Why Cesc Fabregas Should Join Chelsea

With disappointing reports that Arsene Wenger has snubbed the chance to re-sign Cesc Fabregas, it’s open season in terms of securing his signature and Chelsea look favourites to sign him.

It makes sense – his family are in London, he likes the capital and apparently Manchester United have cooled their interest after Louis Van Gaal took over at Old Trafford.

And if Arsene has lost the plot and can’t see the advantages to signing our former captain, then Cesc should join Chelsea. Chelsea have the financial power to give him excellent wages, he’d be working with Jose Mourinho who is a born winner (although we joke that he’s the specialist in failure, you can’t knock his outstanding record) and the bottom line is Chelsea will be right in there when it comes for challenging for the major honours next season.

With a decent striker they managed to reach the Champions League semi-finals and were right in the title race for the Premier League with 2/3 games to go. Yes, they finished the season empty handed but with a squad with obvious limitations, Jose Mourinho did an excellent job.

At Manchester City, they have the midfield partnership of Fernandinho and Yaya Toure which is formidable, while Frank Lampard has just left Chelsea and it makes sense signing Cesc to be his long term replacement. They also sold David Luiz for £50 million so they definitely have the available funds. Cesc is a proven talent in the Premier League and would be a massive asset to Chelsea – and I’m sure Jose Mourinho would love to sign Cesc and have him comeback to haunt Arsenal in some way.

If Arsenal are stupid enough to let this chance pass them by then Cesc has every right to look for the best option for himself and his family. And if he wants to return to England, then they option is Chelsea Football Club.


10 thoughts on “Why Cesc Fabregas Should Join Chelsea

  1. He did not say he wanted Cesc to join CFC, he clearly wants Cesc to join us. If Arsene Wenger doesnt want him back then he should sign for whatever team is best for him. Personally I think Mourinho will strangle his best attributes. Personally I would love to see him back, we have the chance to do it, don’t blame anyone but AFC should he play for any of our main rivals next season.

  2. I don’t see any justification for this post both now and forever. Utterly shameful and unbecoming of an arsenal fan.

    • What is wrong with this post? Most of what he is saying is the truth. We all don’t want Cesc to go to Chelsea but I see you are acting like most of our patriotic arsenal fans and not seeing when the club does not take a blantent chance handed to them. for a player like Cesc to then think about family 1st is the main thing. If AFC came in for him he would come but are we? No! So it’s up to him. I hate Chelsea with more than a passion and they have never played attractive football but it’s his choice no matter what he does. Further more we (arsenal) always fall short and why? Same thing every season since the inconceivable “strength in dept” and if we add rather than get rig of our best assets and not replace them with players of a lesser class then we would have won more silverwear. Same old arsenal when the players get injured we don’t have strength in depth or a challenging squad. Don’t forget how long we led the league for this season and then finished only seven points clear! I rest my case!

  3. Blimey, so much wrong with this post, I don’t know where to start. Got here through News Now but won’t make that mistake again, consider yourself binned.

    • You clearly missed the whole point of this post, did you even read it? More likely you read the title and decided to “get upset” at it.

  4. Spot on. Cesc should leave for Chelsea if Wenger doesn’t want him. And Arsenal fans shouldn’t hate Cesc if he joins Chelsea.

    • Well, Gunnerboss with all our needs, I don’t think we can afford Fab as much as I love him. We have other huge holes to plug.
      A real DM to replace Arteta should be priority, not counting Arab, striker etc…


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