[Vote Here] Do You Want To See Cesc Fabregas Back At Arsenal?

As usual, the same rumours about Cesc Fabregas coming back to England (and Arsenal in particular) go around the rumour mill. For the last two seasons he’s been linked strongly with Manchester United, while it’s common knowledge that we have a “first refusal” on him if he ever did decide to leave the Nou Camp.

But do you want to see him back at Arsenal?

My stance is that even though we have a lot of midfield players the fact is we need a stronger squad to compete at the top of the Premier League. Last season we lost Mesut Özil, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mathieu Flamini, Abou Diaby (*chuckle*), Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta for varying periods during the last campaign. Adding strength to our midfield wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

The other factor to consider is that if Cesc does leave Barcelona (and I have a gut feeling he won’t) but if he did, then he would undoubtedly strengthen our rivals. If he went to Manchester United, Manchester City or even Chelsea, you can see that we would regret the decision not to get him back. He is most definitely still a world class player who has the ability to improve any team in world football.

So would you like to see him back at Arsenal? Or can you do without him? Maybe you think he’s lost it. Vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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22 thoughts on “[Vote Here] Do You Want To See Cesc Fabregas Back At Arsenal?

  1. Hi guys,

    Thing is FABs wont be a DM for us anymore. He already plays a false 9 for Spain and we all know how accurate this guy can be. So, who makes way? Do we make Ramsey/Wilshere DMs? This would leave FABs, Cazorla and Ozil to spray the strikers with passes and we know they are the best passers in the team.

    Do we play Ramsey an Wilshere together as DMs and let the other 3 roam? Do we deploy Walcott upfront? I would actually prefer Ramsey as a DM, Ozil, Cazorla and FABs with Walcott and new striker.

  2. Yes,i want to see fab in arsenal jersey next season,we can’t just afford to see him in rivals jersey,it wil b a huge loss if we mis out on fab,cos he can add those clean cut passes to attackers,which wil make arsnl mor dangerous..pls mr wenger,get us fab 1st.

  3. Completely agree with the blog. We don’t need him but if he became available (we have first refusal and he has a strong bond with the club) in my view we must go for him. We need strength in depth to challenge on all fronts, we get stung with injuries and some of those midfielders are the wrong side of 30 or injury prone. He would definitely improve us.

    Lastly we are his preferred choice if he did come back over here, with that and the points above it would be totally remiss of the club to ‘allow’ a close domestic rival steal a march on us!

  4. Yes…plz mr. Wenger don’t refuse ..buy him. Is a gd player.u show how injuries did 4 us last session..

  5. To be honest guys he is needed. Thnk about wat happened lst season wen we lst many payers. Aside dt we can’t afford 2 c him in another jersey aside arsen cuz he ws once our loved one. And he also mad it dt he can only ply 4 2 club. Dt is arsnl n barca.

  6. Cesc is a gr8 player wit much experience,evn though we stil ve quality midfilders,bt we stil nid his experience

  7. up gunners we need cecs fbr very well any player dad now we have in the middle fbr is better than us buy hi

  8. arsene, if u can not bring our 4mer capt. back, u too sh’d quit wth ur fake giroud. the only classic french striker arsenal has ever had, is thierry 14. bring fabri_lous back & add 2 world class strikers, & let fake gir-out/d 2 find his level smwhere else.

  9. We need C. Fabregas, I started supporting Arsenal because of him, Arsene Wenger, let him have a chance to be your men again his guernsey could be number 2 or 4 replacing P. Mertesackers’ number, he is a great player, let him to return to the club that created him, let him be the captain again, 33million will be okay, we need him for the midfield. C. Fabregas I would love to see your name on an Arsenal guernsey next season, not a ManUtd or Chelsea or Liverpool.



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