So Are Arsenal Back In The Title Race?

After the shambles at Stamford Bridge, and the disappointment against Swansea, Arsenal put in a dogged performance and managed to get a 1-1 draw against Manchester City (a score I predicted before the game).

I’ve said all season that Arsene’s approach against the top sides, especially away, has been all wrong. In games we should have kept tight and even played for a draw, we’ve collapsed. We lost 6-3 against Manchester City, 5-1 against Liverpool, 6-0 against Chelsea and 1-0 against Manchester United (most people forget the Old Trafford result, but remember this was against the worst Manchester United side in 20 years).

In those 4 games alone, if we didn’t go Gung Ho and played with intelligence then we could have conceivably come away with 4 draws. Currently we are 5 points off Chelsea who are top – with a win against Swansea and a draw against those top sides we’d be a point ahead of them. Manchester City and Liverpool have games in hand obviously, but being 6 points better of at this stage of the season would have been massive.

As it stands, we’re 5 points behind Chelsea, and theoretically 7 points behind Liverpool if they win their game in hand and 9 points behind Manchester City if they win their 2 games in hand.

Liverpool still have to play Chelsea and Manchester City at home, and City have to face Everton. And with teams fighting for Premier League survival, then I suppose some will believe that “there are no easy games left” in the Premier League. And Chelsea did lose against Crystal Palace yesterday so I guess if you’re clutching at straws then anything could be possible.

So what do you think, are Arsenal back in the title race?

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5 thoughts on “So Are Arsenal Back In The Title Race?

  1. Arsenal back in the title race ?

    Look at the table before you publish articles like this.

    We are in a fight to retain fourth place with Everton four points behind us and with a game in hand. If we lose next Sunday then Everton will be a point behind us with a game in hand.

    If Arsenal blow fourth place then it will be a disaster for the club.

    But then Wenger would have to walk surely…

  2. Arsenal back in he title race?They would be lucky to finish 4th. It wouldn’t surprise me if they
    were to lose 4th to Everton. Then what?Wenger will have to pay the price.No morecontract
    extension as fans would have lost faith in his vision.

  3. No they are not, pure and simple! If yesterday was a win, may be.
    All my hope now is a top-4 finish and the FA Cup. That would do under the circumstance.

  4. We were never in it once le fraud refuse to buy any pace in January,Loc Remy would have done a great job for us, better than the cumbersome Giroud who’s pace is appalling .Le fraud had the chance to make a difference but instead prefer to cite the useless Sangago and the hapless Bendtner, he will try to find a way to ruin the semi final, if anyone can he can with his poor tactics and poor formation, he was found out 500 games ago and it has become stale just like him.We need fresh blood not a fool who is happy to pick up a huge wage and keeps us back…yep Wenger out, Klopp or Martinez could do a better job with the resources we now have.Now the deluded AKBs will react, and yes I have been going since 1973 home and away before you call be a plastic or tell me to go and support the Tiny Totts


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