Olivier Giroud Is F*cking Awful. Why Arsenal Need To Get Rid Of Him.

Olivier Giroud is just not very good.

He’s an average striker with an average record. He is not good enough for Arsenal and certainly not for a team seriously aspiring to win the Premier League.

I joked with a friend this week that if Arsene Wenger manages to win the Premier League with Olivier Giroud as our main striker, then he deserves the football club named after him. Reflecting the gigantic miracle it would take to win the league with a rubbish striker.

The performance against Manchester United typified everything that is wrong, and quite frankly annoying, about him.

The first is when he misses chances, which is unfortunately quite a lot. He gestures and flails his arms around, punches the ground, holds his head in his hands, tilts his back and screams – you name it he does it. If he put as much effort into scoring goals as he does at performing his “distraught missed chance face” then he’d be the Premier League’s top scorer.

It’s annoying and pisses off a lot of fans.

The second is his passing ability. Against United, you had players like Rosicky, Cazorla, Özil and Wilshere all trying to play one-twos with him but his return pass was well off the mark. His main job (apparently) is to hold the ball up and keep play going but the vast majority of the time he loses possession.

He also has no kind of intelligent movement. You have a midfield like ours capable of a wide range of through balls and he can’t lose a defender and create a yard of space.

The last and biggest reason we should get rid of him is because he can’t score, which is a pretty important trait you look for in a striker. Against Manchester United his missed (by a country mile) a free header from a corner after only 4 minutes and missed a whole host of chances all night. The worst of which was the brilliant cross by Sagna late in the game which he managed to miss completely.

Any half competent striker (I’m even talking about Darren Bent or Peter Crouch in this category) would have scored at least one of those opportunities. It’s as if Giroud is trying to miss all of these chances.

The problem is when games get tight, like they will do as the season comes to a close, then we need a striker who can take that single chance when it comes.

Is Olivier Giroud that man? Not by a long shot.


68 thoughts on “Olivier Giroud Is F*cking Awful. Why Arsenal Need To Get Rid Of Him.

      • Errr . . . Are you a plank? It’s JCL’s like you that need a screwdriver put through your head.

        “He’s doing his best, so no need to drive him off.”

        Do f**k off you total and utter c**t!

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    • Great contribution.Thank you for speaking the minds of millions of Arsenal fans. For me, it’s not that difficult to see that Giroud is not the striker Arsenal needs. Piers Morgan puts it correctly when he said Arsenal has thrown away the league title when it fails to buy any striker during the january window.That was a gamble too far. For those Gunners who still don’t get it, just wait till end of march when the picture gets clearer. For now, we hold our breadth and wait for the gambler and his magic.

    • We had VP play the same amount of games two seasons ago and top scorer at that, so don’t accept that excuse. Not scoring is one thing but he has no speed, no movement off the ball, can’t hold the ball up, and can’t pass the ball. What’s good about these stats.

  1. As long as Wenger has all knowing power over Arsenal, I doubt the club winning the league. Giroud is not the type of striker for a big club, and Arsenal is not one until it can get strikers who are big time. Giroud may be good as a supporting striker.

  2. Spot on mate.
    some fans are as stubborn as wenger,
    forever making excuses.
    Giroud is busy pumping ho’s hours before games,
    No wonder his nackerd on the pitch.
    The only time he ups his game is during the transfer period.
    The question is WHY isn’t wenger playing podolski?
    5 shots on target 3 goals scored.
    If wenger keeps being stubborn, we will yet again be fighting for 4th spot and no trophys..

  3. I agree with you all that unless wenger is replaced or cautioned, seized been frugality arsenal cannot and will not win title again. what is happening now shows arsenal is not to be counted among the big clubs and thatwenger has run out of ideas to win titles.

  4. dead right Wenger not buying a top striker will cost us the title, Giroud is not good enough at all and will cost us in the long run

  5. Giroud works hard and tries hard but that is it. It is bewildering that we have 1 centre forward we have to rely on. Bendtner does not count and Sanogo was signed to wash Abou Diaby’s back in the shower in the treatment room. Why everyone says Podolski can play centre forward is also strange. Whenever he is played in that role up front he is pony. At the start of last summers transfer window we needed a DM a CF and possibly someone with real pace on the left. 2 transfer windows later and we need a DM a CF and someone with pace on left. Good work guys. We are OK for gnomes all trying to thread the ball through the eye of a needle though.

    • What frustrates me that Giroud is making a playmaker like ozil look bad !!!! his to slow for a striker in the premier league , plain and simple . Ozil and Santi need a striker with pace they can play balls around or through the defensive to score on. And we watching a game you can see his frustration at Giroud , his just to slow !!!!!!! and in premier league pace is important for striker , if not that even you need to be damn good poacher and Giroud is neither. id say play Podolski more and buy a new striker ASAP if we wanna rol with the big dogs

  6. Now I know why I rarely read your blog, absolute nonsense comment, the man is knackered, over played as rubbish alternatives. Problem is manager. When rested his hold up play is magnificent and made many many assists. Also he needs people yo run past him like Ramsey and Walcott.

  7. I agree 4 all what u say but the fact is he’s shapening 4 his country in the world cup, when he was doing sub he cld have sub Giroud insted of Risocky. Oxled cld have bn betta than Giroud 100tyms.

  8. First of all,Olly Giroud.The dumbest striker ever in an arsenal shirt(yes,even chamakh is better).The guy cant score,cant head the ball,the hold up play he is praised for isnt even existent and dont you dare tell me that he defends s.pieces(what are kos and BFG) paid 4?.SECOND;I would lyk to tell arsene to accept the fact that even bendtner,carlton cole,crouch and ol average cfs r beta than giroud.Imagine what bent would do with those through balls.Y AW iznt playin poldi iz beyond mi and it seems like a vendetta against him.Haw on earth du u put one of world football’s most lethal left foots on the bench week in week out?It seems wenger doesnt want trophies.period.Wenger has totally lost it.I dont care whether he wins anything or not,Wenger out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ooh he should not forget to take giroud with him on his way to france.F#%xx wenger and giroud

  9. he is rubbish but the fact that he nailed some fit bird the other night put him higher in my estimation. cannot imagine alan smith doing such a thing.

  10. I agree entirely. Giroud has a reasonable work rate but he is ineffective and wasteful in front of goal. He certainly isn’t the talisman we need to lead and to help us win the title this season. The really sad thing is that we all knew this as did Arsene and yet nothing was done about it.
    I still believe in Wenger to lead the club but his obstinance is painful to be around as a Gooner. He also has hailed Podolski as being a clinical finisher in front of goal … well play him then.

  11. Look if you don’t rotate earlier in the season strikers will empty out at some stage of the season. The guy plays as single striker taking a lot of pressure off the team, only an arrogantly stupid coach would go through the season in this situation. Pedestrian midfield, no pace out wide, everybody wanting the ball to feet, only one man to blame for what we all can see is about to befall the team. Wenger builds squads nowadays to finish fourth and win nothing, to tantalize and frustrate us. No more scapegoats, Emmanuel Eboué at one time had potential but became a crap full back continually selected by the manager, Mourinho would have laughed him out of the club and would not have bought Giroud for for a team in need of a powerful, pacey, aggressive forward. So next time you want to boo Giroud look at the man on sidelines who buys the players, organizes the team and should take FULL responsibility.

  12. Is Arsene Wenger Playing Olivier Giroud Just Bcoz He Is His Fellow French? Where On Earth Can We Expect A Player Who Cant Score From An Open Play,Cant Pass The Ball Accurately,Cant Position Himself Properly When Ozil/Cazorla Is On The Ball,Cant Score Against A Big Team,Cant Control A Long Ball,Cant Beat A Defender On A One On One Situation, Win The League For U? Seriously I Dont Think Giroud Is Better Than Podolski Bcoz First Giroud Is The Same Same Player Who Was Holding His Waist Against Man United Last Night While The Game Was On Just Because He Was Tired. So Why Not Substitute Him And Introduce Podolski A Guy Who Has A Good Finishing Ability Than Giroud, Good Technique Than Giroud, Good Pace Than Giroud. Sincerely Podolski Not Playing For Arsenal Is Not Footballing Reasons But Ethnicity. I Would Urge All Arsenal Fans To Boo Giroud And Arsene WengerEvery Game Giroud Starts Ahead Of Podolski. And Finally That Cross From Sagna Last Nyt Which Giroud Missed Un Professionally, Even A Young Girl Could Have Scored. So Please Those Fans At The Emirates,You Are There In Behalf Of All Arsenal Fans Across The World So Please Start Campaigning Against Giroud Sooner Rather Than Later.

  13. This article says everything that has been on my mind since last season. Spot on mate. The only reason giroud is playing for arsenal is because he’s french. end of discussion

  14. I can only assume with your astute comments that you must watch football with your head stuck up your AR**! Otherwise how could you come up with such shite

  15. Arsenal’s problem is Arsene wenger been stubborn…if he is trophyless again this season then he should go back to france with Olie..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  16. As soon as i heard we were interested in him, i thought to myself “Oh no, another french striker who’s topped the french goal scoring league, and won said league….this is another Chamakh coming”, and so it’s proved. Wenger is only interested in bringing in cheap French forwards that he can get for a few million pound, rather than spend the going rate for a proven top class centre forward of around £25 million+. Wenger is only interested in cheap full stop, as per usual, and to those of you who say ” What about ozil then?”. The only reason he forked out for ozil is because after we lost the villa game the fans were on the verge of stringing him up, and the ozil deal was meant to pacify the faithful. But, he soon resorted back type, as was seen in the Jan sales with the rediculous signing of Kalstrom, someone he already new was injured, but decided to go ahead with the signing anyway, when almost everyone involved in football in this country, as well as our own support, is telling us we need another striker, Wenger blanks them, saying giroud is, and will be his main striker and we don’t need to buy another striker, this tells me Wenger no longer has the capacity to run our club, as that kind of thinking would have people saying he’s lost his “marbles” and i’d have to agree. Now, because of the lack of investment in our forward line, we’ve blown the chance of winning our first title since ’05….i’ve never felt so let down.

    • I agree mate he’s lost his marbles for sure. For the board to endorse this kind of clear ignorance towards the fans and allow Wenger to carry buying cheap French rubbish players, tells me that all the board are interested in is making money and not winning trophy’s. To take the supporters money as they do and piss in our pockets telling us Wenger has 100 million pounds to spend in the transfer window, what a load of bullshit. If you had a 100 million pounds to spend on a Beamer why would you buy a Kia. Cos he s lost his marbles.

  17. Giroud is rubbish, the worst Arsenal striker in History, his recent performances for us have been abysmal, this guy is beyond a joke, absolutely useless and does not deserve to wear the jersey let alone be paid millions for mediocrity, if Wenger believes Giroud is the answer then what the hell is the question?

  18. Arsenal is just a money machine to share holders. Even in my local football club, giroud ll not get a guarantee of his place. So stop wounding ur hearts, arsenal ll win nothing in the next three years with giroud as their striker. Gather ur strength Ozil and Ramsy and go big clubs to make history of ur own

  19. You can moan as much as you like all the time you get 60,000 fans turning up for home games nothing will be done and we will always be a second rate team and end up looking up at man city United Chelsea and now Liverpool that’s what we have got to look forward to. Until we get David Dein back we will fail to sigh any quality player

  20. I remember it got to a stage with ramsey last season that arsenal fanz in the stadium boo him wen he is with the ball. U can start that with Girood.

  21. That was the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!! Giroud is a piss-poor striker; slow, clumsy and clueless. Enough with the constant support of his stellar “hold-up play”. This is utter bollocks – enough is enough, the man is weak beyond belief. And yes, his irritating anguished displays of grief at all the squandered chances are GETTING ON EVERYONE’S TITS!!!!!!

    Dear AW – you have some choices (despite only buying a fellow with a bloody broken back in Jan), such as playing Podolski, Ox and Gnabry and some choices you shouldn’t make; like taking Rosicky off when he’s the BEST BLOODY PLAYER ON THE TEAM!

    So angry, f***

  22. Oh, and following up on a previous post from Real Talk who was wondering what the question is. The question is, who is the most ponderously slow, giraffe-footed, bouffant-headed idiot princess in the EPL?

    Bite me Arsene!!

  23. Well well well. What have I stumbled upon. Another absolute joke of a blog post by some cretin pretending to be an Arsenal supporter, and judging by the comments, followed by a bunch babies one comes across on the internet and twitter all the time these days. The best possible thing you can do is donate your Arsenal shirt, season ticket and any other Arsenal related item and go get yourself a nice sky blue shirt to go with the color of your blog. And take all those cunts that endorsed the drivel above with you.

    • So you actually think Giroud is a striker good enough to fire a side to the title?

      I can’t wait to read your justification for that.

      • He was good enough to fire them to the top half way through the season so maybe he is. I don’t know, I’m not an expert such as yourself. I think we can all see his strengths and weaknesses. But he has my f*cking backing for as long as he puts in a shift week in week out and helps the team. You obviously aren’t that way inclined, i guess that’s your choice. However, peddling this crap to other fans and making them turn on their own is bullsh*t and that’s why i commented. Else I don’t really give two sh*ts about ignorant opinions on a blog.

        • Well, well, well – you sanctimonious little twat – I’ve been a fan before you were born and criticizing the decisions made by AW to play a sub-par striker is perfectly legitimate. Putting in a “shift” and helping out the team is not the same as being the right man for the job and the continued frustration being felt by fans is not helped by little apologist fan-boys like you. So it may be you that needs to put on the your size small Manure shirt and dream of one day also being a real boy. Don’t post again you imbecile, nobody is so feeble minded as to “turn against their own” just from reading negative comments – ok Batman?

          • Hey Andrew
            You one of those internet warriors then hey? Bet you couldn’t say those words in anyone’s face in a real life situation. If you’ve been a fan before i was born then that only means that you are stupid old fart and a rude one at that. ‘Ok Batman?’ Did you seriously type that??!? Bwhahahahahahahahahaha. I mean i’ve come across losers on the internet before but you take the cake. CUNT

  24. The problem is, that while he tries hard, it’s clear he’s reached his top level as a footballer and won’t improve.

    His game isn’t based on skill or pace, which is vital in todays game. His finishing is poor for a supposedly top striker and if you had to name strikers most coveted in the world, then he wouldn’t make the Top 50. And is that what Arsenal fans are supposed to settle for?

    We have a top class goalkeeper, excellent defence, brilliant midfield and Ozil, a world class player. Yet the squad is finished off with a striker that would struggle to get into the West Brom side.

    • I hate to disagree with a fellow gooner. But our keeper is pants, & our defenders are also poor, when playing against the cream of clubs. Against low clubs they look great, but only because their seldom called upon

  25. PMSL I read some of these comments on a post that could have been written 2 months ago and I laugh. Giroud would not get in any side in the top 6, so how is that good enough for a team that is used to the strikers of Henry, Bergkamp, Wright etc.. He cannot get in behind strikers(he is too slow), he gives the ball away more than he retains it, his movement is shocking, he misses far too many opportunities, if Suarez would have been in the arsenal team or a Higuin they would have had 30+ goals already this season. He is a striker to send on last 10 mins and if plan A (which normally all Wenger has) doesn’t work then a big tall striker might be able to cause defenders a problem in the air, and we can be more direct and with our little maestros work off the second ball … A striker not being purchased in January HAS guaranteed failure this season and as usual Wenger is to blame for this, our run in is horrendous and did he really think Giroud and Bendtner were good enough to get us through it PMSL …. Millions of fans can see NO !! But the people that count obviously think different. And all this pony about Giroud being tired …. AWWWW bless him having to play 180 minutes of football in a week, how tiring, what a joke they are professional athletes that should be able to play 90 minutes every day, sick of hearing this excuse about tired players …. The fans don’t get tired of paying over £60 a game to watch a team that is always the nearly men …. We pay top money and if players are not going to be purchased than a discount should be offered to the fans because where else is the money going???? Giroud, Jenkinson, Bendtner, all 3 of them are not Arsenal quality its not rocket science its obvious to every Arsenal fan, Wenger needs to stop being so arrogant and stubborn, get the 3 players in we need we have youngsters coming through so will only really be a one off big spend up and then Arsenal can dominate English football again … Really don’t understand what is going on !!!!!

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  27. He’s the best of the crap that’s available
    Pod is lazy and unreliable scores against the little teams but is anonymous against middle and top teams
    Sanogo has the touch of a goat rapist how is he even in this league I mean a french league 2 youngster that had both his legs broken really wenger?
    Walcott is the best but is injured 🙁
    Giroud is crap who doesn’t show up in any important games and does so many stupid flicky passes he just pisses me off

    Gitta blame wenger

  28. Man I agree with u. He is a real drag for the team. Now come on mates we had strikers like henry and bergkamp. He gives his best, so do all. I believe that arsenal has the strongest midfield in the premier league. It just hurts to see the midfielders(cazorla, rosicky, wilshere) running so swiftly and passing while he takes a lot of time in hardy balancing his body. He is a good player but not the class that arsenal needs and that’s 200% sure. Well poldi is a great player who can play that position.

  29. I think Giroud himself knows that he is not good for himself. C’mon Giroud stop pretending that you are good. If he has any ethics and values in him, then he should say ” Mr.Wenger (Papa) sell me off somewhere in Championship side or even lower divisions… there I can play better…”

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