I Bet Manchester United Fans Feel A Bit Stupid Now…

England played against Switzerland tonight in their first Euro 2016 qualifier and won 2-0, with two goals from Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck.

After mocking me for pretending to buy an Arsenal shirt with Falcao on the back, and the abuse thereafter, I bet they feel stupid now.

Welbeck is young, full of potential and is hungry to improve. Radamel Falcao is a mercenary who is regularly looking for his big pay day (not unlike Wayne Rooney).

Danny Welbeck is going to fantastic for Arsenal, and we thank Manchester United for selling him to us.

If a decision to sell a player to a rival was going to bite someone in the ass, then it’s this one!


31 thoughts on “I Bet Manchester United Fans Feel A Bit Stupid Now…

  1. i dnt feel stupid. He’s scored for us sometimes but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not united quality,i’m not saying he’s a bad player. But he’s definitely not a killer striker like costa,falcao,rvp and dnt compare him with falcao cz falcao is way better. I’ll say you just wait and see,then you’ll know why we sold him.

    • Man U fan for the past 48 years…..Love Danny Wellbeck and happy that he scored a brace today. Good-luck at Arsenal. We will be just fine with RVP, Falcao and Wilson. Should have sold Rooney 2 years ago.

    • man u sold him because your midfield in not fluid/creative enuff to provide him with the chance to score goals. Danny Wellbeck is not a creative striker but a striker that finishes chances.

    • @manutd fan: costa, rvp, falcao – common factor: brittle as a mirror; ready for your 7 years of bad luck? Enjoying Europe? Still idolizing that Scot moron who drove away Pogba, Piquet? Did you fumigate your neanderthal brains mate?

  2. he’s always had a better goal ratio for england lets see at the end of the season how you feel.Arsenal fans are backing Welbeck just like Man Utd fans did with Fellani last year. Arsenal fan hated Welbeck up until a week ago,just look at the reaction on Arsenal fan sites when he signed.

  3. nope- we are sort of used to one goal in 20 games lol- u’ll soon get used to that too and don’t come complaining back here lol- good luck

  4. Why would man u fans feel stupid? Was it the fans’ decision to sell Welbeck. Did the fans have a say in whether he be sold or kept? Im sure many would have preferred to keep him and many think it was a good idea but to say the fans feel stupid and to base your little article on that in itself is stupid.

  5. Hahahaha ur jst pretending nt to be angry u,ll get angrier on saturday when falcoa gets injured and QPR beats man u 3-0 and welbeck will score for ARSENAL on saturday ARS 4-0 man city

  6. I`m not sure the manure fans should feel stupid, most of the ones I know were pretty disappointed to see him go. Hopefully LVG feels pretty stupid come the end of the season though. I reckon Welbeck will do a good job for The Arse and will fit right into our system. I love his work rate but he definitely needs to work on his final ball and his finishing. Tonights game will give him a real confidence boost and hopefully he can take it into this weekends game against Man Sheiky.

  7. I think Danny welbeck is go no score luxuries of goals dis sea Ison bcos he is playing in a team with skillful & grate midfilders

  8. This is the most stupid article i’ve read in my whole entire life. Welbz scored two against swansea last season, and added 7more throughout the season remainder…need i remind u that these moments come once in a blue moon? Nw, i love d lad…bt creatin an article like this over him scorin 2goals is as stupid as it gets. He’ll be a gr8 fit 4 arsenal cos that’s d level he belongs at. Anything below united’s level, is where he belongs. Welbs, keep ur epl medal well, so it won’t be stolen.

  9. Hahahahaha I find it quiet amusing reading the comments. they man u should know that welbz scored 5 out of 6 appearance as the main striker last season. what’s LVG smoking at old traford. the future looks bright gunners

  10. M a Utd fan! Welbeck may nt be d outscoring player may be cos of d presence of quality Rooney Van Persie buh, his abilities, speed nd strenght is a real threat to any defence, d earlier as he realises lots of responsibility is required of him @ Arsenal, he will up his game… dats Danny for u, too valuable to lose nd alys ready to learn. United was reluctant to sell. I felt d only reason behind Welbeck’s sale which was considered a beta replacement was Radamel Falcao.

  11. Welbz stats last season : played 25 started 15. 9 goals. Played 13 as a striker and scored 8. The most creative mf in that team was an 18 year old adnan. He almost scored all the goals before mata’s arrival and after his arrival, he simply didn’t play enough mins. So mata doesn’t count. He played 12 matches as a winger. In united’s formation, playing as a left winger means, he has to cover for evra and he had two top class strikers ahead of him. His mins to goal ratio was 4th best in the league even though he played half of his games as a left mid. So, there is every chance of him doing a sturridge. His goal conversion rate of 25% is way better than giroud’s 15%.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA that joke welbeck scored for england whiles at Utd you know feller, it means nothing. Welbeck is a terrible forward and you be lucky if he hits 10 goals a season, never been prolific and never will. You gave us £16m for our 5th choice, a back up who was never good enough to become a Starter at United nd nd now all gunners who for yrs stated he was rubbish are clutching at straws trying to act like he is good…..hilarious.

  13. You was desperate for Falcao and ended up with clown like welbeck Hahahahahaha. Rooney VanPersie Falcao Wilson Januzaj Carrick Valencia Lingard Fletcher Mata Herrera DiMaria Blind DeGea Evans Rojo Blackett Rafael Shaw James is a world class squad set to take back our premier league title under LVG/Giggs (Jones Smalling Young Fellaini Anderson are rubbish)…….wenger on the other hand haves a poor squad that needs a good keeper, two strong defenders, a midfield general, a creative midfielder and a goal scorer before you can even hope to challenge.

  14. Welbeck you know scored 8 in 27 for England whiles being at United, YOU be lucky if he hits 10 this season as he has never been prolific and never will. Falcao on the other hand is a born goal scorer, your the ones who feel stupid as you tried for Falcao and got that Clown welbeck, our 5th choice HAHAHAHAHA.


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