Olivier Giroud Is The Main Reason We’ve Blown The Title

As Arsenal’s title challenge falls by the wayside, ever Arsenal fan is wondering why did come so close but just fade at the vital time? We were 5 points clear at the top at one stage of the season, but now we’re 4 points behind Chelsea, a team without a decent striker and a side which hasn’t been firing on all cylinders.

The fact is our performances have dried up, but more importantly so have the goals.

Our defence is still solid (unless Monreal has to replace Gibbs that is) so the biggest issue is upfront. We should have bought a decent (not even world class) striker in the window if we wanted to realistically fight for the title, but we didn’t and here we are.

We have Mesut Ozil, the assist master of European football playing as if he’s been castrated. What’s the point of a player who makes so many chances for Olivier Giroud to miss them all? Ozil is used to playing with a warrior in Cristiano Ronaldo, a player who is deadly in front of goal and converts his chances. Giroud however, actually misses more than he scores.

It’s not all Giroud’s fault of course. Arsene Wenger has been extremely stubborn and decided not to buy a striker. He had a chance in January and so many chances in the summer. But he dithered and failed to even bring in some decent backup, resorting to Nicklas Bendtner who almost left the club.

There’s a link on Arseblog today to a video called “Aaron Ramsey – The Complete Footballer” and it is definitely worth watching. Not just to see how important the young Welshman is to the team, but also to see the number of chances he created. The most damning part of the video is the number of chances Olivier Giroud missed – most other strikers in the league (even Fernando Torres) would have buried them. You forget as the season goes on how many vital chances he actually spurned, but watch the video and you’ll see that his lack of quality has cost the team dearly.

Olivier Giroud has strengths but finishing is not one of them. He currently has 16 goals for Arsenal in all competitions but know that if Suarez was in an Arsenal shirt this season, he would have at least 30 goals this season. And how much healthier would our position be in the league then?

This season is already over for us in the league, and Arsene has to get his priorities in order and invest in a top class striker this summer, otherwise it will be the same old story for a 10th consecutive season.


10 thoughts on “Olivier Giroud Is The Main Reason We’ve Blown The Title

  1. Silly and ridiculous post hv ever read comparing Chelsea to arsenal yes Fernando and eto hasn’t been firing from all cylinders so also Ba but u hv to look at the entire squad goals are shared among the players from defence to attack and dats wot arsenal lack so quit whining and crying like a toddler

  2. For writing this article,ma GOD always bless u abundantly. U’re an objective fan with a great perception of football,not some deluded fans who keep kidding themselves that Giroud can fire Arsenal to the title. Giroud being Arsenal top man shows a lack of ambition from Arsene Wenger. He bought a 42 million pounds man,only for him to ask him to play behind a man with a dreadful finishing. Ozil should have been runaway assist leader now,but he’s 3rd (or is it 4th) on the assist chart. Dzeko,Balotelli,Ibrahimovic (audacious thought),Oscar Cardozo etc were there for the taking last summer,but Mr Arsene know-all believes Giroud is better than any and everyone on this list. Thanks for the insightful article. U’ve just earned my utmost respect…

  3. Giroud is the main reason why we are where we are now, he is a complete waste of time. He needs 100 opportunities to convert one. The fact that Arsene is stubborn doesn’t help, we definitely need a striker in the new season. Sanogo looks promising.

  4. OG seems a scapegoat for everything that went bad for us. Is he playing alone? Is he responsible for our tippy tappy style in midfield and no wing play or pace? Idiots.


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