[Vote Here] Should Arsenal Sell Özil For £30 Million In January?

There are a few “reports” out there (mainly from the Daily Mail) that Mesut Özil is unhappy at being played out of position and is looking to move away from Arsenal – with Bayern Munich the preferred destination, and they are apparently willing to put in a bid for £30 million to “bring him home” in the January transfer window.

Obviously, this is usually a case of a newspaper putting two and two together and getting five, but it isn’t a difficult story to create.

Mesut Özil has blatantly under-performed for Arsenal this season, that is a fact which is undeniable. He is our record signing at £42.3 million and only has one goal and one assist to his name, both of which were at Villa Park. Aside from that, he has been poor.

Some people say that it is unfair to put pressure on Özil but for that kind of money, he really should be grabbing games by the scruff of the neck and making the difference. We’ve drawn too many games this season and he should be the man who helps us turn those draws into wins.

Against Chelsea he was anonymous, and it’s got to the stage where Arsenal fans are fighting over his performances. Some say he was a monumental waste of money, and a player that isn’t suited to the Premier League. Others argue that he needs time, and that he’s being played out of position. It really does get to a dire situation when Arsenal fans are seeing a serious injury as a blessing in disguise, and others pity him. Mesut Özil is like a cute puppy dog that we all want to do well but we’re afraid of telling him off because he’s so precious and can’t take criticism.

Whether he’s out of form, not suited to the Premier League or needs more time – the fact is Özil just isn’t doing it at Arsenal. He’s a luxury player who doesn’t deliver. His inclusion in the team means that it’s almost like playing with 10 men. Our game is based on pace, tempo and quick movement but he doesn’t track back, isn’t on the same wavelength when it comes to playing those killer through balls and you could almost say it’s affecting the dressing room.

How many times has Santi come off in the second half of a match when it should have been Özil? Against Chelsea, Santi, like the rest of us, were in utter disbelief when he was hauled off instead of Özil. Arsene clearly feels he is obligated to play his record signing and is afraid of dropping him, but it’s at the expensive of players like Santi Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky – players who have consistently performed well for Arsenal. You can tell Santi in particular isn’t happy at Arsenal at the moment.

So the question is, would you cut your loses, take £30 million and send Özil packing back to Germany?

I know what my choice would be.

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8 thoughts on “[Vote Here] Should Arsenal Sell Özil For £30 Million In January?

  1. Anyone that thinks Arsene Wenger would sell Ozil for a reduced price is away with the fairies. A lot of what’s put out in the media is just plain rubbish, I truly believe the problem is simply a case of Ozil finding it difficult to adapt to the unrelenting pace of the premier league, and he certainly doesn’t like the physical side that has become very apparent. If Ozil can’t adapt then probably best he’s moved on but that’s not going to happen anytime soon and Wenger wont be giving him away in a cut price deal that’s for certain.

  2. Ozil, 7 goals and 13 assists, fantastic player, 5 year contract, loved by the Arsenal fans, hated by the media, is going no where! Most of your no votes do not support Arsenal! COYG

  3. I dont believe arsenal should sold mesut ozil in january winter transfer market,playing ozil out of position seems to be what is affecting him.Arsene wenger should use is record signing in his prefered position.

  4. I gave a ‘no’ vote..well I don’t tink playing ozil at his preferred position will solve all those thrash he does while playing..He needs to be sitted and talked to…I tink Something is wrong wif him mentally somehow…he doesn’t seems to even care he is our record signing..he wants to play in every match yet under performs…well Lez still kip him ooo…he will surprise us one day…

  5. The fact is that Ozil’s value has dropped since being at Arsenal. Is he worth more than Fabregas? No
    To get the best out of Ozil, he needs first to be only playing in the middle.
    He requires almost the perfect team surrounding him. Germany and Real Madrid loaded with talents, but at Arsenal , the quality of our players is not world class , especially without a true holding midfielder.
    Ozil reminds me of Berbatov immensely btalented player , but did not have the work rate or the temperament to succeed in the EPL.


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