Why Are Arsenal Fans So Negative? And That Includes Me…

We’ve just completed Gameweek 24 of the campaign, we’re almost two thirds of the way through the season and there’s 14 games remaining.

And Arsenal still sit at the top of the Premier League table.

Yet the majority of people who follow football, and that includes some Arsenal fans, still believe Manchester City and Chelsea have more chance of winning the league.

And that’s what the bookies would certainly have you believe.

The thing is though, why are we so negative?

Yes, Manchester City have been firing on all cylinders, and yes, Chelsea are formidable, but the fact of the matter is that we’re top after 24 games of the season.

That’s no fluke.

And it’s also a fact that for all of their superstars, their bottomless pit of money and all of the goals they keep scoring, for the majority of the season we’ve been ahead of Manchester City at the top of the league. And the same goes for Chelsea (except for the goals obviously).

I have been guilty of this as well, but why are Arsenal fans so pessimistic?

Arsenal are top by 2 clear points, and yet it’s the Manchester City and Chelsea fans who are optimistic about lifting the Premier League trophy in May. Arsenal fans however worry about the fixture list, injuries and other aspects of the team.

We’ve had a couple of blips but over the last 24 games, you have to say we’ve been sensational – and the facts back that up. Our defense has been outstanding, we score goals from almost every position and the table doesn’t like. The players obviously have the believe (and it’s coming through in their determined performances) so why aren’t the fans the same?

The simple reason is probably because we haven’t been in this position in a long time. The last time we really looked like winning the title (or at least challenging for it) was in the 2007/2008 season. Eduardo and Adebayor were on fire, Cesc, Hleb, Rosicky and Flamini were dominating games and we had a solid defensive unit. And we all know if it wasn’t for that fathful day in Birmingham, we probably would have gone on and won the league that season.

But since then we’ve been fighting for 4th place. This season however, with only really two signings (Flamini and Ozil) we’ve gone up another level.

It’s amazing to think that for Manchester City’s “scintillating” form and Chelsea’s “dogged determination” we are still above them. That is a huge testament to what the current management and playing staff have done this year.

Arsenal fans were also downbeat about the lack of signings in the transfer window. But if any man can find a way through this tough period of games over the next two months, it’s Arsene Wenger.



28 thoughts on “Why Are Arsenal Fans So Negative? And That Includes Me…

  1. I agree to an extent,but again my own observation for been skeptical is we don’t dominate big games & win them.Till we start winnin’ teams like chelsea,man city & chelsea,it will be difficult for fibble fans & pundits to give us the tag favourites..chelsea just did what we should be doin’ against city.

  2. Look at all the games coming up, Arsenal have had easier fixtures. THIS is the true test and Wenger is the king of fucking things up because he always takes gambles with squad strength. We don’t believe because time and time again Wenger has made a fucking mess of everything, so I’ll believe it when I see it but I’m not very hopeful. It would be a BIG boost to beat Liverpool on Saturday, lose that and I won’t have the belief we can do it.

    • Easier fixtures?- You only beat the team in front of you, so the saying goes.
      We don’t dominate games and win by boatload of goals?- You only need 3 points from every match. You don’t get extra points for scoring 10!
      Yes, Arsenal fans are very fatalistic. And the press encourages them in their fatalism.

    • Why don’t you open a fcuking dictionary and look up the word ‘support’ and then reflect on whether the definition given applies to you in relation to AFC…CNUT!

  3. I don’t agree that arsenal are havin’ easier fixtures,every team will get easy run & difficult run at some point.we had tough run in Nov,liverpool had theirs in dec.The most important thing is to win ur games no matter the opposition..3 points simple.

  4. The games against the top sides reveal the true mettle of a team. So far, City and Chelsea have outperformed us in the big games. I think this article is premature. We should be asking the question if doubts still persist after we’ve beaten say Chelsea and United within the next few weeks..

    • Yes but Manshit & the Chavs haven’t outperformed us against everyone else. We are top of the leave for fucks sake. You don’t have to score a million goals. Just score enough to win (mainly) and draw some plus don’t concede. That what we’ve been doing. What the fuck else are we supposed to do.

  5. Arsenal are far more consistent in defending against the lesser teams this year. Despite the progress made this year, we have by far the weakest squad,( one good quality CF?) a shed load of injuries and have not shown we can defeat a team playing with the intensity of the Mancs and Chelsea. I hope we can come up a notch or 2. But it is hope. Winning the league takes more than talk and hope.

    • Our team is not the weakest,what we lack is strong bench.our first xi is as good as chelsea & city,the evidence is that we are top & goin’ strong.

    • It was the same team that beat BVB at their home. Enough of the negative thinking just pull for the boys win lose or draw!!!! COYGS

  6. Well I read all the above comments. My question is simple to you all. If we are that weak, since between all top tier team we are the weakest, if Arsene Wenger fucked up like he usually do. Man City score goals for fun, Chelsea are experienced at winning. Why so far this Season are we top of the league? Can someone answer why? Why do the players believe and give their all, and yet us fan dont believe in them, don’t believe because they can do if. Then simple, stop supporting Arsenal and next time you get knock down, stay on the floor and tell yourself only if I had an uncle like him, a step father like him. I would be fine.
    Yeah other team were help with cash injection. But there is nothing wrong, with working hard and believing you can do it. So I your not happy with Arsenal, go support those team that will always spend money to guarantee their success, so come end of each season or two. You be smiling because hey, you got help. I for once rather enjoy he success bought from my sweat, hard work and more my own belief that I could make it.

    So if you don’t believe in our players, our team, their determination then fuck off because your not a true fan. Regardless if a player is world class beater, or average Joe. As Long they wear the shirt. They are Arsenal FC player. The team I love and support.

    • He hasn’t fucked up yet because the pressure hasn’t started yet. NOW is when it starts, big games, pressure on the players, fatigue, important moments when big tactical decisions need to be made and all the right things said. Get them wrong and you lose and for the last decade Wenger keeps getting them wrong.

    • Well said fella. I often do wish all these cunts would fuck off and support the likes of Chelshit and Manshit. Then they’d have no reason to fuck moan………..but therein lays the problem!!!

  7. Arsenal will end up 6th in the premier league this season because they have over achieved thus far this season , they are a mediocre squad punching above their weight and to be fair have done quite well but the bulging eyes of that odious frog featured twat (yes that could mean ozil or wenger) shows the true fear that is rife in the woolwich camp. Luck only lasts so long and yours is running out. Dry your eyes bitches .

    • Hahahaha I think your talking about spurs mate. Also, utd have been doing week haven’t they? You see things change mate nothing stays the same!
      Follow and support your team regardless, look at palace fans and how they love their team, for Shame all you negative nancies…
      COYG forever and ever!!

    • Fucking twat but at least he supports another team. Makes sense for him to make himself feel better in this way. Would hurt if it was true what he’s saying but we all know its all shit and lame at that!

    • Arsenal and their cheapo players like £42.5m Ozil, £18m Cazorla, £12m Chamberlain, £10m Arteta, £9m Mertesacker, £11m Podolski, £13m Giroud, £8.3m Monreal, how on earth do they do it without two pennies to rub together???

  8. So much negativity and I can’t understand why. This is the best squad since 2007/8 and possibly since 2004 and it has a real chance of the title. While I agree that we need a couple of good results in the big games ( the next 2 would be good) people should look at the evidence. Strong back 5, great options in the middle and with a good focal point up front the midfield is running beyond the front man to share the goals round. Well said A Bravo and to those who suggest Arsene has screwed things up you frankly don’t know what you’re talking about. What that guy has done has been nothing short of phenomenal as Man U are finding out this season with that clown in charge.

  9. God it’s annoying listening to people – so say Gooners particularly – who bang on about how the Gunners are riding a wave of easy fixtures at the moment. The fact is that they have done better than any other club in the Premier League during the whole of 2013 and they’re still doing well in 2014. I’m a Gooner but I’m fucking sick of the moaners, the Wenger bashers and the downright pessimistic. You guys support a club capable of playing glorious football, have qualified for the Champions League for years without interruption and are now in a financially strong position. They are moving into a period in which they really can attract wonderful talent – not necessarily ready made Mary Baker “just pop it in the oven style” overpriced “superstars” but really exciting talent. They will surely challenge for top honours in Europe – yet so many people insist silverware has to come today. Grow up is my advice to the moaners. You’re supposed to be supporters. If any one of you could have done better than Arsene Wenger please step forward. Let’s hear from you. Post a photo so we can all know you when you talk a load of crap in the pub…

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