Arsenal Fans Who Abuse Arsene Wenger Are A Disgrace!

The Internet is a great resource and place to interact with other Arsenal fans. But there are some Arsenal fans who say things like people who abuse Arsene Wenger are a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves, as well as saying Arsene deserves our respect.

Now I appreciate what Arsene Wenger has done for the club, that is obvious to see. He brought success to the club, was involved in the new stadium and has set us up for the future.

And to some fans, that means he is invincible and immune from criticism.

But that’s not the case. Since 2005, Arsenal fans have experienced the same old story season after season. And while he has done great things for the club, there are many reasons why Arsene Wenger should be criticised:

  • His teams have no mental strength. Collapses against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are all too common – the whole club is mentally fragile and that comes from the manager. How can a manager not motivate his team to perform in massive games such as these?
  • We have no leaders. Arsene Wenger has consistently sold his captains from 2005. Any players that had leadership qualities have been moved on. Vieira, Henry, Gallas, Fabregas, Van Persie, the list goes on. Arsene Wenger doesn’t like players who speak their mind and would rather have a squad full of “yes men” than have anyone question his authority.
  • Olivier Giroud is awful and no good enough for Arsenal. And again, this is Arsene’s fault. He had a chance to sign a new striker in the summer, and in January, but didn’t. In 2004 we had Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Sylvain Wiltord, Nwankwo Kanu and even Jose Antonio Reyes would could play up top. Arsene knows you need a top quality striker-force to win the league but put together a squad that has Giroud, Bendtner and Sanogo as their strikers. Bayern Munich would struggle to win anything as those three as their striking options!
  • Arsene Wenger is tactically inept. When Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea all scored early, every Arsenal fan knew we were going to get thrashed. Any other top manger would have changed things, saw the threat and steadied the ship. What does Arsene do? Nothing. He lets the team play the same way and we end up conceding an obscene amount of goals. If you’re defensively fragile then surely the logical thing to do is rearrange the formation or team and make sure you don’t keep conceding? Or is that too simple?
  • Arsene just wants to finish 4th. We have a manager who has no ambition to win the league. Arsene has the board wrapped around his little finger and as long as the Champions League money keeps rolling in his job is safe. Talk about winning the league is just a PR exercise to sell season tickets and merchandise.
  • Same old excuses. Every season the same old excuses come out – we have too many injuries, we were unlucky, blah blah blah. The only thing that chances is which month we are out of the running. This season it happens to be in March.

There seems to be this strange mentality that because he brought success and pioneered the stadium move, he is untouchable. So does that mean it doesn’t matter if he gets Arsenal relegated it doesn’t matter, he’s still the man for the job?

That whole ideology is seriously flawed and makes no sense whatsoever. By that logic, any manager that has enjoyed success should never leave a football club. But we never see that anywhere. Jose Mourinho is the perfect example of that. He did well in his first spell at Chelsea but when things turned sour he was told to leave. Football is ever-changing and seem to be the only club in Europe that is stuck in the past and relies heavily on sentiment.

Brian Clough was a great manager but he was immune from criticism so why is Arsene any different? It seems to be the whole charade of “will he, won’t he” sign a new deal is pathetic. Arsene Wenger will be Arsenal manager until he wants to leave. The board have show they have no balls and are full of yes men. Arsene Wenger has so much power over the club it’s unreal. No other manager in European football enjoys the control Arsene has at Arsenal.


21 thoughts on “Arsenal Fans Who Abuse Arsene Wenger Are A Disgrace!

  1. I absolutely agree.But how can he removed?
    Seems like he is the biggest con man there is.
    Year in year out he gets away w/failure like no other
    professional in this world.Being 4th in BPL cannot be the be all and
    end all of any top club.Really disgraceful!

  2. Great article Mike. Just like any fan I want our team to be successful but this is the wrong way to go about it in terms of displaying a banner. The wenger out brigade has been going for some
    time due to recent times however football is about cycles we had our cycle in the late 90s and early 00s as everyone knows. Sir alex or Maureen couldn’t manage a club with all the restrictions that have been in place. Wenger bought players when he first came in and will do again we have to give him time and
    I will always support him no matter what because that’s what a real fan does. Get behind the team people and stop the hate!! In fact I’d offer anyone out who says otherwise because you don’t do the mileage in terms of supporting the team on away days up and down the country so you don’t have the right to say anything. The grass is not always Greener just ask any utd fan!!
    Another point when is someone gonna gun down stewart Robson he offered nothing as a footballer and hes now hell bent on slagging off arsenal all because he got sacked from arsenal tv notice how he always comes out after a poor result just like the rest of you fools who pipe up after a poor result. Some of you so called fans who want wenger out make me sick and embarassed that we have fans like you supporting us. Fuck off and go and support Chelsea and citeh and then parade with your trophies after you spend £1bn now thats what I really call sport LOL!! COYG!! ARSENAL TIL I DIE!!!!

    • Great comments hightower i am as annoyed as a lot of fans but i will support him until he goes. but hope he wins us the cup even though it still won’t stop the haters and press they are all so desperate for us to Fail. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM COYG !!!!!

  3. The truth hurts. Fans re only venting their anger because Wenger think he can do no wrong Resultsthe last ten years have been unacceptable and yet he still insists on doing he same thin g yer and yaer out.
    His record against Chelsea and MU have been very poor over the last ten years.
    He is getting beaten all the time because of his predictable style.Don’t be surprised MC score
    another 5 goals.

  4. How can a top class manager seriously think he can win the title with Giroud, Sanogo and Bendtner as their strikers? Wenger has either completely lost the plot or, no, he’s just lost the plot.

  5. If Wenger himself admits that, our current team is NOT good enough to challange the title, then I will give him a break.
    If Wenger himself admits that, Giroud and Bendtner and Sanogo are not good enough to be our leading striker, and our DM are so weak, and our squad is thinner than the lineup sheet, then I will give him a break.
    If Wenger himself admits that, we do not have the fund to buy anymore WC players, then I will give him a break.
    In fact, for the past few years, we heard of so many empty promises, so many misleading information that makes us believe we are good enough to challange the title, to make us believe Giroud is good enough to lead us to the promiseland, and to make us believe we will keep upgrading and keep purchasing. For the past 9 years, we just kept rebuilding and still challange the top 4 trophy.
    It is very difficult for fans not getting angry and mad. 9 years. You name me a top football team that has not won anything but the manager/coach can still stay?

  6. wenger is poor he’s now had more years of failure than years of success.
    He needs to go
    His only wants to buy attacking midfielders and play them left mid, right mid and defensive mid. WHAT????
    Never wants to buy a great striker
    His tactics are terrible, no plan B. he buys lazy losers with low determination.
    When he spends money he buys rubbish
    Should just go!


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