I Tried To Cancel BT Sport & Can Arsenal Beat The Lunchtime / BT Sport Hoodoo?

It got so bad and depressing that I tried to cancel BT Sport.

Last summer, with BT Sport sharing the Premier League rights with Sky Sports, I took the plunge and subscribed to the channel that had Michael Owen in their ranks. Despite his deadpan demeanour, I felt good about subscribing to BT Sport. Arsenal were to be shown on there quite a lot and obviously I make sure I watch every possible Arsenal match, so happy days. And obviously I paid extra to have it in HD, you just have to don’t you?

Unfortunately, the happy feeling wouldn’t last long at all as time after time, game after game, Arsenal got well and truly f*cked in the arse. If you’re going to go with the pornography analogy, it was like being sodomised by several well endowed blokes repeatedly – it was not nice at all, was completely embarassing and made me feel sick afterwards.

Lunchtime kick offs and BT Sport are not a good combination. At Manchester City we lost 6-3, at Chelsea we lost 6-0 and against Liverpool we lost 5-1. Capitulations of the highest order and after that, I tried to cancel BT Sport.

To be fair to them, when I tried to cancel they wouldn’t have it, and they even joked with me when I told them why I was cancelling. I told them that I wasn’t paying extra money for a cursed channel where my beloved Arsenal were getting absolutely slaughtered time and time again. My reasoning for cancelling was why the hell would I pay to watch this?

The guy I was speaking to gave an sympathetic ear and ended up giving me BT Sport free for 6 months and then half price for another 6 months. So obviously I ended up staying with them.

The big question though is can Arsenal break the lunchtime / BT Sport hoodoo?

Do Arsenal struggle with early games? Do the players have late night FIFA tournaments which mean they’re still half asleep at midday? Does the position of the sun and the moon at that particular time bring bad luck to Arsenal? Who knows.

But tomorrow they have a chance to make things right. An advantage is that we’re playing at home, and even with Arsenal’s ability to surprise us, we shouldn’t get battered. But it wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility – crazier things have happened like the 6-3-, 6-0 and 5-1 score lines like last season, I don’t think any Arsenal fan would have predicted  that!

So what do you think? Can Arsenal stay unbeaten and get a good result against Manchester City? Can we break the hoodoo?

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1 thought on “I Tried To Cancel BT Sport & Can Arsenal Beat The Lunchtime / BT Sport Hoodoo?

  1. I DID cancel my BT Sport – not because it is jinxed, but because the advertising campaign they have gone with is a direct piss-take out of Arsenal. I’ve heard the BT Marketing Director is a staunch Spuds fan

    Not one ad did not include us being shafted last season. I cancelled it a couple of weeks ago and told them why. A matter of principle, I said. Now I’m not sure if I can watch the game tomorrow or not – I paid in advance but I bet they take it off just before kick off!


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