Özil Out Until After Christmas – Blessing In Disguise?

Well we’ve heard that Mesut Özil is now out until after Christmas after having an MRI scan with the National team.

There’s no doubt that Özil is a world class player but this season he has been poor. Mainly because Arsene Wenger is adamant about playing him in the wrong position. He’s one of the best Number 10’s in world football yet has been stuck out on the wing.

So is this a blessing in disguise?

Arsene clearly doesn’t know how to use him and it’s affecting Arsenal’s performances and results.

We’ve been misusing Santi Cazorla, one of our best players, and players like Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rosicky haven’t been involved as much as they should have. Having Özil in the side is causing Arsene a problem he clearly can’t solve, so maybe being without Özil will help improve our performances, which have been poor to average this season.

In fact, our best performance this season was in the Charity Shield, when we swept aside Manchester City 3-0. And that day, Özil wasn’t available.


5 thoughts on “Özil Out Until After Christmas – Blessing In Disguise?

  1. Well, what happens when he gets back?! Maybe we should sell him, that way the problem can be solved permanently.

    A real pity about people like you calling yourself Arsenal fans and ‘contributing’ such blogs.

  2. What a banal and pointless blog. We lose one of the best creative players in the world and it’s a blessing in disguise?
    How idiotic!

  3. How can you ask chambers to play a central midfield role and expect him to perform…”a blessing in disguise”that’s just plain rubbish….

  4. Nice write up Atleast it gives ozil time to think about his life and hopefully come back stronger . Most of the best 10’s in the world have played on the wings(iniesta silva mata carzola) they might not have played thier best but they weren’t as woeful as ozil. It’s a chance for someone else to step out

  5. The blessing would be if Wenger was out till after Xmas. Then Bouldy could play people in their right positions.


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