Why Arsenal Are Going To Get Stuffed At Stamford Bridge!

There are only two teams in the Premier League so far who are unbeaten – Arsenal and Chelsea. But whereas Arsenal have won 2 games and drawn 4, Chelsea have won 5 and only drawn 1.

And the teams will meet on Sunday afternoon in what promises to be the clash of the weekend.

So how will Arsenal do? If it was at The Emirates, I’d be confident of at least a draw – although a draw would be the most likely outcome as that’s all we seem to be doing this season!

But at Stamford Bridge? I have no confidence about that at all.

I can see us losing by 3 or 4 goals.

It’s amazing to think that in 6 games already this season, we’ve only really be convincing in 45 minutes of football, which was the first half against Aston Villa. Apart from that, we’ve stuttered to draws in games we probably should have won (against Tottenham and Manchester City) but did get a point in games we should have lost, against Leicester City and Everton.

We haven’t got into our groove yet in terms of performances and this is down to several reasons.

The first is Mesut Özil. Arsene Wenger is tinkering with him too much, playing him wide when he should be given a free role in the hole. Against Aston Villa, he was exceptional, only for Arsene to move him back into a different position in the next game against Tottenham.

Another is our injury problems. Mathieu Debuchy is out for a few months, and Olivier Giroud is out until the new year. Then we have Nacho Monreal, Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Yaya Sanogo out for differing periods of time, and there are concerns about Jack Wilshere’s fitness after his ankle injury against Tottenham.

So we’re not in good shape.

And if that wasn’t enough, several players just seem to have been frozen out by Arsene Wenger. Lukas Podolski, Tomas Rosicky and Joel Campbell can’t even get a look in – and Santi Cazorla who is one of our best players, has been consigned to a redacted role this season, spending a lot of time on the bench. This can’t be good for morale and surely you need to include these players more rather than just give them 3 minutes here and there.

And then we have Chelsea.

They are a completely different animal this season with Costa and Fabregas.

Fabregas is the creative hub of the team, pulling the strings and making Chelsea a much better passing side than they were last season. And then we have Diego Costa.

Unfortunately for Arsenal, if you were to compare his style and game to anyone it would be Arsenal’s kryptonite, Didier Drogba.

Has a striker ever given us more problems and headaches than Didier Drogba?

Costa is quick off the mark, big, strong and great in the air – all the things Drogba was in his prime – and all the things Arsenal hate defending against.

Because of all those reasons, I think that sadly, our unbeaten run is coming to a spectacular end. Added to the fact that when we’re away from home against the top sides, we’ve shown a mental fragility which has become endemic in our team.

Once we go one goal down, we panic and throw everything forward to try and get an equaliser – and from then on a team like Chelsea are good enough to pick us off on the break.

Usually I would be excited about a clash with a big side, but this Sunday I am dreading it.


8 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Are Going To Get Stuffed At Stamford Bridge!

  1. I dont agree that Arsenal will get beaten this sunday,rather Chelsea and that loud mouth mourinho will receive the d shock of their life.Just mark out Costa nd they are tamed,my prediction with confidence: Chelsea 1,Arsenal 3

  2. I think it all depends on which Arsenal turns up on the day. If it is the one that played against Dortmund a while ago, we’d be doomed. But the ‘real’ Arsenal we love to see, but which we see very rarely, can hurt anybody, including Chelski. Let’s hope it’s one of those rare occasions when the later version comes to town.

  3. Man, we might as well not turn up then eh? They’re too big, too strong, too good for us. Let’s just put a youth team out and hope Chelsea get bored with scoring at fifteen nil shall we? This is Arsenal FC you’re talking about. Won 13 league titles and 11 FA Cups. For fucksake mate…

  4. Although , Fab and Costa are big threat , but really dread our midfield facing Matic. As much as I hate to admit it Chelsea has a balanced team. They have strength, pace, ability on the ball, finishing…and we have about 10 offensive midfielders in our squad!
    I am really hoping that we can at least get a draw on Sunday.


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