[Video] Danny Welbeck Can Fire Arsenal To The Premier League Title

A lot of Arsenal fans were upset about missing out on Radamel Falcao as he moved to Old Trafford on a season long loan and instead bought Danny Welbeck for £16 million.

With Falcao’s loan move costing around £20 million, we’ve essentially funded the Falcao move, which gives Manchester United a player that is capable of scoring at least 30 goals for them this season.

So where does that leave Arsenal?

They have a player who is only 23, has bags of pace and does have an eye for goal. Welbeck has been strongly linked with the “demise” of Manchester United, but that criticism is a bit unfair. Don’t forget that under the Moyes era and early Van Gaal era, Rooney, et al all heavily featured.

So it doesn’t take anything away from the talent and potential Danny Welbeck has.

His goalscoring record isn’t the best, although there are mitigating circumstances – including being second fiddle to Rooney and Van Persie, and not really having a decent run in the Manchester United team.

United fans will be happy because we’ve taken an unwanted player from their squad and paid good money for him, while they’ve brought in superstars such as Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria. But as most football fans know, you can’t just fill your team with megastars and expect success.

Arsenal have a very good squad and Danny Welbeck gives us something extra – he has a lot of pace and can finish. And when compared to Yaya Sanogo, which ever way you look at it, it is a definite upgrade.

And he has a knack of scoring in the big games.

Mark my words, in a couple of months time when Arsenal are playing well and Welbeck is scoring goals, you’ll all forget how “stupid” this signing was.

Watch the video below of his highlights last season and you’ll see how talented this kid is. And with a run in the side, who knows what he can do?

[Video by JavierNathaniel]


10 thoughts on “[Video] Danny Welbeck Can Fire Arsenal To The Premier League Title

  1. Two words to all Arsenal Fans that poo, poo this transfer. Thierry Henry. Before he came to this club he didn’t score many goals and be came a legend. Also Danny Welbeck goal scoring record at international level is up there with Wayne Rooney and better than Walcott.

  2. Played a lot under moyes and fergie. Scored 2 goals 1 season. Most centre halves have a better record. But good luck to him might do better but as for above comment don’t think he’ll end up the new Henry 😉

  3. His situation reminds me a bit of Sturridge at Chelsea. Talented young forward, in and out of the team, playing in positions that don’t quite suit him. He will get chances to play at Arsenal if he joins, and up front – could see a similar “transformation” in Welbeck as we saw with Sturridge.


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