Danny Welbeck Is Officially A Gooner – And I’ve Ordered The Shirt!

Well there we have it, Danny Welbeck is a Gooner.

And I’ve ordered the shirt!

What do you think of his signing?

We’ve paid £16 million for a striker that doesn’t have the best strike rate, but works really hard.

So is it a good signing for Arsenal? Have your say below:


40 thoughts on “Danny Welbeck Is Officially A Gooner – And I’ve Ordered The Shirt!

  1. Spend my hard early money week in week out going to emirates and this is the ambition we have!? I’ve had Man U fans texting me saying they’ve found a new found love for arsenal for taking him off their hands. Absolute joke, we are nothing but a pathetic 4th at best. Sanchez and ozil used to look up and see messi or ronaldo and now they look up and see sanogo or welbeck.

  2. Workrate doesn’t win you games.. Very poor strike rate and not the kind of player that is going to make a goal out of nothing. bit of a desperate signing when we’ve had all summer. £16 million seems a lot too. Some will say he’s better than no signing at all but he certainly isn’t the world class striker we need or the enforcer in midfield we need or the replacement centre back we need..

  3. This reminds me of Sturridge to Liverpool two seasons ago. I have always liked Welbeck, and good signing for the price. For all the doubters out there, remember he is 23, and with Wenger’s teaching he can become very good. At Man. U. there are no teachers since SAF left. Also this could mean an England national team with 5-6 Arsenal players starting.

  4. arsenal sold bendtner and bought welbeck what kind of business arsene wenger is operating in arsenal industry for God sake.

  5. We’ll done arsenal help Man U get the 4th place we were hoping for .. Europa leauge and probably lose Ozil next year due to no cl…(n)

  6. This is a panic buy or just something to placate the fans. Is it an upgrade on Sanago and Giroud? I don’t think so, but for the present need he is surely better than Sanago when EPL experience is considered. Looking at the performance of this Arsenal squad in their first 5 competitive fixtures of the season, I strongly believe we are once again destined to fight for the 4th place, irrespective of how deluded Wenger wants to be.

    • 4th!?!? If ur bleeding lucky..everton have more fore power than us ….Naismith lukakau etoo…. Giroud sanagoo wellbeck lmaoooooo shocking

  7. i think it’s a good signing. not the stellar one we wanted but given a run up front through the middle i think he can be a success. i’ve just seen on the football focus deadline day special say that his goal conversion rate over the last couple of seasons is the same as sturridge’s. the thing to moan about is the fact that glaring holes in central midfield and central defence have not been addressed and that is what wenger should be held accountable for.

  8. Arsene wenger is ah fool… I knw his best wishes iz to see arsenal drop 4rm the top 4, how cn u allow dem take falcao n giv u welback.. Wenger most b man u fan!

  9. Welbeck can not change the fortune of Arsenal we need a proven striker not an average Welbeck, I am very disappointed in Wenger, we can not win the EPL with the current crop of players

  10. bias wenger has really shown that he dont want anyone coming in to over shadow his beloved french brothers shitrod and sanogo really wants to make them a super star but he should be reminded that Arsenal football team is not a french national club or his fathers own am not being bias or racist here if i see anyone doing good i will applaud him with french or no french like the king henry and viera….no matter who he brings in i love Arsenal fc and will always be a fan but this season am not interested in watching the English premiership because i know is definitely not ours because we ex courted other teams like man city ,chealse ,liverpooland man u whenever wenger is ready to lift the trophy then he will be serious but for now the premiership is ours i hate to say i told u so come end of this season really

  11. welbeck is good and will deliver well for arsenal. I remember sturidge played for chelsea and he did nothing but at liverpool he delivered well

  12. Welbeck will come good, he is 23 and has a point to prove. Playing along side Walcott, the Ox and Sanchez will only help him. We also now have a good core of English talent. I hope he goes on to score 20+ goals this season and all of you haters will eat your words.
    Welcome to Arsenal Danny Welbeck

    • He didn’t score 20 in 3 seasons never mind one he shite…and how he’s double Remys price I don’t know tha guy actually scores….

  13. Welcome Danny boy, what’s wrong with everyone he will do well at the club and you lot will cheer his name. Biggest issue is we haven’t bought DM or CB which dents our title hopes once the injuries set in but the professor knows best … COYG!!

  14. I wonder if greg dyke is taking back what he said about arsene wenger damaging the english roots of football. I am proud to have supported arsenal all my life and seen them do things their way. Anybody can buy a trophy its BOOOOOOOOORIIINNNNNG. Glad to see young exciting youngsters. Footballs screwed up but Arsenal still have a heartbeat maybe not as strong as smaller clubs but they have one.

  15. Lol its funny how stupid and deluded some arsenal fans are to think Danny welbeck will be the next Daniel sturidge and keep talking crap about how good our english core is honestly our English players aren’t good enough u guys need to wake out ur fantasy gnarby is better than ox only thing our English players have is speed take a look at other youngsters at other leagues, ive seen ozil, muller, neuer, boatang, kross all light up world cup at age 20-21 and we consider ours still developing smh its pathetic seing henry smash the premier league, van persie the same now we have giroud, sonago, and now welbeck who cant score either while im reading other sites seing writers saying he’s a better buy than Falcao lol the guy is a proven world class striker the best when fit then we keep hearing he is coming of injury mark my word we wont beat man United this season again as much as how they suck as a team they have a few players miles better than ours and whilsire will be one of the best midfielder he is getting over his injuries and believe wen he gets a good run of games and finds his confidence he will prove it remember I told u here first


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