Arsene Has Reverted To Type / Özil Signing Was A One Off

In a week where Arsenal have rejected the chance to re-sign one of the best midfielders in world football, and someone who knows Arsenal and the Premier League like the back of his hand, another transfer revelation is that we are going to re-sign another former Arsenal player instead, in Carlos Vela.

Regular readers will know that I was astonished at how Arsenal could even pass over the opportunity to bring Cescy back. For £30 million or thereabouts, it’s a complete no brainer. Emotion aside, it still made perfect sense. Midfield was an area we struggled in last season in terms of strength and depth, Cesc already knows Arsenal and England so wouldn’t need any time to settle in or “find his feet”, he has improved over the last few seasons and was already one of the best players in the Premier League, a league he knows like the back of his hand. In short, he would improve any top team he did join.

And when you consider players like Adam Lallana are being valued at £28 million, signing Cesc for £30 million is an absolute steal. Juan Mata was £37.5 million and doesn’t have the goals, physical presence or assist record of Cesc. And Cesc has more pace and can tackle as well.

So when the disappointment of the Cesc saga sunk in, you assumed that Arsenal passed up the chance because he wanted to use the money elsewhere – and sign some big players in other position such as defence and attack.

But it now appears that Arsenal are bringing Vela back, for around £3.5 million.

It could all be paper talk, but wouldn’t that be Arsene all over? Pass up on a big-name signing which would improve our squad and improve the moral amongst the team and the fans, and sign a striker who has yet to prove himself in England for peanuts.

If you thought missing out on Cesc was the start of big money buys in other areas, you would be wrong.

Now Arsene has secured his new contract he’s back to the same old shite. Trying to find bargains from France usually, in the form of young players with “potential”.

Was the Özil signing a complete one off? You bet it was.


29 thoughts on “Arsene Has Reverted To Type / Özil Signing Was A One Off

  1. Relax, take a deep breath. If you live swallowing what the media says, you will trun out dumb. You don’t know what is happening with Cesc, Vela or whoever. You are only basing on previous seasons…wait, we splashed over £40m last season for Ozil. Then you must be basing it on something else. Stop moaning and enjoy the summer. Or do you have an in built character to moana nd bitch?

    • Basing it on previous seasons yes. øzil would not have been bought had we not lost 1-3 to villa in the opening game. Wenger and the club has spoken EVERY season about how hard they work in the transfer market. How they will pay the price if they find the right player. If only they where honest and said “we need to sell our best players and buy prospects because of our debt”, but they never did. That is what is most annoying, the crap they have talked, when clearly they have completely other ideas. Will be “fun” seeing cesc in blue next season

  2. kycheong6. wenger is the most arrogant manager in football. he is stuck in the old days of still trying to get cheap deals..that does not work anymore especially in england with man city and chelsea you cannot go into the season with an average team. liverpool were lucky last season it was pellegrinis 1st season and mourinhos 1st season back. they are going to be a lot tougher this year. and you dont blame us sticking it to wenger ozil was a waste of 40mil we cud have got a striker and def midfielder for 20mil each and won the league.

    • You sound like the biggest douch ever. With no knowledge of football what so ever. Özil is a good signing. Allso you say a midfielder for 20m and a striker would won the league. How did your brain come up with that?

    • Okay genius. Tell me what 2 players for 20mil a piece would have won us the league? How do you even know the valuations of players if they are not mentioned in the media? I can almost pretty much guarantee you’re the type of fan that wanted Ramsey to leave the club season before last instead of having patience. Short sighted simpletons that are not happy with how we do things and want to be more like Chelsea and Man City make me sick. Are you part of the wenger out brigade too? Do me a favour, when Ozil contributes some astonishing performances next season remember you said this and feel ashamed.

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    • haha think or hope? cos i’m personally hoping (screaming out hoping!!!) that we’re in for Griezmann. He offers something completely different on the left side and would compliment Giroud and Ozil perfectly, not too mention his defensive contribution is higher than any option we have on the left.

  4. I agree entirely with the article that is why I am dismayed that the club have given him a 3 year contract. He is too old to change and all the announcements that the club have a war chest for transfers was purely to get the season ticket renewals sorted. Where is he at the moment – oh yes – over in Brazil as a commentator for French tv on the World Cup – his duty is to Arsenal and getting some sorely needed additional players in as soon as possible. Chelsea,Man City and Liverpool are already getting their transfer business underway and they all finished above Arsenal last season. So far we have released many players including our main RB and reserve GK with no sign of the latter being replaced. We also desperately need a striker,defensive midfield player,centre half and a winger with pace to replace Walcott when he is out again with another injury. We scraped through to 4th place last season and struggled against lesser teams to win the FA cup so my expectations for 2014/15 are not high at the moment.

  5. Shouldn’t you be listening to what the teacher’s saying rather than posting this from the back of the classroom for fucksake?

  6. Hahaha!

    This is a brilliant parody site! Love it.

    Kudos to the funny spuds, chavs or mancs who dreamt it up to antagonise brain dead media fed glory hunter Gooners.

  7. It I simply astonishing to see how many Arsenal supporters out there still believe that Arsene Wenger is some sort of Messiah.He is a greedy self serving autocrat who hasn’t justified his exorbitant salary for the last 10 years…and I include last Season in that statement.Winning the FA Cup was achieved more as the result of luck than judgment…where the Final performance would not have been good enough to beat any Premier League side from the top half of the table.How can anyone simply forget about the drubbings by Liverpool,Chelsea and Citeh.The inability to beat the worst United side in over 20 years.The tactical ineptitude illustrated when playing away at Napoli,Stoke,Southampton and Everton.The decision to largely ignore the January transfer window despite a growing injury list and the imminent series of fixtures which would make and most likely break the Season.Anyone who believes that Cesc wouldn’t improve the Squad and the team is deluded…a far better player than Arteta,Wilshire and Carzola.The proposed acquisition of a player,in Vela,completely unsuited to the rigours of the PL,illustrates plainly the shape of things to come…”Be careful what you wish for”…and slate me all you like for saying this…I’ve supported Arsenal for over 40 years and can’t ever remembered feeling this annoyed and frustrated!!

    • Its CAZORLA.. “CA – ZOR – LA”

      Pisses me off how many people say Carzola or Corzola. Makes us all seem like a bunch of clowns when 80% of our fanbase can’t even spell or pronounce a simple surname.

      • The simple surname of a player who, actually, turns up in one out of four matches…but better we discuss the semantics of his surname.Real fans can spell the player’s names obviously!

    • I’m sorry to say this, but I agree with you Joel. I have supported Arsenal all my life, and I am growing ever tired of the arrogance and indifference shown by Wenger and the Board over the last few years. For me, this is not just about winning trophies. I’ve experienced many barren years (most of the 70’s and 80’s), and it is part and parcel of being a true supporter…experience the lows to really enjoy this highs. What is really annoying me with the current Arsenal hierarchy is that whilst they talk a good game (especially around season ticket renewal time), their actions show that they are prioritising profits over success, and have no regard for the loyal Arsenal fans that are paying the highest prices in Europe to watch a team that has effectively become a feeder team for those with real ambition.

  8. “I simply astonishing to see how many Arsenal supporters out there still believe that Arsene Wenger is some sort of Messiah.”

    Wrote pretty much the same comment on another site yesterday (even using the word messiah). Like you mate I just don’t understand why people are content with such a man, Wenger (as brilliant as he was) has passed his best-by-date.

    Article spot on, Wenger made a one off appeasement buy (only the naive would believe Gazidis and his ‘months’ comment). Arsenal’s own 1/2yr accounts show over £120m available, would £30m on Cesc cripple the finances??

    Raid Barca – they have done it to us many times before – and try to buy both Cesc and Pedro. £60m? outlay for more quality depth in the squad, in particular another much needed striker.

  9. Arsenal fans have always something to cry about. Last year when Ozil joined the team there were many midfielders running in each other occupying the same space. I believe Arsenal now has the right players to be a great team, I believe OX will be a great asset in the defensive midfield. Poldeski showed how good he is one the German team. By the way, did you see Germany friendly against Arminia, Ozil was in a zone, in his element controlling and moving around and assisted or he had a hand in all the scores. SO DON’T bitch and be thankful you have a player of his talent. Other team can spent 40M with a blink of the eye.

  10. When Ozil was bought last season, many of you guys said we did not need another attacking midfielder as we have enough. Having not lost anyone and with the emergence of Ramsey and the prospect of the Ox and Gnabry, you guys want Wenger to goon and buy Fabragas back just because he is called Fabragas. Every Arsenal fan agreed that our most crucial area of need is the striking and the defensive midfield department at the end of last season. Now with the availability of Fabragas, Wenger shoud abandon his plan and sign him and begin to find a way to accommodate him. Does this nt represent questionable logic? In addition to the areas we needed to strengthen at the end of the season, the departure of Sanga and Fabianski increases the number of players we must sign. Let us assume that we have 100m pounds, does signing Fabragas for 30m in an area of the pitch where we do not have a crucial need not deplete our budget unnecessarily? Now, if we sign Vela for 3.5m pounds, would that be because Vela is so poor or that Arsenal wittingly included a low buy-back clause in his contract?
    Wenger has given an indication that he will sign at least three players this window and that excludes the replacements. He also said that most transfers will only be possible after the world cup. Why don’t we wait till the stipulated time before we form our opinions?
    Now, you said that Ozil is a waste of money. Really? Is it right to judge him on his first season at Arsenal or consider his entire carrier? In world football, Ozil is more highly valued than Fabragas. It is said that we need to wait for the second season to see how productive he is. Also, there are the types of players needed to bring the best out of Ozil. Why dont you guys wait until we have a pacy striker and winger plus the return of Walcott to see the best of Ozil?
    Let me conclude by saying that it does not pay to make early judgment when all that facts are not yet available.

    • When you have the first option to sign a player like Cesc for roughly £30 mill you get him, and sell someone else to make room. Rosicky, old, past his prime, injury plagued. Arteta has to be sold now if we are to get any money back for him. Diaby can’t even tie his shoelazes without breaking his leg. Hell, get rid of all 3 of them. Buy Cesc and a strong physical ballwinner in midfield.

      Cesc must have really hurt Wengers feelings when he left, so now Wenger is too proud to do a no-brainer deal. Shame.

      Grats to Chelsea for the 2014/15 PL trophy!

    • Spot on.. What these whingey fans really care about is the size of the fee. The fact that we can get a very good player for a tiny fee is pretty lost on them.. Does signing Vela for £3.5m not make complete business and sporting sense? His stats are better than Griezmann’s but he costs a fraction of the price. These are the same people from last season screaming that Wenger should sign Capoue, M’Biwa and whoever else was linked in the press, even though they had never seen them play. Regarding Fabregas, if Cazorla leaves and goes to Atletico then try to sign him.. If not, why spend £30m on a player who plays exactly the same position as Ozil. Last season we finished 7 points off first place and won the FA Cup, and the moaning gets worse and worse..

      • Agreed. I do agree with people Wenger is way past his best and I do want us to spend money but Vela makes a lot of sense. Fabregas didn’t care about us when he forced a move to Barcelona, we shouldn’t care about it now unless it benefits us.

  11. Wenger is yesterday’s hero and today’s coward.
    Get thee gone, Wenger, bullshitting us with your usual garbage and dithering in the transfer market.
    To all of you still sucking on Wenger’s turd, wash your brown tongues.

  12. We will do well this season we just cant afford no more players to leave its a shame we couldn’t keep sagna but i think we should sign Richards from man city get mavuba from lille & pedro & a new gk plus Walcott will be like a new signing when hes back ????????

  13. Wenger has totally lost it. Saying no to Cesc must be the dumbest move in history. He’s better than every single midfielder at Arsenal. I’ve defended him for years now, but this is the final straw. I want him out NOW, sure hope his contract isn’t signed yet and it somehow strands.
    He’s not ruthless enough, like letting Fabianski play the FA final as a gesture to a player it was already clear would be leaving after the season. Thats kindergarten football mentallity ” oh winning isn’t everything, its most important that the kids have fun and all get to play”.

    With Wenger we rust ! should be the new slogan.

    Wenger just go, be a commentary for french tv and train a kids team on your spare time.

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