Why Julian Draxler Won’t Be Joining Arsenal

There has been a lot of speculation recently over German star Julian Draxler. We’ve all seen the YouTube videos of him, and he is undoubtedly talented, but there’s no way he’s coming to Arsenal. In fact, I stated this on Twitter yesterday:

I’d love for him to come, but nothing about this transfer makes sense.

First of all, the “inside expert” who came up with this story (I won’t mention his name) also said we were “guaranteed” to sign Gonzalo Higuain in the summer.

And I don’t need to tell you how that turned out.

Also, he’s apparently injured, and that’s not exactly going to help us when Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Theo Walcott, Tomas Rosicky and a few others are unavailable.

Another problem is with the price. Just because we spent £42.3 million on Mesut Özil, suddenly every journalist is linking us with big money buys to sell newspapers.

Be clear on this, a signing like Mesut Özil is a rarity – Arsene still likes to sniff out a bargain and get value for money. The club and managers whole ethos and vision hasn’t changed over night.

£37 million is a hell of a lot of money for a 20 year old who has yet to fulfil their potential. Juan Mata for me was over-priced at £37 million and he’s an established and successful Premier League and Spanish International.


26 thoughts on “Why Julian Draxler Won’t Be Joining Arsenal

  1. Transfer deadline is unpredictable,nobody saw özil comin’,the same could be said for draxler..you might as well draw the tattoo,who know he may be signed.

    • Ozil has been a huge disappointment for me – we paid about 32.5 million more than what his performances are actually worth. A very disappointing and expensive signing for me…

  2. This article is incredibly stupid and all of the reasons stated are either completely incorrect or just ignorant. Firstly, Jan Aage Fjortort is the first one who broke the Ozil signing and has called MANY more transfers correctly than incorrectly. Secondly, Julian Draxler saw his doctor in Munich two days ago and was cleared to play in SEVEN DAYS. Thats right, FIVE DAY FROM NOW. Finally, while 37m is quite a lot, it would be a calculated and intelligent in the Arsenal squad. The boy has shown every sign of be of the highest quality and, at the age of 20, will only continue to improve under Wenger. He could literally be a player that Arsenal build their entire team around in the future. Whoever wrote this needs to stop wasting peoples time with their idiotic writing and opinions.

  3. Wenger gets nervy durin’ transfers,he dosen’t like spendin’..he has one month for this,yet he prefers fire brigade approach….hope he signs a player.

  4. EVERY single player worth his salt is “over-priced”-the problem remains that some sides recognise this fact and move on.Arsenal’s problem remains that the are always happy to accept inflated fees but extremely reticent to pay them.

  5. Their is no way we can get a top top striker that can fire us to the title this winter,only stop gap solutions…we still need a CM or a winger.

  6. Why do Arsenal’s transfers end up like soap operas?. If Wenger wants a player, it should be the board that decides how much to pay. Not Wenger himself. I don’t see man city looking for a striker now cus they did all their business in the summer. Not getting Higuain is now coming back to hunt Wenger. At 37 mill for Draxler, Higuain looks cheap now.

    Regardless: no trophy this year = Wenger and Gazidis out and let someone else try.

  7. I would like to point out that Schalke 04 has responded to the Draxler rumor today with jokes about Arsenal. Julian Draxler will not be joining Arsenal for none of the reasons stated by the idiot above, but simply because Wenger thinks he over valued. Arsenal tried to negotiate but Schalke weren’t interested. Why should they be? They have Europe’s hottest young talent at their club.

  8. i think the name alone; Draxler will make rivals teams to fear us. for the money, i think draxler worths it. wenger needs to wrap up atleast one deal before deadline.

  9. Would Draxler prove to be a Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar in the future?

    If the answer is yes, then £37M should be considered an investment. Then you cannot blame his club for not willing to budge on the asking price.

  10. Read that the fm aint wlling to pay the asking pric for the German athough the board are willing
    to cough out the mllions. If t’s tru e and Arsenal fail to win anything this season,then in truth the fm shd not be given the contract extension.
    H has made too many errors of judgement.Some years back,he wa s asked to get a quality gk.He refuse and as a result Arsenal had to pay for the errors of the third rate gk and a stubborn fm.

  11. If Wenger is indeed responsible for all these transfer sagas, he should be removed from the negotiating process, and simply recommend players he wants, and coach the team. We started getting these transfer sagas ever since David Dein left and Kronke arrived. Whoever is responsible is clearly incompetent and shouldn’t be conducting the process.

  12. Please sign him!! if arsenal miss, he played against as next year by signing to others top 3. why not arsenal learnt from Hazard, Mata…..scenario.why arsenal always do work for the other

  13. Mr wenger i beg u dont giv us hypertension here in africa…if u feel reluctant to add to d money of draxler signing den go nd borrow from a fans….all i want is sign draxler

  14. Our biggest and probably LAST chance of winning the premiership. Injuries to key players. The January transfer window is about to close and what does Wenger do ? What he has ALWAYS done, count his pennies and do absolutely NOTHING. And personally I believe Ozil is the most over rated, over priced pile of garbage I have seen since Juan Sebastien Veron…

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