Jose Mourinho’s Criticism of West Ham is Laughable

After the disappointing result against Southampton on Tuesday, Manchester City and Chelsea had the chance to make up ground on us last night. Manchester City absolutely obliterated Tottenham Hotspur (not for the first time this season) to go top but surprisingly, Chelsea couldn’t over come West Ham United at home.

The Chelsea manager said:

“This is not the best league in the world, this is football from the 19th Century.

“The only [other] thing I could bring was a Black and Decker [tool] to destroy the wall.”

“It’s very difficult to play a football match where only one team wants to play. It’s very difficult.

“A football match is about two teams playing and this match was only one team playing and another team not playing.”

Remember, this is the man who “parked the bus” at Old Trafford against Manchester United and “parked the bus” against us at The Emirates earlier on in the season.

Hypocritical doesn’t even begin to describe the idiocy of Mourinho.

But as ridiculous as Mourinho’s criticism of West Ham was, Big Sam managed to make the situation even more hilarious with his post game comments:

I’m not his biggest fan, but fair play to Sam Allardyce on this occasion!


11 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho’s Criticism of West Ham is Laughable

  1. The other day Jose said he supported man city over spurs becoz he thought he wil run over west ham and gunner wil be third , what a result ?

    • “Wenger complaining is normal because he always does.” so said Mourinho a few days ago. Looks like he’s the one who winges all the time

  2. Maureen’s scriptwriter has an easy job:

    “I don’t (like to ) talk about other teams / other managers / officials, but ( then launch into a rant about other teams / other managers / officials… ) ” Shrug shoulders…. do that down at the corners mouth thing and skulk off. Predictable or what ?

    No credibility whatsoever.

  3. The irony is too much . First Jose starts talking up his ‘British’ness and how English Spine made the Premier League so great . Then he complains about ‘Foreigners’ diving [eyeroll]
    Now he complains about a ‘Wall’ .
    What a media-whore !

  4. Mourinho is the master of “Packing The Bus” tactics, Big Sam now shows him what it takes to be the Grandmaster …Mou is a joke.

  5. This man will never stop amaziing me, he went to Emirate with one sole aim of stopping the gunnesr from shooting. He succeeded with some help of the officials that looked the other way even at open offences ask Mikel. Wenger said a little and Jose rained insult on all, Arsenal players,manager and supporters were labeled women and children that cry and complain a lot. The game is for men. He have seen men why complain?. I need not talk about his prayers for manc to beat spur with his mathematics of chelsea destroying wham but he is mudane and it never happened. Jose why complain after all the champagne is for next year. Grow up and be a man. So long. Up gunners.


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