What To Do About Abou?

As the new Premier League season is upon us, like many others I imagine I’m taking in as much Arsenal news as possible – logging onto Football News websites, seeing what the latest is on Twitter and looking through YouTube for Arsenal videos.

But this compilation made by Calann Davies really got me thinking:

As well as being a fantastic compilation of About Diaby, it does raise a good question – what can he contribute to Arsenal?

For me, he is clearly a fantastic talent. Watching the video reminds you of just how good he can be, and Arsene Wenger clearly knows he is a player that is capable of controlling games and stamping his authority in any match.

We all hope and pray that About can stay injury free not just because he has the ability to give something special to the team, but also because he’s suffered so much over the last few seasons.

You’ve all probably seen this graphic from TalkSport already, but if you haven’t here it is:


He’s suffered so many injuries it’s unreal – and I have no doubt that the assault in 2006 is responsible for them.

Along with the Champions League Final in 2006 and the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United in 1999, the dangerous and quite frankly vicious, cowardly and pathetic “tackle” by Dan Smith is right up there with the saddest moments I’ve had as an Arsenal fan.

Back in May 2006, I was outraged by the tackle and the “reaction” from the media at the time.

And I still feel angry about it all, even 8 years on.


5 thoughts on “What To Do About Abou?

  1. I’m sympathetic towards the guy but he is taking up a squad number and place that we could do with. Should have been released before but Wenger is too loyal (for loyal see soft and naive) to make the right decision for the club. I understand him standing by TR7 & Ramsey etc but enough is enough. On another note, I don’t particularly rate him when he’s fit, but that’s another conversation.

  2. According to the media, it’s always a “hard but fair” tackle when it’s on an Arsenal player. Remember Eduardo nearly having his foot amputated? The excuse offered was, “There was no malice in the tackle.”

  3. Sad as we will never get to see what kind of player he would of become,there must be a youngster we could promote in his place as he will never be available or relied on..thank you Diaby but good bye..

  4. Abou Diaby has to go , we need the space for a strong DM . We have too many midgets in midfield.
    During the months of Dec, Jan and Feb when the pitch is icy,wet one or two tough tackling DMs are required and we have none , we are not a serious contender until we do.


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