Why I’m Certain That Arsenal Will Finish 5th This Season

Arsenal’s ability to collapse is legendary and this season is no exception. A shambolic display against Chelsea, followed by a disappointing display against Swansea leaves Arsenal in 4th place on 63 points.

Everton are in 5th on 57 points, but have a game in hand. We have to play Manchester City on Saturday, and let’s be honest, I don’t think any Arsenal fan thinks we’ll get any points from that one. Lose against Manchester City and Everton can draw level on points with us if they win their game in hand.

And I’m sure this is what will happen.

Added to that, we’ve got to actually travel to Goodison Park and get a result – and we all know how good we are in the big away games.

Roberto Martinez has shown he is an excellent manager, and he has done fantastically well with Everton who have limited resources. He has most of his main players back from injury and the advantage he has over us in the final run in is that he can put out a team with fight, desire and passion. Things that have disappeared completely from this Arsenal team.

Another problem is we have no discipline. Paul Scholes, rightly I may add, said we line up with 5 tiki-taka midfielders and it looks like Arsene just tells them “to do what they want”. They try and play pretty passes but don’t bother doing silly things like tracking back or defending as a team. Everton however still have the grit and determination from the David Moyes days, along with the flair and attacking verve Martinez has instilled.

And let’s be honest, missing out on the Champions League is probably the only way Arsenal will actually do something like sack Arsene Wenger. Okay, even if we finish 5th that wouldn’t happen but you can hope.

We also have the “distraction” of the FA Cup, and if there’s a side that can manage to throw away 4th and the FA Cup, it’s Arsenal. We’ll take our eye off the league, finish 5th to Everton and beat Wigan to get to the final, only to lose against Hull Tigers and lose yet another final under Arsene Wenger.

But the main reason we will finish 5th (or below) is because like all Arsene Wenger teams since 2006, the whole club suffers from mental fragility. From being genuine title challengers to being a side that is now fighting for 4th place is exactly something that would demoralise the players. If they can’t perform for the manager, the club or the fans in a massive game against Chelsea, then how are they going to do it for the rest of the season? Against Swansea they showed they’ve got no balls or fight and that will continue for the rest of the season.

The fans, club, manager and players all know the season is over now. Which means the final two months of the season are going to be extremely painful for Arsenal fans.


12 thoughts on “Why I’m Certain That Arsenal Will Finish 5th This Season

  1. exellente analyse!! à laquelle il convient d’ajouter les éternelles excuses du manager:les blessures aux mauvais moments et nombreuses,les arbitres qui prennent des mauvaises décisions contre nous et le calendrier démentielle de la première league…

  2. Rubbish. Who told you that other teams would not drop points. Year after year it is thesame prediction of doom and yet the manager and players always proved you pessimists wrong. Enough of you soothsayers.

    • Prove us wrong but doing what exactly? Finishing 4th on the last day or not wining anything for almost a decade? Another Wenger lemming I presume?

  3. Is top 4 an achievement for a massive club like arsenal,is a shame…media negativity won’t go away till wenger start gettin’ it right.

  4. your blog is absolute rubbish,if we were that fragile we could not achieve top 4 the last 17 years or go undefeated the last 10 games last season to make top 4.get a life and keep your rubbish to yourself.

  5. Hold your horses.There are several things wrong with this Arsenal team but i am certain that we are gonna at least take fourth,it would be the very end of Wenger if he failed to get Arsenal in the cl from seven points infront and lose another fa cup final.

  6. The author of this piece should have titled it, “Why I’m Certain I Don’t Know A Thing About Football.” Arsenal have never finished outside the Champions League places since Wenger has arrived. Yet some blogger is convinced it can’t happen this year. Rubbish, just like the “fans” calling for the most successful manager in history to leave during a season where the team led the league for most of the season. Daft.

  7. People said we would miss out on the Top 4 last season… and the one before that… and the one before that… and the one before that… and the… well you get the picture.

  8. Who cares about top 4, all that matters is whether Wenger is capable of winning major trophies. Of course, he’s not – there’s is zero evidence. Compared to other managers in the league and Europe he’s a complete moron.


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