Sagna’s Wage Demands? Giroud Back To France?

We all know that Bacary Sagna’s contract ends this summer and for the last few years, he’s been hesitating to sign a new deal. He’s 31 years old and I suppose, he sees this as his final chance to make a big money move or get an improved contract from Arsenal.

I’ve said over the last few seasons that it was obvious he was leaving this summer because he would have signed ages ago. Players like Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and even Theo Walcott all know that refusing (or “delaying”) the chance to sign a new deal forces Arsenal’s hand. We either let them go or give them a mega deal to stay.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I didn’t even think Sagna would be staying beyond this season for this reason – if he wanted to stay then we would have secured a new deal 2 or 3 years ago. Now if you believe the latest reports, Bacary is after a new deal worth £90,000 per week and a £6 million “signing on fee”.

Other sources say we’ve made an improved offer on his current £60,000 a week deal, and put £75,000 a week on the table.

There is no doubt about the quality of the player, he’s been one of our most consistent players over the last 5 seasons. But should we give in to his demands? Only Arsene will really know the answer as there are many things to factor in.

Does he think Carl Jenkinson is ready to step up next season? Is Sagna’s versatility and ability to play in central defence invaluable to the team? Does Arsene think Sagna still has a good 3/4 seasons left in him? Only the boss can answer those questions.

Personally, I think his departure was on the cards a long time ago and unless something drastic happens then I can’t see him in an Arsenal shirt next season. With his demands he’s essentially asking us to compete financially with teams like PSG who are after his signature, and we just can’t do that.

Meanwhile, fellow Frenchman Olivier Giroud is “apparently” considering a move back to France on the wishes of his wife Jennifer.

No idea if this is complete hearsay but I did hear rumours that he was off in the summer last week and I suppose if the price is right then I don’t think there will be many Arsenal fans that would miss him terribly.

Giroud splits Arsenal fans; some think he’s utterly useless and isn’t good enough for Arsenal, while others think he gives 110% and gives us that extra dimension.

I think it’s certain to say though that if Arsene sold Olivier Giroud and replaced him with a top quality striker, that he wouldn’t be missed by many.


9 thoughts on “Sagna’s Wage Demands? Giroud Back To France?

  1. Sagna wants 6mil signing on fee & a 4 year deal on £100,000 aweek.
    At 31 years old, I don’t think he will get that.
    Jenkinson has played well, when called upon this season, I think his ready to step up.
    As for giroud…. so long sucker…

  2. I think Bacary Sagna should be given what he wants €100.000 weekly and €6million sign on fee. Because he has served Arsenal very well and for Olivier giroud please wenger should not allow him to go because when he arrived last season he scored twelve( 12) goals in total but this season he has over that tally. I believe he is improving in his goals and for his dribbling by next season i believe he wil do better especially when Arsene wenger gets a top striker that he will have to compete with next season. Both are very important for Arsenal next season please Arsene Wenger.

  3. @king we need not improving strikers we aint wigan or stoke or maybe cardiff. We are THE RED ARMY we need complete strikers. GOOD GIROUD!

  4. Sagna age of 31-32 and want £100.000 pr week in three years? Get Micah Richardt with this wages, he is younger, faster, stronger… all the way to the olympics. Micah praise koscielny that label him as prem.league best defender, lets see them they can work together. Big plus Wenger can’t hide he want someone like Micah.

  5. I don’t mind Giroud goes back to his home but question is which striker we need? Mandzukic? Benzema? Cavani? Diego Costa? I prefer last one because he is the new Falcao.


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