Arsenal Clearly The Better Team As Lucky Chelsea Park The Bus

It was always going to be a big ask going to Stamford Bridge and after the humiliation of last season, Arsenal vastly improved on last years performance and deserved at least a point from this afternoon’s match.

Arsenal started with Flamini, Jack and Cazorla in midfield, with Welbeck supported by Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil. The more conservative formation worked well, and restricted a robotic Chelsea side to only a few half chances.

It was a close contest, with Arsenal looking much stronger defensively than they have been in recent big games. Then a piece of magic from Eden Hazard broke the deadlock.

Chelsea’s number ten waltzed past Flamini and Cazorla, and with Koscielny the last man making the decisive challenge and give the hosts a penalty. Koscielny received a yellow card when he could have perhaps picked up a red. Losing a man and a goal from the penalty would have meant the game was effectively over as a contest so we were fortunate we could still play the rest of the game with eleven men.

But after that though, Arsenal’s “luck” ran out.

Oscar made foul after foul and didn’t pick up a booking until four minutes until the end, and Gary Cahill almost took Alexis Sachez’s leg off with a reckless challenge and should have been a red card.

Then the biggest decision in the game proved decisive in the end.

A shot from Jack Wilshere was blocked by Cesc Fabregas in the box, but clearly by his hand. It wasn’t even a close call – Fabregas had his arms high in the air and the ball hit them. I don’t care if it’s intentional, it’s a penalty.

And that would have made it 1-1.

Once Chelsea scored from the penalty, they parked the bus.

Only one team wanted to actually play football and it wasn’t Chelsea. Arsenal were making all of the play, trying to score a goal and were faced with ten blue shirts in their way. Arsenal had some good passages of play, mainly through Jack Wilshere, but it was too much of an ask. Watching the way Chelsea set up shop, I wondered if any team could get through such defensive tactics.

Although hardly surprising given this is a Jose Mourinho side, you wonder if Chelsea fans like watching this kind of football?

Given a transfer budget which eclipses ours by a massive margin, it’s still amazing he still plays so negatively. Have ten men behind the ball and play off the break? You’d have thought a team like Chelsea would have more aspirations than that, but no, they like boring football that gets results.

Arsenal fans can be proud of their team today, as they gave everything. Wilshere, Flamini, Cazorla and Sanchez never gave up, and the back four were solid. The issue Arsenal had was Mesut Özil, who had a very bad day in the office.

At 1-0, with Arsenal needing a goal in the second half, the game was begging for Oxlade-Chamerlain to be introduced with at least half an hour left, and it should have been for the lethargic Özil.

But what does Arsene Wenger do?

He introduces Oxlade-Chamberlain with only 25 minutes left, and takes off Santi Cazorla!

Alongside Jack Wilshere, Santi was our most creative player – and added to that, he actually tracks back and defends, unlike Özil.

I understand Özil is our record signing but Arsene needs to recognise when Özil needs to be taken off. It is ridiculous to think a player can always have a great game and Özil was a million miles away from that. Taking off Cazorla is something which is mind-boggling, and even the player himself was mystified as to why he was hauled off.

Obviously Arsene was hoping that Özil would come up with that piece of magic, or the final pass that would make the difference but ultimately, he was slow, lazy and didn’t contribute a single thing to our performance. You don’t care if a player is in a bad patch and isn’t in form, as long as they give 110%. I’ve always supported players like Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere when a lot of Arsenal fans were slagging them off because they may not have had a good game but they bust their balls off in an Arsenal shirt.

That’s all we want to see when players put on the red and white of Arsenal so to see a player waltz through the game without a care in the world is painful to watch.

On Özil, my thoughts during the game sum him up:

The game in end showed Chelsea for who they are – a functional team that will sacrifice football and the beautiful game for results. A side which is boring to watch, and a team full of massive cunts. Any respect I had for Cesc Fabregas has well and truly disintegrated after his actions on the pitch.

It didn’t take him long to become a “true” Chelsea player.


35 thoughts on “Arsenal Clearly The Better Team As Lucky Chelsea Park The Bus

  1. Yeah the better team got beaten. Until Wenger goes,I can’t see the gunners closing the gp on the big teams . It’s obvious tactically he has lost it.

  2. Wish you were right but arsenal shown sadly lacking in two areas that reflect AW’s stubbornness. Until Wenger is gone, Arsenal will win nothing.

    1. They have no defensive midfielder. Why, oh why, did Wenger not pay up,for a class player. Flamini cost 2 points against Spurs last week and was a boy against men today.

    2. Ozil. If Arsenal were to sell him now, would they get more or less that they paid for him?

    He was flattered by his company at Real (and also for Germany). Bottom line is that he is not that good – Arsene Wenger is too embarrassed by the price he paid in a last minute panic last year, so won’t even have him subbed , let alone dropped, when clearly he is the worst attacking midfielder in Arsenal team.

    But Wenger would rather see Arsenal lose (and players like Cazorla leave) than admit he made a mistake and put Ozil on the bench.

    Alexis looks to me like he wonders what he is doing in the company of players like this, when last year it was iniesta and messi.

    • Geez, clearly you should be a football manager because you know more about it than the most experienced manager in the league… Maybe not!

      If you look at ozil’s stats from the game you’ll notice his pass accuracy!

      Where did flamini get shown up? Hazard made a great move and beat 2 players then got the foul from coz. Their other goal was a route 1 lob over the top when we were fully pushing for the equaliser

      I’m not blind to wenger’s mistakes, but u clearly don’t know what your talking about (regurgitating the media narrative)

  3. yes arsenal were clearly a better team…they managed 0 shots on the goal and hahah keep dreaming loser!!! good luck fighting for 4th place yet again 10 years and counting

  4. Acceptance of failure. That’s when you know you aren’t a big team any more.

    That was embarrassing as so so easy for Chelsea.

    We go in with no tactics and just a hope that te other team will make more mistakes than us. Unfortunately with Mourihno’s Chelsea that never happens.

  5. Well done Arsenal.
    Gallant and positive.
    They care more about trophy than the sweet game. Imaging parking the bus at home?.
    He can bring the devil out of a gentleman.

  6. U are so retarded dude! What the hell is the game of sports all about. Its all about winning! Winners are often remembered,but losers ain’t ! It doesn’t matter how u win,but just win! So dude go mourn ur team,n probably if u don’t wanna continue mourning,stay the hell away from A (L) R (o) S (s) E (e) N (r) A (s) L. Come on chelsea!!!

    • Lmfao ur clearly intellectually challenged. Sport is only about winning.. From the lips of a natural glory hunter. Wtf would real football fans go week in week out to watch teams like Swansea palace etc. why do you think REAL chelsea fans supported a club that hasn’t won the league in 50 years. Total FAIL

      • Jack you have said it all,Chelskick play Rugby Mouth-rinho is a cruel human being,he mention Arsenal deserve 3 red cards.But failed to mention Cahil who should have been red carded before the penalty, also if Fabregas were to be an Arsenal player with that handle the ref would given them a penalty.

  7. wenger is the problem of the arsenal club.we will never win premeir league with this old man.He had opportunate to impr0ve the squad,de maria,de costa fabrigas and khadhira were available but he decided to keep the money.He should keep cool and be ready to get more defeats in future.He should be embarassed to be defeated every time he meet with the chealse.

  8. Why are arsenal fans so coc*y and annoying,always negative and hating.
    A team with a better manager and much organised strategy beat u ,just admit that…

    • When we were beaten by Dortmund we held our hands up and said well done to them for playing better and criticised our players.

      If we get beaten by stoke because they stick 10 men behind the ball and foul us every time we look like we have a break, we hate it but accept that they are stoke and that’s all they’re capable of.

      When Chelsea, at home, play like stoke we get proper pissed off, not just because we lost but because we had to watch that crap instead of a decent game of football which YOU should have expected.

      Man U, city, Liverpool and any top European club don’t play against us like that. We’ve had piss poor results against them but we don’t make this kind of complaint because its not merited.

  9. Jose is a hypocrite..SPECIALIST IN NEGATIVE FOOTBALL..when west ham played such coward tactics of defendin’ with 10 men he mocked them as 18th century tactics..yet he a master in it..chelsea play is borin’ against their rivals,man city etc.

  10. “Arsenal Clearly The Better Team As Lucky Chelsea Park The Bus”
    I must have a word with Sky TV because they obviously weren’t showing me the same game as to you.

    I’m 100% Arsenal through and through, but until Wenger goes I simply can’t see them making a truly competitive challenge for the PL.

    Seeing him haul off various players, but leaving Ozil on just confirmed my belief about the delusional man that Wenger has become.

  11. The wenger out brigade just love result like this so they continue there campaign to get him fired it was an. un.lucky game for arsenal .this. bus parking bullshit is why real Madrid. fans wanted mou to go so bad now they win big by actually playing football .

  12. Why have Arsenal not beaten MC and Chelsea this season?Wenger is the problem. In fact he was very lucky not to have lost to MC and lucky to escape with a 2-0 loss. It could have been 5-0or more.He is forever trying to thread a ball through te n ,11 if you consider the gk as well.
    So it’s not suprising Costa scored when ten gunners besiezed the Chelsea goal but not surprisingly the Blues defence stifled the attack and then a high ball from defence to the striker. How can he not score like Drogba and Ronaldo with the milions of acres of space and one efender to beat.
    Wenger has reeatedly shown he can’t compete at the top level and must pay for his uncompromising stand and predictable style.

  13. Before the game I had a feeling the gunners would lose by a 2 goal margin.The problem is Wenger is too predictable for the good of the gunners.
    I agree with some fans who say Arsenal will never win the epl with him in charge. His record against the top managers is appalling and still he showsno
    sign of variation. At any other club he would have ben fired years ago.
    The cupwin was a stay of execution.Nine points away from Chelsea.This season looks like a scrap for4th. If he can’t get that he shd go .

    • We can’t beat big teams ?Iguess bayern is not a big team .apart from mou which manager in the epl has he not beaten .face it fool yours is apersonal beef with Wenger .you are angry because he didn’t go the unsustainable galacticos modle and spend US into oblivion ala Portsmouth rangers almost the whole of serie a etc .but rather choose too developed eand bring throwugh .talent adding top quality where needed or available y

  14. Fabregas is better than Ozil! Fabregas bullying the German off the ball is all I need to see. One cost $42 mil and the other 28 mil.
    I don’t like Jose as a manager, but he is smarter than Wenger and he is a winner!
    Against Chelsea , we needed Ox, Sanchez on the wing and Welbeck as the CF.

  15. This is the first epl game we’ve lost suddenly (arsenal fans lol )think the whole team is crap and we have no chance of winning any thing .it’a good thing man u and Livrpool fans arnt so stupid or they will forget to support their teams in the other games to come .but just hope there team loses so the manager can be fired so they can feel justified .hey losers the game isn’t just about bragging rights .it’s about supporting a team you love in good or bad times and that sh*t mou does against top teams is called antifootball not tactics if every team played that sh*tguess what all that tv money would disapear faster than you could say boooring

  16. Haters will always hate andb*tches will always b*tch even when we win they complain and critercise “we should have won by more ” “why didn’t he play so an so” “he should have left out …..”on and on they are so bi tter and negative they can’t even enjoy the games anymore please true fans don’t… ever get like them lets. critercise manager and team when they need it but this irrational personal hating b*tching negative defeatest attitude

  17. I know it is only one game where the gunners get beaten.But it s significant.
    Chelsea will be one of the contenders for the epl.I am afraid Wenger has lost the plot with his one dimensional style.He is the only manager playing this style of over passing.
    It’s very predictable .No wonder he is bottom of the class n a mini tale of the top 5 teams.He has been beaten time and again using the same way ie trying to thread a ball past 10 defenders .In spite of repeated defeats he shows no sigs o changing his system. Make it his last season in charge. He has been given more time than other managers and has filed repeatedly.

  18. Good luck with your Wenger out campaign. when it fails will you go and support another team?according to you there are better managers in the epl .i mean why put yourself through that another season. Please please please go and support ateam you admire and love it’s what intelligent people do !

  19. Wenger made a clear mistake for not asking our players to man mark Diego costa.on the whole it was a great performance from Arsenal,Mouth-rinho knew it was going to be tougher and used rugby model puting 1 man up front while he parked his buses to prevent goal from geting into his net.


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