Vote Now! Will Danny Welbeck Be A Success At Arsenal?

Now the dust has settled after the closing of the transfer window, we know our squad for the forthcoming season. Olivier Giroud is injured, so our available centre forwards are Yaya Sanogo and Danny Welbeck.

While Yaya Sanogo is a talent, he is raw and young. But Danny Welbeck, despite having his detractors, is an established Premier League player, someone who doesn’t need to acclimatise to the English game and is improving all the time. He has pace and with a role down the middle can cause teams all kinds of problems.

Criticisms include having a poor goalscoring record, having scored 20 goals in 90 games for Manchester United. People argue that a lot of those appearances have been as a substitute, and he’s been played out of position as Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie were the main men at Old Trafford.

So depending on your stance, you can put a negative or positive spin on his arrival at The Emirates.

So what do you think?

Have Manchester United made a mistake and will Danny Welbeck be a success at Arsenal? Or have Manchester United offloaded a misfit who can’t score goals and doesn’t have what it takes to be a consistent, regular goalscorer?

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17 thoughts on “Vote Now! Will Danny Welbeck Be A Success At Arsenal?

  1. I wonder if greg dyke is taking back what he said about arsene wenger damaging the english roots of football. I am proud to have supported arsenal all my life and seen them do things their way. Anybody can buy a trophy its BOOOOOOOOORIIINNNNNG. Glad to see young exciting youngsters. Footballs screwed up but Arsenal still have a heartbeat maybe not as strong as smaller clubs but they have one.

  2. its hard to keep all the arsenals fans happy i think give him a run in the team i think hes going to come good,hes best years are still to come

    • We don’t buy stars,you can go to city or chelksi even man u,where they buy stars…In arsenal we make stars..welbeck will be a hit once he seein’ game time,the same way we Rvp,fab,henry etc.

  3. For me welbek is a gud player, he is strong,quick and pace. I tink wenger will improve him more, lets just give him de support.

  4. Welbeck or Chicarito I need in Arsenal so since I ve Danny I ve TROPHY. He is de player we need. strike with Pace nd Positionin. Grt signing le Prof

  5. I am underwhelmed to say the least. with all the players we could have negotiated strongly for in the early part of the window, resources capable without spending beyond our means we have taken an average player. For successive years we have shown we are devoid of ambition and unfortunately there is no end to that in sight. The Arsenal I have supported for 41 years is being further eroded and ridiculed. Disgraceful board (and manager now despite his earlier achievements) so I was not surprised at all. will cheer every player when I am at the match because it’s the only thing I know to be right but am seriously disappointed year on year no by the decisions of the current regime, from transfer windows to tactics.


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