What Does The David Moyes Sacking Mean For Arsenal?

Manchester United finally sacked the genius that is David Moyes. Some people are still wondering why a man who won nothing as a manager and had no Champions League experience failed at a massive club like Manchester United.

Even before he was appointed, I made the point that as Everton manager, he failed every big test he was given. He failed to progress through the Champions League qualifier game to reach the Champions League proper, and failed to beat a Wigan side at home in the FA Cup Semi Final a couple of seasons ago. His football philosophy is limited and you wonder if Sir Alex Ferguson was just having a massive laugh at the expense of Manchester United and their owners. With the success Ferguson has achieved, you would think he knew a little bit about who was a decent football manager. Or maybe David Moyes is just Fergie’s best mate.

Anyway, the inevitable has happened and David Moyes has got the boot. It seems that Manchester United waited until now so they didn’t have to pay up the full 6 year contract as waiting until United were mathematically unable to qualify for the Champions League triggered a clause in the contract so they would only have to pay off one year of Moyes’ contract.

He spent massive money of Marrouane Felliani and Juan Mata who have failed to make any meaningful impression this season. He fell out with big players such as Ferdinand, Evra and Vidic and also had less than complimentary comments from Welbeck, Van Persie and others. The writing was on the wall and with only 3 games of the season remaining, the surprise to me is that they didn’t wait until the summer to sack him.

The bottom line is however hilarious this whole situation is and how amusing Manchester United’s demise this season has been, the only way is up for the red side of Manchester. What David Moyes has done is given the owners of Manchester United the need to make sure next season will be a successful one – whatever the cost. And that is bad news for Arsenal.

At this stage, speculation to who will replace Moyes ranges from managers such as Diego Simone, Jurgen Klopp, Louis Van Gaal, Frank de Boer and Carlo Ancelotti – and other top names have been linked as well.

So whatever happens, United will recruit a manager who is miles better than Moyes (although that’s not difficult) and they will be a much stronger force next season. They won’t have European football to distract them in the league (just like Liverpool this season) and they will be a contender for the Premier League. That means Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United will be fighting for the Top Four positions.

If Liverpool win the league, they will be using that status to kick on and become an even bigger force, Jose Mourinho has always said that next season is the one where they will seriously compete for the title and Manchester City have so much money it is difficult to see them not get stronger next season. United will be a bigger force (because they can’t get any worse) so where does that leave Arsenal?

Will Arsene Wenger win the FA Cup and then retire? Because next season looks to be the biggest challenge yet to Arsenal’s ability to finish in the Top Four.


5 thoughts on “What Does The David Moyes Sacking Mean For Arsenal?

  1. Hi there mate. You just show the world how inferior arsenil really are. You know how the wee club will link their club like mufc,cfc and lfc, just to make them feel a wee bit special.

    • You know when someone spouting utter rubbish and hatred when they call Arsenal a ‘wee’ club. Stop making yourself an example of a total idiot and go do something better like read some books on Arsenal’s heritage or something. Sheesh.

  2. Arsenal has been without striker and trophy for the past 9 years. Of course arsenal has been good merchant to be profitable; however, next year a player who can strike by his head and both of his feet must come in from any where by whatever expense. if not fans has to now that it will be to see and hear the shame about Arsenal fc from multi medias

  3. Wenger will go someday, even not this year… when he retires make sure we are well prepared for that, especially to find a suitable successor.

  4. A team with a pedigree like Arsenals will and shall always ensure that they are strong enough to compete favorably in all competitions.
    Its always foolish to write off a team even before you take note of steps taken to improve, it is known as the benefit of a doubt…
    Wenger or not, Arsenal will only get better like it or Not..


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