Arsene Needs To Learn His Lesson And Not Make The Same Mistake Against Chelsea

Arsenal find themselves 4 points off the top of the Premier League table with a game in hand. A win against Chelsea tomorrow would put us in a truly fantastic position but a defeat would do the opposite – it would virtually put us out of the race.

With only 10 games of the season left, the very tight battle at the top means the next couple of weeks will be vital as we go into the final stretch. Dropping points at this stage will mean an uphill battle – with 4 teams with a real chance of winning the league, the team that will end up triumphant will be the one who gets through the next fortnight without losing the most points.

So Arsene Wenger needs to learn his lesson from this season.

Against Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United away we’ve been embarrassed. In those games, considering our position in the league during those times, draws would have been good results. But instead we got our approach completely wrong and lost 6-3, 5-1 and 1-0. The United result may not have been disastrous, but considering it was against the worst Manchester United side in the last 20 years, then it wasn’t great.

Draws are underrated and in those situations would have kept us in a strong position in the league and kept our rivals away from us in terms of points.

So it’s important we’re not too reckless against Chelsea and lose because we tried to go for a win. A draw keeps us in the race, a win gives us belief that we can go on to win the Premier League but a defeat would leave us in a position where we’d be out of it in my opinion.

Our record against the top teams is poor and we need to address that against Chelsea and Manchester City. The reason why we’d be out of the running if we lose against Chelsea and City is because they would get a massive boost from beating a title rival and the fact that they’d win a 6 pointer.

So will Arsene learn his lesson? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Arsene Needs To Learn His Lesson And Not Make The Same Mistake Against Chelsea

  1. Easier said than done my friend.
    Chelsea will be up to no good (as per usual)
    they know the referee will be more lenient towards them,
    Meaning they will get away with the sly kicks & elbows,
    Whereas we will be punished for the slightest of touches,
    as they love their play acting (diving etc etc) so I’m expecting,
    red cards for us & penalty’s for them.

    Also, our record for Saturday lunch time kick off’s away from home,
    Is diabolical.

    Miracle needed,


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