Who Will Be Arsenal’s Next Manager?

With Arsenal having secured 4th place and Champions League football for yet another season, Arsene confirmed that he would be signing a new deal which will seem him here for the next few seasons.

Over the last few months, there has been speculation to whether Arsene would stay but Arsenal fans have to wonder no more.

Arsene has had his critics this season, but if we end the campaign with Champions League football and the FA Cup, it will be regarded as a success amongst most Arsenal fans.

The fact we lead the Premier League for the most number of weeks than any other team (including the cash rich sides such as Manchester City and Chelsea) is a feat in itself, and remember we have had terrible injuries to key players such as Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Mesut Özil for big parts of the season. You just wonder how we would have done if we had Ramsey and Theo in particular.

We can end the season on 79 points, which is only 7 less than the number of points Manchester City and Liverpool can possibly achieve come the end of the season.

Many fans (including myself) have called for change but the facts speak for themselves.

The two regrets from this season are the injuries to big players, but also the performances against the big sides. Mathematically, we’d still be well in the race (if not leading it) if we managed to get draws against Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and Manchester United away this season. If we played a tight game instead of playing extremely naive football, we’d be in there.

But who will (eventually) succeed Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager? Obviously it won’t be this season or next, but who will be the man to take over the reigns after Arsene?

It’s a difficult question to answer as we don’t know when Arsene is thinking of retiring or moving on, but it is a question we will have to ask ourselves sooner or later.


4 thoughts on “Who Will Be Arsenal’s Next Manager?

  1. Why not Tony Pulis. He is under rated and gets the job done.The proble m
    with Wenger is his over emphasis on attack.He doesn’t bother about the defence.
    Pulis organises his defence well in contrast to the fm.
    Until the fm realises the key to winning is a strong defence, the gunners
    will collapse in the big games.

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