Told You Alexis Sanchez Wasn’t Going To Join Arsenal

I’ve been saying all along that Alexis Sanchez wasn’t going to arrive at The Emirates, and tonight I have been completely surprised.

Arsenal have finally confirmed that they have secured the signature of Sanchez, who featured in this summers World Cup and scored against the hosts in Brazil but went out on penalties.

As usual, Arsenal have publicly said the fee is undisclosed but reports are saying the fee is around the £35 million mark. This should pave the way for Luis Suarez to move to the Camp Nou, which is good news for Liverpool’s rivals. Say what you want about Suarez, but he is a world class player who would make any team better – and Liverpool will miss him dearly.

Maybe I’ve just had too many long and depressing summers with Arsenal to believe that a player like Alexis Sanchez would join us. I firmly believed that the Mesut Özil signing last summer was a flash in the pan – partly a last minute buy because of the late sale of Gareth Bale to the European Champions. Did I think Özil’s signing was a well-planned signing? Not in a million years.

But the Sanchez deal seems like a signing which has planned well and executed with minimum fuss – which after the Higuain saga last summer is a pleasant surprise.

What does Sanchez joining Arsenal mean?

Well it means we have someone other than Olivier Giroud to lead the line. Sanchez has scored 39 goals in 88 appearances for Barcelona which is a decent return when you consider for a number of those games he was a substitute. At Arsenal, you would assume that he will be one of the first names on the team sheet.

Even though he’s coming to Arsenal, I am still a bit surprised at his arrival. I would have put Sanchez down as an Arsene Wenger signing.

I’ll admit that I don’t know a huge amount about him, if I’m honest. The first time I really noticed him on the big stage was when he scored 4 goals in a 7-0 win against Palermo for Udinese. And I remember his chip for Barcelona against Real Madrid. For Chile in the World Cup I thought he played okay, but nothing spectacular. Obviously I hope he makes me look stupid (which isn’t hard) and hits the ground running next season.

He’s only 25 which is a fantastic age for a player like him. He’s played for Udinese and Barcelona, so he clearly has experience at the top top level.

He has a lot of pace and when you consider an Arsenal that has Mesut Özil feeding Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez, then that is mouth-watering.

Hopefully this signing is just the beginning of an exciting summer for Arsenal fans.

I will try and be more positive from now on!


12 thoughts on “Told You Alexis Sanchez Wasn’t Going To Join Arsenal

  1. Fantastic. I hope your positive feelings are reflected in your posts this season even during the inevitable difficult periods. Everyone seems very happy about this signing and there may be more to come but will the euphoria continue in the wake of a couple of defeats?

  2. Pessimism is in you.And what do you know anyway,you confessed you dnt know a great deal about alexis yet you felt we weren’t. Going to sign on what premisese was your negativism predicated?

  3. I read your article about not believing we would sign Sanchez and I explained that it was different to normal paper talk! I have now been proved right… (as have many people who believed the rumours).
    In this article you say Ozil was a flash in the pan? Anyone who thinks signing a player for £42.5m can he signed and sealed in 1 day is an idiot!!! The Ozil signing would have taken weeks to complete! It didn’t help with Spurs, holding the Bale transfer up, which meant Real couldn’t allow Ozil to leave! and that the deal could only be FINALISED on the last day of the transfer window!
    The Higuain saga?? Wtf?? lol! I wish people would stop using ‘saga’! It’s annying!! That rumour was just a rumour…I’m sure Arsenal probably enquired to the availability of the player (as every top team would have also done!!) but as soon as Napoli came in with a ridiculous bid..Arsenal and every other top team who were interested, lost interest!!! Why else did he end up at Napoli on the awful Italian league?? Because no great team wanted him!! So hardly a ‘saga’ was it? The media made it a ‘saga’! Arsenal didn’t!!!!
    Anyways, I’m buzzing!!! Sanchez can be our Suarez!!! Without the stupidity of Suarez!! By all accounts, Sanchez is very humble and one of the good guys! So I don’t think he will be very controversial! Yet he is a similar player…works hard, has skills, scores goals, assists team mates! Sanchez with Ozil feeding him thru-balls!! WOW!! Gonna be great!!
    To all you Wenger out idiots…thats 2 world class signings in 2 summer transfer windows!! So if you dont like wenger, then you can celebrate this signing!!!

    • Great and well thought out comment you, should do a blog as this one claims to be an Arsenal blog, but virtually never has a good word to say about them. Doesn’t know about sanchez???

  4. Don’t worry, I’m sure a moaning minnie like you will find something else to whinge about soon.

    In the meantime, the rest of us can ignore you fucking snivellers and enjoy the moment!

  5. I was about time Wenger did something pro-active.Wenger must have realised it is last chance saloon for a cl win.

  6. I think that the person who wrote the blog above is best described as a knob!
    I’m embarrassed to think that this idiot associates himself with our great club, best summed up as a negative, ignorant and miserable sod. Just glad that I don’t have a season ticket sat next to him as I’m sure he’s a “bundle of laughs” …..not!

  7. Winger and arsenal need this signing, he is pure quality and I believe Barcelona have made a massive mistake in selling him, after not buying on the winter market and effectively costing us the league this is the least the club could do to dwell our sorrows, in wenger I have always trusted and in the board I do not, they have lied to us season after season but we now are seeing the fruits of our wait, we are still not a finished team and still need to bring in 3 more players at minimum to challenge city and Chelsea, so hopefully khedira, debuchy, and remy and then I’ll be satisfied with arsenals chances for the coming season

  8. you thought he was ok in world cup?????? what world cup were u watchin?? your observation is about as good as this post… he was one of the players of the world cup..

  9. The writer of this ‘article’clearly has no idea about football…let alone Arsenal F.C.
    You need to disassociate yourself from writing this crap about a team you claim to follow.
    How old are you….15?
    You’re a newbie son…..fuck off to a team that deserves you……


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