost perfect.

  7. Ground is really the worse strikers i have sin in the premier league. Scores alot of tapins and wenger tink he is good. Should be a farmer

  8. Poldi,,serves arsenal well by coming off the bench,, cause he is a game changer,,he will add some spice to the team wen ever him comes on cuz he will assist r score a goal in deficult matches,,that’s wats gunners being missing for some time now,,a game changer who can win we difficult games

  9. People we need to stop saying that oliver is not good,,he is playing in a side which play a passing game,,so don’t expect him to pounce on everything like a Luis r kun,,he does more of holding up the ball and linking midfield plays,,an that’s a lot of work so give oliver some credit,,he jus need to work harder in training on his finishing,,

  10. One thing gunners the last thing we would want to do is to critisice ozil for not playing at his best,,we won’t get a 100% of ozil talent wen arsenal play high up the pitch because he is simple better at counter attacks an run a defenders,,look hw he place for Germany an wen he was at Madrid,, he is world class,, even if he is out of the game he will make a pass which will leads to a goal,,jus like the 1 he made to monreal against Aston Vila,,so people leave ozil let him play his game

  11. WOW It is so obvious why AOC and Podolski will not get much playing time. Until after Feb 1st, because if they are injured after this date then he can say,I did not see that coming.He only bought Ozil in the last minute because a full blown riot was about to happen in the next home league loss.He realized at the last second this was the tipping point for the fans and there would be no going back at the end of this season. Besides he had 3 more years and 24 million reasons to think about.Also he does not want to go anywhere else when he has such a great deal here in the Twilight of his career. He does not have the time to start elsewhere. The money will be spent in the last 2 weeks of the summer once the world cup is truly over.


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