My Apology To Arsene Wenger

Well I have been well and truly made to look like a plunker (and it’s not that hard to be fair).

Going off a quote from BBC Football, I incorrectly took it out of context and came to the wrong assumption about Arsene Wenger and his comments on Danny Welbeck.

Like most of you, I’m busy at work today and try to get snippets of Arsenal news whenever I can, and the article I quickly read only had the quote which could be construed in different ways.

I’ve managed to catch bits of the actual press conference now and get the comment in contents – and admit I was completely wrong.

Apologies for Arsene Wenger and any fans I’ve offended.

Not for the first time, I’ve been made to look like a right muppet.


10 thoughts on “My Apology To Arsene Wenger

  1. Well done, young man. It is usually better to read these things in full, knowing Wenger is far too classy to make such comments, anyway.

  2. What shocks me is that you publish an apology (which is good), but make a typo on Arsene Wenger’s name!

    Good Lord, take yourself and your website a little more seriously man.

  3. It takes maturity for some one to apologize.Great attitude!.Take a step further,be very sure of what you’re going to comment on.That is crave for patience.

  4. Very decent of you, friend, and hopefully a lesson learned for all. Please keep up the good work as we do all share your passion for all things Arsenal.

  5. Coming out to own up to your wrong shows how manly, respectful, and ‘fanly’ yu are. Thumbs up. I’m also guilty of the same mistake, and jumped to conclusion quite too early cos’ of Wenger’s prolonged silence on Danny’s transfer.


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