Hat’s Off To Jose Mourinho, He’s The Special One

Well there’s a result I wasn’t expecting.

It’s great for us as we stay 2 points clear at the top of the league and it’s also great because Manchester City have lost that “invincibility” that the media have gone nuts about over the last few months.

As Manchester City win game after game at The Etihad, the stronger and stronger they become. Now that the record has gone, they might start to lose a few more points at home.

Chelsea had a gameplan and carried it out perfectly. Everyone is raving about Chelsea today and you can see why. They dominated the strongest squad in the league by far and should have scored two or three more. While it’s hardly going to be the collapse of Manchester City at home, opposing teams will think twice now about “parking the bus” and might try and give it a go at The Etihad.

The problem both Manchester City and Chelsea have at this moment in time is not the performances against the top sides – they always up their game for the showcase matches – it’s their performances against the lesser sides. Only last week Chelsea drew against relegation candidates West Ham, and Manchester City have also stumbled to lower league opposition.

The Premier League table doesn’t lie and while our record against the “top sides” isn’t the best, we’re top of the league because we’ve been the best side over 24 games.

Manchester City will no doubt bounce back this weekend and score 50 goals against Norwich, and Chelsea should beat Newcastle at Stamford Bridge, so it’s vital we can go to Anfield in the days early kick off and get all 3 points. But with Suarez and Sturridge on form, that will be a tough ask.

As well as executing the perfect masterplan, Mourinho was also a bit mischievous in his post game interviews and press conferences. Despite now only being 2 points behind the league leaders, he insisted this season was about “transition” and his aim was purely a Top Four spot. We all know Mourimho isn’t fooling anyone and that he’s a born winner.

At the moment at least, it looks like this is turning into a three horse race, and there’s no small horse Jose.


5 thoughts on “Hat’s Off To Jose Mourinho, He’s The Special One

  1. Not buying the whole ‘Special1’ crap. Chelsea faced ManU without Rooney & RVP, and now City without Aguero, a clearly unfit Negredo, and no Fernandinho – but could and should’ve been a couple of goals down in the first 20mins in both games.

    Add that to their penalty dives, Eto’o kicking the ball out of the goalkeepers bounce, the parking of bus at the Emirates & Old Trafford, and failing to beat the likes of Sunderland, West Ham & Cardiff, I think Mourinho has been deeply average. Oh yeah, and once again, he’s outspent everyone else.

    Special1? Brainwashed by the media again.

  2. Always find Jose an excellent tactician. If you want someone who can give you the best result with a given set of player at a single match, I would probably pick him.

    In regards of managing a club and running things for the long term, put Wenger in the post. Don’t forget, he is working in strong clubs with strong management and plenty of funding. Wenger’s and Alex Ferguson are the very few whom a manage almost come to equal as the club.

    • Fergusson has smashed the British transfer record 8 times when at United, and almost for his entire time there outspent every club to win all his trophies. He is on par with Chelsea & City (and Blackburn) in winning trophies purely by outspending all rivals. Wenger remains the only manager to win the prem without outspending his rivals!

  3. I find it difficult to understand why many people react in a manner where, when a statement is made regarding some good in another football club in the EPL, it appears that it is already second nature to compare our own club, Arsenal, with that of the other club, manager, stadium etc. immediately. This article in NO way damages the bona fides of our club Arsenal. The author merely expresses his opinion and I cannot detect any nuances pointing to a comparison with Wenger. One wonders whether these deep seated involuntary reactions to opinions do not stem from an acute awareness that in fact our own manager cannot be compared in a favorable manner with Mourinho when it comes to tactical nous. If only all of us supporting Arsenal can acquire just a touch of more finesse then Arsenal as a club may just make much faster progress in future.


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