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29 thoughts on “Have Your Say On Arsenal Right Here!

  1. We need a change! We are predictable, slow and it’s the same shite every year! I like Wenger but he has had his time and he needs to stand aside and let someone else, with fresh ideas, manage the club.. The argument is that we are now a self sustaining club under his guidance. Great, but who cares as it’s making the owners rich and the fans frustrated. I want a team that is hungry to win, a team that plays for the club, a team that fights to the end. Not a tram for of technically gifted skills with no steel. Balance is key and we forgot that after we won our lady trophy!!

    I cannot bare another year like this as it’s the same old excuses, same problems with nothing being done!

    We supporters deserve more respect! Being in Usmanov so that we can bring in the world class players

  2. We gunners fan have tired of loosing.pls let arsene wenger go,and have new manager who can buy a good player in,instead of selling a good player out.and try 2 be use podolski as a striker replace of that useless Giroud.up gunners 4 life.

  3. Mr Wenger to repeatedly send the team out week by week with out a carefully studied plan how they should face their opponents is criminal in present day football. The team ran around without a sense of direction.

    It Wenger does not immediately bring in someone with more technical awareness, there is more embarrassment for de Arsenal this season.

    Wenger and Arsenal’s reluctance to bring in players with true quality is telling. At this rate, it would take another five seasons. It is not just the lack of quality players, but the poor coaching which is letting down Arsenal.

  4. let arsen wenger. go we need a change we re tired of top 4 we want a silverware may GOD punish him nd his family if he does nt leave arsenal this season

    • What an evil comment, you are no Arsenal supporter, Wenger has done a fantastic job for the club. Should he stay under the current circumstances, time will tell. I am embarrassed, people like you follow our classy club. Show some respect, if you had a millionth, of Wengers dignity, I would would be shocked. We now have to get behind the team, irrespective of Wengers long term future.

  5. Mr wenger you have made are arsenal a laughing stock.I dread watching us play the big 5 away from home. You senger should be ashamed for the way you have our arsenal at the minute. Just do us a favour and resign this evening. The board and ivan need to go. 3 percent increase in season ticket prices for europa league football is a joke. All the board and wenger care about their hefty bank balance not about our club. The fans pay your wages wenger dont forget that. Resign 2nite you mite earn some respect back.

  6. I think Wenger will leave. He has shown enough loyalty to a fan base, board and players that really don’t appreciate what he has done for the team.

    Unfortunately we have competed for so long without money, or a significant number of new players that the fans (and players) think a Wenger miracle every year is expected.

    The really funny thing is that most Arsenal fan think that a top manager will come in to replace him, but given the level of investment likely available, and the poisonous nature of the supporters, I doubt there will be many takers.

    • If you werent doing your job rite for 9 years you wouldnt be there. U would be sacked in had 80 million to spend in january crying out for a striker and dm and he still didnt spend so dont say respect wenger he has lost my respect from me for a couple of seasons. What we need is a new manager with passion for our club wenger has none. He is past it and he knows it. Every season is so predicable. We arsenal fans deserve so much better than this. What we witnessed today was a disaster not just from wenger but the players to. If you dont want to wear the arsenal with pride then take it of and get away from our club.

    • Not many takers in a football management job of one of the biggest clubs in world football, where you earn £7m a year and can go 9 years without winning anything and still be in the job? I highly doubt that.

      The club has massive potential and has huge resources, but there are glaring errors that are being persistently ignored. For one thing, the players mental state is appalling. The squad needs improvements, but no other team in the Premier League has such fragile confidence and mental strength. Top teams usually recover from a big loss with a statement, we on the other hand, go into freefall. The main blame for that has to fall at the managers feet, ni no matter what he did for the club between 1996-2005.

  7. I am tired of wenger which is a shame as i genuinely which he would be the one to lead us to future glories but his lack of tactical awareness, refusal to analsye the opposition which he has stated he doesn’t do is criminal. everyone knows how we play and they map out a strategy to nulify us but we have become spineless and battle weary. I wouldnt put the blame on Giroud alone because we know without any runners from midfield he is basically ineffective. This are issues wenger should have rectified in the january window. For a club whose ethos was based on speed, to now playing at snail like pace is baffling beyond belief. We should have got a sriker in the january window, we need two 6ft holding midfielder with strenght and power ala matic and yaya to be competitive again but i do not think wenger is the man anymore to take us forward which is a shame because without him we would still be at highbury. it doesnt matter whether he wins the FA cup and come fourth as we have the easiest run in but if we cant beat swansea at home, no guarantees we will win all our remaining games. Based on this facts wenger should go and we should bring in a younger dynamic manager. For those who say who else is out there, there are lots of young dynamic managers doing well elsewhere eg Rogers, martinez, kloop etc. lets not be afraid to take a plunge into the unknown. Goodbye wenger and thanks COYG

  8. Arsenal have no plan B and plan A which doesnt even work. They have no width or pace in attack and they have no movement or finishing ability upfront in Giroud who is a dire footballer. So inevitably plan A will fail. Wenger is tactically naive and illdisciplined away from home against decent opposition. We over commit all over the park and our fullbacks play infront of our forwards and centrbacks pushed up to half way our midfield nowhere and suddenly wen we lose posssion its a free run on goal. Happens evry game yet Wenger never changes.Wenger needs to resign and take Giroud with him along with Nacho and Verm and Arteta.

  9. It’s a disgrace to hav stubborn wenger as a coach!,doin the same thing over and over again.obviously,he has lost it all,no tactics,no man 2 man marking( steel ), it’s just a disgrace dat arsnl, culdn’t compete wit d big teams.am fed up.. bring on KLOPP,or martinez

  10. had enough of wenger and his tactics.he has no pace, tackling, heart ,.or leadership in arteta.would him or flamini get into any top 7 prem league teams i think not.in the big games they always go missing and are shown up for being average players that they are…there no pace up front in giroud .he had a great season until xmas ,he has lost his confindence.wenger to blame for not buying a finisher and a quick forward in jan,when we were top of the league.we continue to stick wit the same players when they keep letting us down.wenger should have bought a snerderlain or a mattic sit in front of back four.went all out for draxler shown we mean business.a forward who can finish.listen if we cant win the fa cup without any big team left.but remember birmingham,bradford…and a top four finish please turn the lights off on the way out arsene….thanks for the memories…cant face another summer with dragged out transfers, losin our main targets ending up seeing the likes of gervinho,arteta sangogo and the rest.

  11. Arsene Wenger you are a tired old man with nothing to offer in the way of football tactics. You should leave at the end of this season because you ARE now ” A Specialist at Failure “. I am bored with your talking, fed up with your opinions about football and you are turning the great Arsenal into an embarrassment.
    With you in charge we could easily turn this season into a complete disaster by losing out on the F.A. Cup which seems destined to be ours. Forget about your 4th place trophy, win the damn Cup and go out on a high.

  12. Winger and giroud were the reason for what is happening to us.If giroud had converted half of the chances created by our midfielders we would still be number one on the league table .Gourouds poor marksmanship has become negetively legendry.We must do away with him. as for Wenger, he was aware since summer transfer window that Giroud is not anywhere near a replacement for RVP and yet he failed to buy any established striker.Even in January transfer window when he had the good fortune of kwowing that his goal scoring midfielders were injured he still in his sturbornness refused to either buy or loan a striker. if we had potent strikeforce we woudnt be coceding goals in embarrassing basket fills because the opposing teams will be cautious in venturing forward in order not to expose their back line. I want Wengerto stay but I am afraid he no longer has any ambition and can hardly change That is the dilemma that Arsenal faces today. in my opinion,the arsenal scout network is poor and must be overhauled.Up up Arsenal

  13. Please show some fucking respect for the man (Wenger) and the club. With all the injuries and top players who have left the club. As they say in ESPN, Come on, man.
    I am looking for a top four, Diaby match fit and a FA cup this season. Let’s get behind Wenger, the players and Arsenal this season. I would like to see Wenger retires a la Sir Alex. Thank You

    • dude most of these players have been wit us for a good few seasons.hope diaby on the nhs….he been longer on the hospital bed than has been on the pitch.theo was out in early jan.our player of the year ramsey out since boxing day.wilshere ankle mad of glass,very overrated.againsts the big teams just seems to run into players lose the ball fall over and hold his ankle..wenger s excuses it a young team…where is …as arsene says we had character and spirit..wont spend the cash.not one arsenal player wud get into d invinsibles.

  14. Wenger should use podolski as the top striker for now while giroud sits on the bench to be sold ahead of next season. Arteta isn’t that good anymore. We need someone physically strong and technically sound in that nbr 4 position. A new striker with skills, pace and one that uses both legs should be bought. All present arsenal strikers aren’t skillful at all. They are so rigid. Then i think we need a centre back as well, vermaleen has lost form, met is quite slow.
    The overall playing pattern should be changed. Oppositions can now predict Arsenal’s style of play

  15. Let wenger go wit his best striker in d world giroud as seaman said dat wenger is d right man for arsenal,dat was then nt now wenger is a special in failure eving we d arsenal fans knws dat.i pray he ll’win d FA CUP so dat he will strongly go wit respect but if he fail to win i’am vry sry 4 arsenal fans n d players.pls wenger do smeting so dat u can easly go bak to france wit respect Dan Allah.haba manager copi haram.

  16. wenger is like jesus 4 arsenal, that have already been did what GOD have told him to do 4 arsenal.But na arsenal bord dey give an estraltime…wich means that another 20yrs to this time he will not collect any trophy for arsenal again

  17. The least said about England the better because they wouldn’t print what they said. Ryo Miyaichi has returned to Holland to play for FC Twente, he should never have left in the first place as they understand football unlike us as demonstrated by the England and their world cup disgrace. Now Ryo has the chance to settle down and play the brilliant football he is capable of playing. Going to Arsenal was a mistake as he was compared to Walcott which did him no favours. Now Holland are lucky enough to have him, he will be welcomed back with open arms. I hope he will go on to prove all those sh!ts that slagged him off wrong. The Dutch have a better understanding than us of football which they showed in the World Cup – that’s why they want Ryo!!!

  18. lets face it practically all Arsenal players are injury prone on account of little or no real training. if you see them on the pitch prancing about like a load of idiots. They should have no trouble running 5 miles at a time. Football is all about fitness. F ootball players should be absolutely fit at all times considering the obnoxious amount of money they get for so little effort. Talking of real footballers I remember Eddie Happgood left back for Arsenal and Capt of England, Tom Lawton, Stan Mortison and how much for George Best in his prime. He only knew one way, forward thats where the goal mouth is. I dont expect the men of straw pundits have heard of them. Sack the bloody lot, Rednap first,, they are all in the old boy network.


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