Thomas Vermaelen Snubs Manchester United, And We Called It First

With many of the mainstream media outlets believing that Thomas Vermaelen was destined for a move to Manchester United to rejoin our previous captain Robin van Persie, we knew that Thomas would snub Old Trafford in favour for a move to the Camp Nou.

The main reasons for this decision were because of the style of football Barcelona play, which is not unlike Arsenal’s, and the exciting new project Luis Enrique is building at the Camp Nou. Also chatting with Cesc helped finalise his decision.

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10 thoughts on “Thomas Vermaelen Snubs Manchester United, And We Called It First

  1. awful! how dare you say you called that! Man Utd ended the interest because arsenal wanting a swap deal! TV% had no choice in the matter… and we know for a fact he would have signed for UTD. best mates with RVP and has an english girlfriend. You guys need to do some research!

    • Well said ….. Arsenal fans get real, TV wanted United, only Arsenal being unrealistic stopped the move….. get your facts right before you publish such nonsence… fantasy land

  2. ‘Barca’s play not unlike arsenal’ ……HAA…HA..HA..
    Wenger wanted swap deal , so MU pulled it off. Get your facts right.

  3. Now to find a suitable replacement. Please,Wenger, don’t gamble on Chambers alone. Promising as he is, he cannot cover for RB and CB at the same time. That we wanted a swap deal gives hope that Verm will be replaced with a new body. It’s important.

  4. Hmm, Catalunya sun, Champions League football and to play for currently the third best club in the world?
    If you look at it in football terms the choice is rather easy. And if you want to get personal and try to think what your girlfriend might think of you asking her if she wants to move to Barca to watch you win trophies for a few years and hang with an even higher class of wags. You lot make a whole lot of sense.

  5. Worst article I’ve read this year.
    And there’s been some shockers.
    Player clearly wanted move, only fly in the ointment is Arsenal somehow still see themselves as rivals to Utd when that’s not been the case for over 10 years.
    Time for them to move on….

  6. Think you’re kidding yourselves….he didn;t snub United at all….indeed a deal has been in place apparently but Wenger wanted Smalling which United turned down….so in fact Arsenal have been snubbed by United……

  7. afterall man u is not playing champions league even a kid will choose a champions league playing team varmalen is fine with barca


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