Did Arsene Wenger Even Want Danny Welbeck?

Arsenal made a transfer deadline day signing and brought in Danny Welbeck from Manchester United, but still a few days on there has still been no word from Arsene Wenger about the England strikers arrival.

Seems strange doesn’t it?

After signing Alexis Sanchez, Calum Chambers, Mathieu Debuchy and David Opsina, Arsene Wenger has released an official statement about their arrivals, complimenting them and basically “endorsing” the signing.

But on the official Arsenal website as of now, the only comments are from an Arsenal Blog which Arsenal.com has sourced.

Isn’t it strange Arsene hasn’t commented yet?

Was Danny Welbeck even an Arsene Wenger signing? Or was he a signing from the higher ups?

What do you think? Leave your comments in the section below!


36 thoughts on “Did Arsene Wenger Even Want Danny Welbeck?

  1. If i remember correctly, there were rumors about Arsenal wanting Welbeck + fee for RVP. There were also other rumors b4 welbeck signed his contract after RVP had been bought.

    As far Welbeck the player, I guess he fits in the way Arsenal plays. He can operate between the lines and he can stretch the back four. Ozil won’t have to wait 2-3 seconds for Giroud to get to where he’s going anymore before he can deliver the ball.
    His only problem is finishing but his goal/gm ratio as a starting CF is good. 1 in 2 i think.

    • Your right there was more than a rumour behind A RVP for cash + Welbeck deal! Luckily at that time it didn’t happen. Unfortunately Wenger has bought another 2nd rate Utd cast off (notice the only time Utd sell to us is when they actually want to be rid of deadwood???) … you would have thought at his age AW would have learnt his lesson, but no, like person who tries to pick up something too hot ..it hurts a lot … but they do it again a minute later!

      I actually think Welbeck is a quick last minute panic buy. Wenger was hoping that Sanogo would do well at Leicester, and if he had scored or even played well then Wenger would have soldiered on with what we had until Girouds return. But Sanogo looked and played so badly it forced Wengers hand but he would not go the whole way and pay a big fee for a class striker, he did what he always does …. bought a cheap 2nd rate player who will fit in but not be good enough to fire the goals that would put us in with a realistic chance to challenge for the epl & ucl.

  2. Word has it that the board organised the signing whilst Wenger went off to Rome, sticking to his view that we had enough forwards. Apparentely when the board contacted him to discuss a £20m move he was less than impressed and insisted the board only offer £16m. He has too much say when it comes to the financial side of our transfer dealings and as far as I’m concerned that can only be a bad thing for our club. I have always been a supporter of Wenger and I am still grateful to him for guiding our club through the stadium move with the financial implications that brought with it but it is clear as day to me that even though we are no longer under financial restraints he continues to be obsessed with his own view of what is value for money (which is completely out of ltouch with reality) and treats the clubs money as if it belongs to him and needs to be scrimped and saved. It is this and his blatant tactical ineptness of late (no one can deny that surely) that has basically led to me changing my standing when it comes to him. I feel he’s past it now, he’s not what our club needs anymore and I’d like to see the back of him.

    • It wouldn’t surprise if that was true! Arsene clearly wanted to use Sanogo as first choice after Giroud’s injury. Will be interesting if Wenger uses Welbeck down the middle (like he should) or insists on using him wide to make a point…

    • Like to see the back of you.
      If you want to see the club bankrupt your not a real gooner
      When we moved to the Emirates we had a 400 m bank loan, it’s obvious Wenger didn’t have a big budget. Now he does he’s bought big

  3. Christ, Danny ain’t even played for us yet. He’s a good kid, good prospect why are people slating him already? Not saying the poster is slating him but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to stand up for him. Completely a agree with Paul. As much as I love giroud, he’s slow to react to the next movement in the path. Welbeck will know where ozil or whoever will play the ball and instinctively move there. Great signing. Will flourish under wenger. Who clearly sees him as the next Henry. You ever think that the reason why wenger ain’t endorsed him yet is because he’s not back at arsenal yet? No press conferences or anything. People forget he colour commentates for France and it just so happens to be international break. Give wenger and welbeck a break. Fuck sake

  4. Its really strange with no comment from Wenger… So strange I put a little on him being the next manager out @66/1. He comment on every signing!

  5. But it’s not that strange! A) he may not even be back in England yet, B)all our other signings he was doing fuck all in London. C) he went to Rome on Monday. He doesn’t need to be back for Tuesday as it’s intl break. D) as I stated above, during most intl breaks/tourneys he’s a pundit/commentator for France. Well hell, we’re on an intl break now! È) just because it’s the 21st century people think we need feedback ASAP.
    Yes I know he’s our manager and should be on top of shit like this but with his history you really think we’d sign a player he wasn’t keen on? Mark my words, we’ll hear from him. I’ve had enough of this wenger bashing. Get behind him or get the fuck out

    • Behave yourself. You can’t tell people how and when they can support their club. I’ve supported Arsenal for 30 years. Long before Wenger showed up and you come out with crap like “Get behind him or get the fuck out” it’s Arsenal FC not Arsene FC and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. My opinion for instance, is that you come across as a foul mouthed mug but hey, that’s just my opinion.

    • Its been 48h+… He always give quotes on signing be them big money or cheap & no matter when they are signed. Sure is odd but could very well be more to do with targets missed ect. rather than Welbeck.

  6. Desprate dan Your a penis, who cares 30 years u sound like a deluded liverpoo supporter. Everyones entitled 2there opinion, dont get rud & start trying 2 mug off because wenger stressed ur 30 years of supporting dinlo wer all afc supporters here!!

  7. Wenger has too much control.
    The MD should at least ask him to stop insulting Arsenal fans by the way he carries on.
    If he were not so arrogant he would accept advice and introduce some proper tactics.
    Why was Rosicky not brought on in recent games ? Is is the quickest passer in the game and the best at opening up defences especially when they are leg weary in the last 25 minutes.
    Why are substitutes always left until 20 mins from the end? Instead of taking off players who are not having a good day or exploiting a wear opposition player?

  8. Perhaps Wenger´s silence has nothing to do with Welbeck. Perhaps he realizes that, with only 6 recognized defenders in the squad, we will never will anything significant this season no matter the quality of the forwards.

  9. The just brainwashes so many Arsenal fans. We have 7 defenders. Gibbs, Monreal, Debuchy, Bellerin, Vermealen, Mertesacker and Chambers. Chambers replaces Vermealen and Bellerin replaces Jenkinson. It doesn’t matter how old Chambers is, he’s already proven to be just as reliable as Vermealen was last season. Bellerin has been promoted to the first team, he’s a defender “recognise that” and he’s already better than Jenkinson, fortunately we don’t need to use him as yet because Chambers who is also good at right back, thus leaving us with more attacking options on the bench.

    • I think you mean Kos, not Vermahlen, in your list of seven. I agree Bellerin is no worse than Jenkinson at right back. Nevertheless, with their quality and injury record, this group of 7 is NEVER going to get us even close to competing for either CL or PL. Wouldn’t matter if we had Suarez and Messi up front.

    • Yes, numbers not much different (we don’t have Vermaelen btw) but the problem is our defence is and has been at best average. Chambers has potential but to rely on him is unfair to him. Debuchy is a weak defender, a lot weaker than Sagner, and Gibbs when fit is pretty much the same, Monreal is even weaker at defending. Koscielny is a mistake alwayswaiting to happen and Mertasaker needs a good full back outside him to avoid being caught out. We needed and still do need, to bring in another class center back. Plus we need a big dm who is not our usual mini midfielder class, who can bully the center in front of the defence.

  10. Wenger is keeping mute for only God knows why. Maybe his plan was to use Sanogo as our only CF cause he knows how to deceive the board and anger the fans. What happens to campbell and Rosicky of late? Why are they not playing our games of Late?

  11. Ok lets just look at and put the whole transfers and squad situation down in simple terms as strikers;
    We have… Welbeck, Sanogo, Giroud
    Chelsea have… Costa, Remy, Drogba
    City have … Aguero, Dzecko, Jovatic
    Liverpool have … Sturridge, Sterling, Balotelli
    Man Utd have … Falcao, RVP, Rooney

    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that out of the 4 teams we have 2nd rate players, all 3 would not look out of place playing for the likes of Newcastle,Villa,Everton,Swansea. But in real terms that is exactly where we are placed because we are challenging for 5th now! And the situation looks even worse if you look at the Champions league … with Real Madrid,PSG,Barca,Bayern Munich all way out ahead of us in quality of players they have bought in!
    Wengers principles are that he refuses to be like City and Chelsea and pay out 100mill to bring in top players, but as Man U & Liverpool have now learned, you cannot compete for the top these days unless you bring in the best, and to do that you have to pay big money.
    Until there is the same major change in attitude at Arsenal we won’t win another league or come close to the ucl . And now we are going to find it harder to hold onto 4th, and a serious battle for 5th. We may just manage 4th this season if Utd fail to fire immediately, but if they do, this may be our last Champions League season for a while.

    • That’s just very selective. You include Sterling but not Walcott and Campbell who are both more of striker type of player. When really you should remove Sterling and place Lambert and Borini in his place. But I understand your trying to manipulate things to support your argument. Giroud has probably got a better goal record than Balotelli and Remy as well. I’m sure Welbeck will do very well too, but if your saying we don’t have the best brand name players then yes we have the worse.

  12. come on guys I don’t think u actually have to throw money into d transfer market like a mad monkey for u to b successful cos is ordinary coaches dat luk for extraordinary players to succeed. take athletico Madrid a gud example winning d la liga with average player ready to play as a team

  13. What if he doesn’t know what to tell the press….when asked last week if he would sign Danny welbeck…he said ‘NO’…I’d his reason was to put the press off…or put other interested clubs off..no one knows…he gambles…calls bluff..and drops his cards…he made them believe he wanted falcao… he actually did…buh arsenal couldn’t have paid £346k/week …. then…he waited until man utd had falcao’s deal sealed at 70% by flying falcao down…much like the Gareth bale to Madrid situation…and then ozil to arsenal just when bale’s deal was confirmed by Tottenham and madrid…same happened with welbeck…wenger never ruled out any signing…he just couldn’t tell or give fans world class striker…he knew he would sign someone…but who?….no one knew…why?…cos every agent and clubs have turned away from welbeck….and that’s wenger…remember…if the player was coming from madrid..wenger won’t be in rome..buh cos the player is within england…phone calls could do that…welbeck himself said in his interview that the deal was on and off…and in the end…he is glad it came thru…wenger is cunning in transfers…and that’s because all other clubs perch on his targets…. I try to look at it logically..am gutted we didn’t get falcao….buh then…that amount a week for a 28yrs old….soon to be 29…its a risk..could work…buh risky….with wengers experience..u shld know he knows…welbeck was on his table…and now…he has to be careful what he says to the press…esp when he sed ‘No’ to danny….well…he said..’as of now…we are close to no one’…he is clever….he knows….buh stubborn…buh that’s what happens when u see mourinho and Chelsea kill the transfer market… I don’t like how wenger is all powerful at arsenal…buh I do also look at things from his view. to be just in my critism…

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  15. I’ve been a gooner for 36 years and the reason for Wenger not endorsing Welbeck yet is cos he’s on international duty wait until after the game on Monday and we will have a comment . As for signing Falco could you have got to remember what paying him 350 thousand a week would do to the dressing room with the likes of Uzil and Sanchez plus the other clause of being able to sign him at the end of the season I wouldn’t sign a 29 year old for 43 million pound. I also reckon that Welbeck could flourish at our club and end up scoring lots of gaols just like sturridge did for the scousers when he moved there.

  16. I think this is a very critical question that I have never thought about. It seems like Wenger never intended to sign Danny but he dad no other choice. What is going on with this guy? wait till the winter, things might happen.

  17. l would like to know what you said when arsene signed thiery henry or even kocielny.just shut up and wait if welbeck fails then shout.l dnt know if you will surpport him when he finally deliver goals.

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