5 Reasons Why Mathieu Debuchy Is Not Coming To Arsenal

There are many reasons why Mathieu Debuchy isn’t coming to Arsenal, and below are the Top Five:

1. Super Secretive Arsenal (and Arsene)

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are super, super secretive about transfers. How many people “In The Know” called the Mesut Özil transfer? Exactly.

There’s no doubt that Arsenal are out there trying to buy players, but you can be sure that no-one in the media know what business Arsenal are conducting.

2. The media just make up Arsenal stories

Because Arsene Wenger never gives anything away, the media make up transfer stories. If we believed the media over the last few seasons, we would have signed Marouane Fellaini, Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez, Loic Remy, Angel Di Maria, Sami Khedira, Cesc Fabregas, Wayne Rooney, Stevan Jovetic, Lars Bender, Yohan Cabaye, Luiz Gustavo, Ashley Williams, Julio Cesar, Karim Benzema and Iker Casillas.

So maybe we should wait until any signings are confirmed by Arsenal.

3. Discrepancies in the “proposed deal”

According to reports, we’re signing the French right-back for £7.9 million and he is going to have a medical next week. But other “reports” are saying that it’s not for £7.9 million and we’re going to include either Carl Jenkinson or Joel Campbell as part of the deal.

For something that is a “dead cert”, there are certainly quite a few discrepancies in the proposed deal.

4. Social Media

The problem now is people get a sniff of a “deal” happening and suddenly it’s confirmed as actual news. Twitter is full of people ITK – if I believed everything I read then we’d now have Alexis Sanchez and Mathieu Debuchy in Arsenal shirts. But wait…. they’re not.

5. Debuchy is “worth” more than £8 million

I personally don’t rate Debuchy and think Sagna is the better defender, but if Newcastle know Arsenal are interested in a player then surely the clever thing to do is value him at a higher price.

Newcastle know we “desperately” need a right back so selling Debuchy for a relatively low fee makes no sense.

I put “desperately” in quotation marks because I’ve always believed that the coming season was all about Carl Jenkinson. He has been patiently waiting for Bacary Sagna to leave and how he has. Arsenal fans underestimate the capabilities of Jenkinson and I personally think he’s ready for the big time, and I think Arsene believes that too.


14 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Mathieu Debuchy Is Not Coming To Arsenal

  1. THANK YOU!! GOD I LOVE THIS ARTICLE!!! I’ve been arguing why this joke of a defender is not worthy of wearing the Arsenal shirt and 66 or so fans on goal (dot com) slated me for it.

    I really hope you’re right because I’ll feel heart broken if Aurier doesn’t sign for us! Can play right back, centre back and left back just like …….Backary Sagna.

  2. What a ridiculous article, based upon the authors own suppositions. Sagna is better, yet Debuchy is keeping him out of the French team ?? Of course there will be discrepancies in the reported deal, nobody knows exactly what has been agreed between Newcastle and Arsenal, if indeed a deal has been agreed. But if you are going to write an article proving that such a deal is NOT going to happen at least provide some evidence

  3. Yeah the french coach is a poorer judge of talent than a n other blog writer,get over yourself , the real reason he wont be at Arsenal is because they wont pay 15 million which is what it will take.

    Have a laugh yes but you know its true and the only way you will get him is if your publicly raped by Newcastle financially for his signature.

    Yes a full back with little experience joins man yoo for 34 million (Shaw) and Arsenal rate a man with better stats and a full international for a country far superior to Engerlund is worth 26 million less…once again go give your head a wobble batman

  4. Debuchy is a good player! If he is so bad then why is he ahead of Sagna for France?? Why has he got better stats than Sagna, whilst playing at a worse team? If Debuchy was playing for a great team like Arsenal, he would improve anyway! You always play better when better players are around you!
    Debuchy can cross the ball, right?? Sagna was the worst crosser ever!! That was his only fault but Debuchy bombing down the right wing and either crosses from deadball line or early from deep, to where?? Oh, his mates head!! Giroud will love it!! None of our full backs can cross the ball!
    I’m not saying Debuchy is world class! Neither was Sagna when he first arrived or when he left! Sagna was a solid, important player for us and whilst i love the potential of Aurier, he is too young to be handed the responsibility of right back at Arsenal! We need someone who is good, who knows the Prem, who knows Arsenal/Arsenal players and who has experience and also an International! So Frenchman Debuchy is the perfect fit! This doesn’t mean we cant get Aurier either! Get him in as back up for Debuchy! Send Jenks out on loan!
    I agree with all your points about Arsenal transfers but this is different and I believe we have signed Debuchy! It’s not paper talk! The media and stupid social media people, wont know the full details of the transfer! So probably make up the figures! That doesn’t mean we are not signing Debuchy though! As always I wait til Wenger says we have signed someone or it appears on the Arsenal website! Apparently, we are confirming the signing of Debuchy AND Sanchez! in the next few days! So not long to wait to find out if the media are LYING again!!!

  5. Again what a retarded Article, nobody knew about ozil, everybody knew about Ozil on the last day, that the bid was placed and accepted. The whole morning sky had that. Next people wont simply bet if the dont know somethings, the flurry of bets should give u some indication. Anyways we will all know in the next couple of days or so,

  6. RealG I agree with you but he doesn’t need to improve as he is too good for the team he is in and when he is in a better team he will show his worth, hey and that is from a different football club supporter

  7. Debuchy is slightly better than sagna….why i believe the deal is that debuchy has expressed his desire to leave & get champions league football,Newcastle also made profit of about £3,000,000,for a player they bought £6m..

  8. Newcastle fan here. Will be disappointed if (when) you sign him. Talking to friends at the end of last season I said we should make him captain this season. He is committed, 100% effort, and sets a great example to his team mates.

    I rate him better than Sagna, and I guess I will have seen more of Sagna than you will have seen of Debuchy, purely because Arsenal get more TV coverage than Newcastle.

    French fans were polled as to their preference and the result was something like 2 to 1 in favour of Debuchy.

    As for the fee, well will we ever know?


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