Vote Here! If You HAD To Choose – FA Cup or Champions League Football?

I thought it would be interesting to conduct a poll and see what the consensus was amongst the Arsenal fans – if you only had one choice, would you pick FA Cup glory (and a 5th place finish) or have Champions League football next season?

Barring any real calamity (which lets be honest, Arsenal are perfectly capable of doing) we should be on course to do both. We face Hull City Tigers in the FA Cup Final, and have a one point advantage over Everton in the race for fourth place, who theoretically have the tougher fixtures remaining.

But what if we had to prioritise and choose one over the other?

Which one would you want the most?

Would it be the first major trophy in 9 seasons? Which would end Arsenal’s barren spell and hopefully provide a springboard for greater success?

Or would you rather sacrifice the FA Cup and have guaranteed Champions League football next season? Maybe Champions League football is more important because it guarantees vital revenue the club depends upon and more importantly, it attracts the best players which is going to be essential if we are looking to build on this season and add even more world class players (such as Özil) to Arsenal.

So what’s your choice?

Cast your vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section!



9 thoughts on “Vote Here! If You HAD To Choose – FA Cup or Champions League Football?

  1. I think FA cup will be ideal to silence the media who are always in fond of writing ” Arsenal are … years without a trophy”. So they will be silenced. Let’s go for both and let’s do anything possible to keep Arsene, Sagna, Wilshere, Oliver, Ramsey. Please, losing Sagna and Wenger might live to hurt us so much. Think of teams that are after Arsene’s signature; French national Team, Japan, England. Clubs, Manu, ManC, Totts, Liverpool, Barca, Madrid, Let us not sack him and regret it later

    • It wouldnt matter, the media would simply focus on the fact we havent grabbed a top 4 spot. We need to achieve both, the the meadia can focus on the facct we should have won the league… the meadia will always look for a negative angle.

  2. If we don’t achieve either one there will be a lot of moaning and criticism. So both are equally important – though I admit I voted for FA cup. Look where 9 years of CL has got us – no trophies! Do people consider Liverpool a worse club than Arsenal even though they’ve not been in CL for a few years?

    • I think that now Arsenal aren’t hugely dependant on Champions League revenue (like Manchester United are for example with their loans) I don’t think a season out of the Champions League would be a disaster. The Champions League is a draw for players, but Arsene Wenger himself plus the wages are also big factors for players.

      I would probably prefer the FA Cup as it’s a major trophy and 5th place if I had to choose. Without the distraction of Europe we could kick on in the league like Liverpool have this season. Less fixtures makes a huge difference (and I don’t think Arsenal fans would be bothered if Arsene fielded the reserves in the Europa League).

  3. I think de fa cup will do cos we fight for de top 4 each year and when we enter de champions league , we get eliminated painfully n easily. Lets play de Europa and win sth rather than nothing in de champions league. We can’t face de top teams with a striker like giroud(a striker d@ only taps into net for his goals) . Sometimes i wonder what is wrong with arsene wenger !

  4. Ok well surely the Fa cup than champions league football because even if arsenal finish 5th place they are still gonna play in europe and they have a better chance of winning europa league than champions league and Winning the fa cup will end the trophy drought and they would have a great opportunity of winning a next cup next season which is the fa community sheild

  5. A certain moyes so glorified at everton, lost pace on the top four n any trophy, and he was shown d door. Becos dis was man u, where d heritage is in winning n being on top. Shamefully at arsenal d definition is different, our best players are sold to clubs wit a higher ambition leaving players – d type U can only find at arsenal to continue. Then run after a coach who have lost vision, focus and ambition to continue to drive us through the shameless road of consistency in failure. I rather have it the chelsea way, the man city, man u n liverpool way. What is success when You cnt raise Ur head high? I wud lik the arsenal board n Arsene to define ACHIEVEMENT.

  6. I will any time go for FA cup. Do u know what it means to argue with the fans of chelsea, Man u and even liverpool who have not finished in d top four in the last few years like Arsenal? Pls FA is far better to be won compared to top four.


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