Awful Arsenal Bottle It Again And Should Have Lost To United

Manchester United deserved all three points last night.

They had a game-plan, executed it and had the far better chances. Robin van Persie should have scored after 90 seconds and also near the end of the game, when Szczesny pulled off a fantastic save from a Van Persie header.

The hugely disappointing thing about the game was the Arsenal performance. Manchester United are not a very good team. That’s a fact and the Premier League table doesn’t lie and David Moyes is a manager still finding his feet at Old Trafford. Yet for 90 minutes they weren’t seriously troubled. De Gea had a couple of routine saves to make but was never really called upon to make a defining save.

Arsenal were sloppy, lethargic and lacked any real cohesion. Mesut Özil looked lively and tried his best, but was let down by Olivier Giroud, who has proved yet again he is not good enough for Bolton Wanderers, never mind Arsenal.

We had some chances to score but Giroud did his best to missed them all, as well as make sure he performed his theatrics. We saw the whole range last night; we had punching the ground, screaming to the heavens, holding his head in his hands – and even head butting the ground this time around. Seriously, if he put as much effort into his “performances” as he did with scoring, he’d be the Premier League’s top scorer.

Overall though the team were poor. The only players who can come out with any credibility are Szczesny, Gibbs, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Cazorla and Özil. Giroud was, as I have already mentioned, poor, and Wilshere and Rosicky kept on giving the ball away time and time again.

Wilshere’s sloppiness almost resulted in a Manchester United goal, after Rooney fed Van Persie for his header.

Arsenal have more than enough motivation to win this game. They got battered at the weekend, could have returned to the top of the Premier League and even more disappointingly, they faced the worst Manchester United side we’ve faced in the last 20 years.

This was a game we had to win and yet again, we bottled it.


7 thoughts on “Awful Arsenal Bottle It Again And Should Have Lost To United

  1. Yawn – at both the game and your “analysis” of it. Giroud is a solid striker, but with our wide midfielders constantly coming inside, we need someone who can run in behind, and Giroud isn’t that man. But Giroud is certainly good enough for Arsenal, it’s just that the personnel we have available right now don’t really match his strengths. United didn’t deserve to win last night, they were shite, but unfortunately we weren’t much better.

    I also found it pretty funny that you said the whole team were poor, and then list 7 players who came out of the game with some credibility.

    Nice overreaction piece though.

  2. Arsenal’s problem is Giroud. period!!!!All the top teams has strikers who has two feet. Arsenal has a striker with two left feet and that is where the problem no:1 is…problem number 2 is his hairstyle…no:3…he is a lazy oppertunist.

  3. Giroud is so poor it is almost comical.
    He is only a backup striker at a club like ours, how he is still first choice is beyond me.
    Poldi or Bendy or even Sagno (who at least can run about a bit!) should all be starting ahead of him in this form.


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