Predictions For The Manchester City Game? Will Arsenal Lose 4-0, 5-0 or 6-0?

Arsenal go into today’s game on the back of a disappointing draw at home against Swansea, and a disastrous defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The level of opposition doesn’t let up as Manchester City come to town. The blue side of Manchester completely outplayed Manchester United (something we failed to do at two attempts), beating them 3-0 at Old Trafford.

So it’s going to be a big ask today.

If we can’t keep a clean sheet against Swansea, then what hope do you have against Edin Dzeko who is on form, Yaya Toure who is a beast and David Silva and Samir Nasri, who are pulling the strings.

If Manchester City turn up, then it could be another embarrassment.

The small consolation is that it is away from home Arsenal have been a shambles. At home, we’ve drawn against Chelsea, Manchester United but also managed to beat Tottenham and Liverpool.

So all hope is not lost.

But Arsenal are well out of the title race while Manchester City are in a fantastic position to win the league.

If Arsenal do manage to win, then they still have a slight chance to making a late charge for the title. It’s a small chance but it would still be possible to nick it if the other teams slip up – but it would take a near impeccable rest of the season, which on recent weeks looks hugely unlikely.

So predictions for the score this afternoon?

My heart says 1-1, but my head says 4-1 to Manchester City.


7 thoughts on “Predictions For The Manchester City Game? Will Arsenal Lose 4-0, 5-0 or 6-0?

  1. sad days indeed when we sense a pasting at home.
    it hasn’t happened in the league yet but i do think city can steamroller us today.
    go on, prove me wrong

    • Kayode… are a true Gooner, unlike some of the other moaners on this site. I understand their concerns, we all share them, BUT now’s not the time to begin dismembering the team and manager….there’ll be plenty of time for that after May 30th.

  2. I can’t wait for the season to end soon. I won’t bother whether Arsenal can get cl soccer or win the cup.
    The fm has gone backward and shd be off sap otherwise Arsenal risks being irrelevant in the epl only to make up the numbers. Repeated challenges have choked and any manager doing this this for so many seasons aint fit to run ARSENAL FC,a well known soccer brand.

    • Your true name is Malayasian Arsene-hater….yiou f**king clown! Get behidn the team and the manager and stop spreading your shite-filled öpinions¨ that don’t merit any consideration. You are NO expert about anything Arsenal and NOt a true Gooner…just a whiny, gloomy, insatiably negative and pessimistic bitch!

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