What Do You Think Of Arsene Wenger’s New Deal?

Arsene Wenger has signed a contract extension, taking his reign as Arsenal manager until the summer of 2017.

But what do you think?

There are some supporters who still remember the pain of 9 seasons without a trophy, and the stubbornness the boss seems to have over certain issues. It took a few years for him to realise that we needed a strong defence to compete for major trophies, he refused to sign a striker last summer and in the January transfer window – even when it was obvious we badly needed support for Giroud.

But then he’s won the FA Cup now. Is that enough for Arsene to deserve a new deal? He is the highest paid manager in the Premier League and I suppose the question I’m asking is does he deserve it?

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Arsene Wenger’s New Deal?

  1. Madness. We did beat Hull in the cup and Pool and Toon but we were lucky against them. We are lucky the rest of the teams around us crumbled when the heat was on. Next season will be much harder and if we don’t strenghten a lot we will have a hard time to get the fourth place trophy. And once again our best player leaves and don’t be surprised if Özil leaves. Not to sure he likes not getting any rest at all. Not even against Coventry.


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