Arsene Wenger Has A Lot To Answer For After Snubbing Cesc Fabregas

I was furious yesterday after news broke that Arsenal had opted out of re-signing Cesc Fabregas. It makes no sense whatsoever. We need to build a world class squad if we want to really compete in Europe and in the Premier League instead of being also-rans in both. Next season will see another fourth spot finish (if we’re lucky with United and Liverpool strengthening) and possibly a last 16 finish in the Champions League.

When we went the whole season unbeaten our midfield consisted of Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Edu, Ray Parlour, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg and Jose Antonio Reyes.  We also had David Bentley coming through the ranks as well as a very young Cesc Fabregas, who would become more of a regular the season after.

In 2004 we had 7 really top midfielders, most of which you could consider world class – and three of them were World Cup winners. Arsene Wenger (seemingly knew) that we needed an extremely strong midfield to compete at the very top. 10 years later however, it’s a different story.

Currently our midfield consists of Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, Tomas Rosicky, Santi Cazorla, Mesut Özil and er… Abou Diaby. Whereas in 2004 we had 7 really excellent midfielders, today we have probably three? Mesut Özil, Santi Cazorla and Aaron Ramsey are the only ones you could consider top drawer. Wilshere is injury prone, and Rosicky and Arteta are getting on a bit.

If you put the 2004 and 2014 midfields against each other there is absolutely no contest.

So not strengthening and bringing Cesc Fabregas back is criminal. How often is the signing of a world class midfielder handed to you on a plate? And for good measure, he actually wants to return to us!

I mean honestly, it is completely f*cked up.

Unless Arsene Wenger has a trick up his sleeve and has two world class players lined up to appease the fans, then I can’t see how Arsenal fans will forgive him for snubbing the chance to bring back one of Arsenal’s most popular and inspirational players.


23 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Has A Lot To Answer For After Snubbing Cesc Fabregas

  1. We dont need him. You expect us to just buy players for sentimental reasons? He’s going to chelsea,deal with it. We already have so many players similar to cesc. What we need is javi martinez,tough tackling midfielder not another clone tippy tappy player.

    • We do need him trust the way arsenal team was when we had injuries it will happen again this season our squad is to small arteta has not got the legs and diaby injury prone same goes for jack and his ankle if wenger wants to seriously challenge for all 4 titles he needs to bring in players like fabs strength and depth which were clearly lacking look at man city how we gonna compete with a small squad

    • We do need him trust the way arsenal team was when we had injuries it will happen again this season our squad is to small arteta has not got the legs and diaby injury prone same goes for jack and his ankle if wenger wants to seriously challenge for all 4 titles he needs to bring in players like fabs strength and depth which were clearly lacking look at man city how we gonna compete with a small squad

  2. Sentiment ruling rationality. Really, blow half the summer budget on one player we don’t need? We need pace and goals, not yet more assists and no-one with.the pace to get in behind defences and tuck them away.

    • 1) How is he going to consume half of our transfer budget for the summer? Please provide a link to a credible source stating the exact amount available.

      2) I bet you moaned about lack of real quality cover when Ramsey got injured last season.

      3) Cesc is a fantastic player that we would benefit from bringing back. I wonder if Chelsea would want to buy any of our current midfielders (with the exception of Mesut and Aaron). What do you reckon?

      4) If you think we don’t need cover in midfield then why on earth was Kallstrom bought in for the remainder of the season?

      6) Sentimental or not, it doesn’t matter. He is still a top player. Anyone that doesn’t think we should snap up a world class player offered on a plate who will play his heart out for Arsenal is incredibly, truly confused. Let me guess. You want Draxler, Di Maria, Benzema, Balotelli, Martinez and every other unrealistic target that we have been linked with?

  3. First of all to quote you…’ and er… Abou Diaby’. Ok so as soon as you said that, I knew not to trust or believe any of your opinions! You obviously know nothing about Arsenal if you don’t class Diaby as top drawer!! When fit and with a run of games, he will be our YAYA TOURE!! You idiot!!!
    Then you go on to blame Wenger! Yeah of course it’s his fault!!! Maybe Cesc wants money instead of an Arsenal return?? Maybe the Arsenal board don’t want Cesc! Wenger loves Fabregas!!!! So trust me, it is not him not wanting to do the deal!!!! You are using this as more ammo for ‘Wenger Out’ crap! The manager just won us the FA Cup after years of punching way above our weight and having to compete with cheating teams!!! Show some respect!!!
    We DON’T actually need Fabregas! I’d love it if he came back but we really don’t need him! So if I was on the board it wouldn’t make sense to buy Cesc back! Not after buying Ozil for £40m a year ago! So blame the board not Wenger!!! We need 2 GK, 1 RB, 1 CB, 1 LW, 1 CF! We def don’t need CM’s or AM’s!!

    • Errr…what are you smoking RealG??? Comparing Diaby to Yaya???

      I think a more realistic comparison for Diaby is with Darren “sicknote” Anderton!

  4. I have not seen any statement from Arsene, Cesc o Chelski stating the deal is in place – Is it a very clever blag by Arsene, Chelski thinks Arsenal are not interest and offer a reduced fee for Cesc, at the 11th hour we Arsene activates ther buy out clause, which means if we match any acceptable offer we have first refusal – Good business Mr Wenger – well I can dream can’t I lads……..

  5. Disagree. We don’t need him, period. Plus it would completely piss me off if we had to buy him for DOUBLE what we got for him from Farca. You must also have a short memory. I couldn’t cheer for a guy who slagged us off a few years ago. We weren’t good enough for Cesc then, why now? Hope you learned your lesson, Cesc. You can’t cross over a bridge once it has been burned.

  6. Buying fabregas means benching ramsey in favour of the traitor fabregas. Why buy a player we do not need? Are man city? Let us show respect to our loyal players like arteta diaby cazorla ramsey wilshere.

    • What makes you think we don’t need him? I can guarantee you’re one of these fools that are adamant that Arsenal would’ve won the league if we had quality cover for when Ramsey got injured. All this “traitor” nonsense has to stop. Traitors = RvP, Nasri. Actual dickheads that have nothing nice to say about the club that made them. Cesc has and will always love Arsenal. He gave 8 years of his life to our club and the only way he could actually earn some honours for his career (which he more than deserved) was to move. Not to any of our rivals. To his boyhood and hometown club. I can imagine it being extremely frustrating to be the best player at a club by a country mile and year after year passes and the manager does nothing but sign players like Chamakh and Squillaci. Grow up.

  7. Stupid, thoughtless article. Cesc would’ve been great over Ozil a year ago…but he wasn’t available. Ozil is here…and he isn’t being sold. Somewhere we heard there was 100 million to spend. Heard that before? Now it’s gone down to 70 million….apparently. Does the author seriously want the club to squander a great big chunk of that on an over subscribed area of the squad when there are other areas where we are so depleted.
    We badly need a striker…not someone to be transformed into one, but actually a striker.
    We need a quality replacement for Sagna.
    We need a quality defensive midfielder to help us stop getting spanked by the usual.
    If Vermaelen leaves, which he might well do, we will be TWO short of the full compliment of CB’s. The one area where we really got away with being one short last season through pure luck.
    Finally, we need a goalkeeper.
    So that’s five or possibly six players we absolutely need. Where the fuck does throwing big money at yet another attacking midfielder come into this equation???

    • Simple question…would Cesc have improved the Arsenal midfield and the overall squad depth or not? Answer is a big fat YES. If it meant selling some of our current players (Rosicky, Arteta and even Cazorla), then so be it. If Wenger truly wants Arsenal to be winners, then his actions need to support his statements. At the moment, all I can see is the same old, same old that has been going on since Dein left the club and Kroenke/Gazidis took over.

  8. Am really happy arsenal fans knows what’s right for the club emotionally I really think if he’s in fine and if not fine but sport wisely its not making any sense to get cm in the team again I really think we need to spend that money in a gud area which we r lacking but to b sincere I still can’t forgive cesc for what he did to the team (going on strike to force a move away from the team ) that led to some players who left to other club bcos dey couldn’t believe it

  9. Guys 2 b honest we Ned fab. Think of wat happd lst season whn we lost some payers and dt ws d genesis of our problem. He ws once our loved one and according 2 d report he stl wan 2 com bk so lets gve him a chance if AW wans 2 brg him Back.

  10. A guy who turned his back at us wen we needed him most ,well he shuld stay wer he wuld lift trofy wat we need ix a dm rb lw cf

  11. “A guy who turned his back at us”?
    It’s not “at us”, anonymous.
    It’s “on us”!
    And “wuld lift trofy wat we need ix a dm rb lw cf”. What the fuck does any of that actually mean?
    Can’t anyone be arsed to write English anymore?
    Does everyone have to be completely fucking illiterate?

  12. You got that spot on mate. I feel betrayed by wenger,kroenke and gazidis. So much so, i just want the greedy fucking yanks to fuck off back to the shirty USA and never come back. This would not be happening if usmanov was in charge, as he understands that to get success you have to invest properly. Suffice to say, fabregas would be brought back without a second thought. But, as per usual, we’ll be looking at fucking freebies and unknown french shite from ligule two in France. To be perfectly honest, i can’t see us making the top four this year as all the top teams in the premier league will be spending proper money strengthening their squads. I’m beginning to lose all hope we’ll win a league title whilst kroenke, gazidis and wenger are still running the club. I love football, i love Arsenal, but what they are doing to our club is just putting me off football altogether, a game i’ve been watching for fifty years. I don’ t even have the appetite for the world cup…and to me, that’s the ultimate sin!

  13. With Cesc we could win the Prem. With Santi we have not got a prayer. Midfielders of the top teams will run past him- just like they did last season and the one before. If the top teams beat us again- that’s it. Apart from that- do you want a ball juggler or someone who can score goals- lots of them?

  14. there is no point engaging ourselves in any debate on whether or not we need fab.i think we seriously need him to give us depth nd option in d midfield as well.think of last season dat at d middle of d season we lost almost all our midfielders to injury nd we were left few inexperienced players like zelalem nd others,dis singular problem made us loss d u knw dat if we nt hav hm bak,we wil lose hm to our rivals which is d repeat of nasri,clichy,toure,adebayor nd rvp.i raise my case.up gunners.


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