We Need 4 More Players / Sell Vermaelen, Giroud, Nacho & Arteta

Mali – We Need 4 More Players

Well I’m not sure whats going on with Arsenal’s recent form. I watch the games, and I think theres a few of the present players not giving their all…They know who they are, and you know who they are.

We are way too slow going forward, and we play the ball square or back way too often, thus giving the opposition time to regroup and cover our next move. We are definitely lacking pace, and our build ups are too slow, and too predictable.
I think we need a new Goalkeeper, a new Defender, and two top class Strikers.

Arsene Wenger rewards failure. Players who consistently fail to win anything are given new deals over and over again, and others who have had enough of Arsene’s spin have left and won things at other clubs.

Mounting a serious title challenge with Olivier Giroud as your only real striking option is something only a stubborn and egotistical manager would do. Don’t disagree with recruiting a goalkeeper, defender and two strikers – will it happen though?

Don’t count on it.

Donald – No Plan B / Sell Vermaelen, Giroud, Nacho & Arteta

Arsenal have no plan B and plan A which doesnt even work. They have no width or pace in attack and they have no movement or finishing ability upfront in Giroud who is a dire footballer. So inevitably plan A will fail. Wenger is tactically naive and illdisciplined away from home against decent opposition.

We over commit all over the park and our fullbacks play infront of our forwards and centrbacks pushed up to half way our midfield nowhere and suddenly when we lose posssion its a free run on goal. Happens every game yet Wenger never changes.Wenger needs to resign and take Giroud with him along with Nacho and Verm and Arteta.

With a top class striker like Thierry Henry or Robin van Persie, we can play with one striker with 3 creative midfielders. But Olivier Giroud is nowhere near good enough to play that system.

Which begs the question why doesn’t Arsene change the system? Why not play with two up front or play a system where Giroud is not constantly isolated? We only have Plan A which against the weaker sides is okay but has consistently failed against the top teams.

I will be happy to see the back of Giroud. Arteta has been unfairly criticised in my opinion, he’s a decent midfielder with limited attributes but hasn’t been helped by Arsene’s system which has exposed him badly. He’s lined up alongside midfielders who have no interest in tracking back or defending as a team. And his best position is further up the pitch but he’s being asked to play a deeper role.


20 thoughts on “We Need 4 More Players / Sell Vermaelen, Giroud, Nacho & Arteta

  1. Wenger should use podolski as the top striker for now while giroud sits on the bench to be sold ahead of next season. Arteta isn’t that good anymore. We need someone physically strong and technically strong for in that nbr 4 position. A new striker with skills, pace and one that uses both legs should be bought. All present arsenal strikers aren’t skillful at all. They are so rigid. Then i think we need a centre back as well, vermaleen has lost form, met is quite slow.
    The overall playing pattern should be changed. Oppositions can now predict Arsenal’s style of play

  2. Enough is enough wenger out and olivier Giroud should not call himself a striker,he is tactically naive in goal scoring

  3. Enough is enough wenger out and olivier Giroud should not call himself a striker,he is tactically naive in goal scoring

  4. Every year I keep calling for a change. I don’t care who goes anymore, I just want to see an improvement now, because 4th every season is a joke. At least if we get 2nd next season I can say there has been some improvement or if we get to the semi-final of the champions league I can say there has been some improvement.

  5. At away
    Man.city 6-3 arsenal
    Liverpool 5-1 arsenal
    Chealse 6-0 arsenal
    Everton 3-0 arsenal
    Total 20-4 arsenal
    Keep your money
    Don’t sing new players
    We have good striker “Giroud”
    Will out FA cup
    After two season we have one striker “giroud”
    We need striker
    So if we see….why don’t see wenger
    in january window
    we need striker
    he call the injury old man
    what he do
    so in january no .1
    now no .4 if everton win no. 5
    In summer….
    To sell
    ramsey, cazolar, ox, walshi, walcott, koci,gibbs
    Arsenal lineup in 2014-2015
    pol sanogo ros
    Arte fla
    real vam mar car
    good line up
    KEEP MONEY?????
    KILL U ARSENAL??????????

  6. Wenger is to blame for Giroud’s dip in performance because Giroud has been asked to play all season without any real help. What type of manager goes into a season with only Giroud as his striker? Yeah Padolski and Walcott can play as the striker but it seasms Wenger has/had no real plan to play Walcott or Padolski as a centre forward..Giroud is tired and needed a rest for some time, it is Wengers fault as he over plays to many of his players. Henry was flogged as was Fabregas as was Vierra as is Ozil Ramsey and Giroud. Wenger thinks he can challenge for the title play in the champions league as well as the domestic cups, with about 15 players, it’s laughable really.

    • now he must go , every arsenal fan new that giroud was never good enough . this team is not big enough , how did he ever think that this team was good enough.
      Please please Wenger , go and make way for fresh ideas and a new squad

  7. I think this is Arsenes last season…time to change.Give us either Roberto Martinez or Due Boer….bring back Bergamp as coach.Nacho out, Luke shaw in.Vermaalen & Sagna out, Micah Richards in.Hit Southampton again for the young right back…also Llanna & schinderlien…as sign their youth coaches and head scout.Arteta out…Lars Bender in.Podolsk, Giraud out…Costa & Martinez, Drmic all in.Wenger won’t have the balls for so many changes…new blood will…time for an Emirates overhaul!

  8. “Arsene Wenger rewards failure”……….how much more stupid can you get? Do you really, really think Wenger selects the players who put in the worst performances and gives them bonuses? I think you revealed in that one sentence how ridiculous your arguments are………….but wait, you then go on to explain what system and formation Arsenal should play. I may be wrong but I’ve got this strange feeling that you haven’t been a professional coach or managed a top European club. If I’m wrong I apologise. If I’m right, then it makes you look even more absurd.

    • At this stage how can you defend Wenger , He has rapped this club of all its talent , It is fact that he has no plan b , and sorry but just because he has managed in Europe does not mean he is good at it .This man started this season with one proper striker , one that is not good enough for this club , he is no better than Bentner , so Mike you tell us all how this great manager ever let this club get into this state ,
      This great manager could have got a striker in January when we were top of the league , but no he decides bentner can play a part , what an idiot , take of the rose tinted glasses and see him for what he has ruined , Wenger out out out

      • At what point did I defend Wenger? I was merely stating how ridiculous the author of this artcle is for his amateur, irrational and immature ramblings. Although given the vitriole that you re coming out with I think it is clear that you have lost some degree of objectivity. “Just because he’s managed in Europe it doesn’t mean he’s good at it”……..oh please. Just because he didn’t buy a striker in January it doesn’t mean he’s bad at it either. And given you obviously have inside knowledge, what world class strikers were available and wanted to come here in January? Just like the author you think you kow better. Sadly we have too many fans who are glory hunters rather than realists. It will be the fans that drive me to give up my season ticket mate not the manager.

        At the beginning of the season too many Arseal fans agreed with the media that Arsenal would finish mid-table but despite crippling injuries we are where we are. A lot of fans would have been snapped your hand off. If we won the league with 37 wins and 1 draw there would still be fans moaning beacuse of the draw.

  9. Giroud, sanogo, bendner, park, monreal, verminator, fabianski, diaby out. 2 top class strikers (one high profile striker like benzema or falcao and one backup striker like morata, pastore, benteke or guseppe rossi) , one defensive midfielder with physical attributes like song or wanyama, one central defender, one left full back and demands a right full back incase sagna leaves. Moreover we need attacking midfielders who can dribble, run into the box and can score goals frequently like Oscar,hazard, Mata, januzaj, Silva, and samri do. We have no midfielders dare to shoot on goal and they always want to pass the ball to someone else. Too much passes and the outcome is loss of possession. We don’t have a player to take curving free kicks directly into the goal. Even our best player ozil too try to find someone inside the box to head it to the goal and he don’t have the skill to make the free-kick goals himself. Manchester utd have persie, Rooney, and Mata to do the beauty.

  10. Except wilsh, rambo, oz, caz, ros, kosc, mert n gibbs all the other players should leave…they r jus not good enuf for arsenal. They r not in the same class as the earlier arsenal squads that won possession battles n trophys. Wenger’s time is up…he shoulg gracefully bow out end of season

  11. I think some of arsenal’s problems are even in the directors. why are they keeping wenger for so long?

  12. I wrote this blog a few years back, then re-hashed last year. I could in fact, re hash for this season too!


    We are a joke team. We are stuck in groundhog day. Going the whole season with 1 striker, if it was a Rooney or a Squarez then I could understand. But its a man with zero pace.

    As for Pongo Sangoo, how on earth has he become our back up striker. Says everything you need to know about Wengers state of mind


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