[Vote Here] Will Cesc Be Joining Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City?

With Barcelona confirming that Cesc Fabregas is no longer wanted by the club and are willing to sell him for £30 million, the next question is not when he will be leaving but for which team?

Cesc is reportedly looking to move back to the Premier League and with a player of his calibre, it’s unsurprising that the four English clubs he has been linked with are Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City.

But which club do you think he’ll be joining? Arsenal have money to spend, Manchester United have given Van Gaal a war chest to rebuilt the Red Devils and we all know the money Chelsea and Manchester City have at their disposal.

I suppose the main question is how loyal is Cesc Fabregas? Because in terms of possible wages we would finish bottom of that list. Manchester City and Chelsea pay mega wages and Manchester United are keen to secure a big name signing to appease the fans.

So which team do you think Cesc will sign for and why?

You can vote below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “[Vote Here] Will Cesc Be Joining Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea or Manchester City?

  1. According to various news sources, it appears Manchester United are front runners and Arsenal aren’t interested! 🙁

  2. I hope he ll be going to man utd since they need a world class players to improve the performance of the club

  3. Another fact is that Cesc will play better in arsenal than any other team in the world because that was where he started and he knows the system too well and as the captain then.

  4. If Cesc has any ambition to win trophies, he would only consider joining Chelsea or City. If he is happy to join a club for the same reasons that he left for……….it wouldn’t make sense! Arsenal will always be third at absolute best and trophies will be few and far between.

  5. My friend dont say that again, Arsenal is not a trophiless any more, since we lift FA Cup up now, we are not goin to be a losser or trophiless any more. That is how we are goin to win the go. On the issue of Cesk fabrigas, I think Fabregas is also interested to return to his former club, we all know how good & brilliant he is at Arsenal, I will also happy for that if he join his former club, becus he is ready to sacrifice him self in Arsenal hw wasn’t to live & he doesn’t betray Arsenal before he leave. Becus when U look at it, Van persie, Samir Nasri, Adebayor, Clichy all these players betray Arsenal, there even insultin Manager Asen Wenger before they live the club. Especially Nasri, on the issue of Etoo he is now an old players but he still get the brain of playing & scoring. I also interested in him @ Arsenal dont say is too old, young players can not solve the problem alone without old person who master every tin than the young. Up Gunnners.


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