Arsenal Shoot Themselves In The Foot But Salvage A Draw

What do you make of that?

It was the same old story for Arsenal fans – a game that we dominated in terms of possession, but couldn’t win. We took the lead early on with a Sanchez goal after 13 minutes but after that, we lacked urgency, desire and passion which is a far too common theme in these home games. If we’re not at the races, we simply go through the motions and it happens far too much.

Hull had a game plan, like most other teams visiting The Emirates have, and were happy to sit deep and get us on the break. You can’t blame teams for setting themselves up for that when the come to Arsenal because quite frankly, it’s a tactic that works well – and we have no answer for it.

Hull City were fortunate to equalise after Flamini looked to have been fouled and then they took the lead straight after the break and from then on it was all Arsenal. We had the vast majority of possession but couldn’t do anything about it. Apart from the equaliser from Welbeck and the late late chance for Gibbs at the death, I don’t think the Hull keeper had much to do.

The passing in the second half was pedestrian, which was worrying considering we needed an equaliser. Cazorla and Sanchez tried to make things happen but we didn’t have the urgency to players willing to shoot.

We pressed and pressed and pressed and finally, got through on 88 minutes. Sanchez waltzed his way through about 4 players with a clever dribble and picked out Welbeck with a fantastic through ball. Welbeck controlled the ball well and his finish was excellent.

After that, the fans were well behind the team and there seemed like a real chance that we could actually nick all 3 points. We had the ball in good positions but we couldn’t find the right final ball to take advantage of scoring the late equaliser. Kieran Gibbs had a late chance at the death but it was asking a lot for him to score from something which wasn’t even a half chance.

In the end, we manage to salvage a draw but we all know that when it comes down to it, that is not good enough.


4 thoughts on “Arsenal Shoot Themselves In The Foot But Salvage A Draw

  1. It isn’t god enough and matters will not improve until the dinosaur who’s tasked with the running of the team finally leaves!!

  2. as long as Wenger is in charge.. Arsenal will always fight for a top 4 finish. why ddnt he buy a DM? why ddnt he replace TM i. defence? and why dd he send A defender on loan to West Ham. let us wait for Arsene to go then we start again.

    • i see Chelsea have turned Arsenal over yet again and will continue to do so as long as they play the same type of football. How can the idiots be carried off on a stretcher and within 8 seconds be prnacing around on the touchline to get back on the pitch to continue their playacting. Forget about DM AW DA and all that crap…what Arsenal needs is 11 genuine players, not primadonnas with fall down syndrome. The referees could stop the comedy show but it appears they are content to let them get away with it. The useless commentators and windy pundits swimming around in a cesspit of their own making think we are all made of cheese. I beg to differ after the disgusting display against Anderlecht with Podolski in the goalmouth saying the Lords Prayer got a lucky bounce to save their bacon. They are the worst team in Arsenal’s history. God help us!!!!! p.s Sanchez could not lace Henry’s boots…FACT!

  3. Same old same old problem. Yes we took the 3 points, but not a convincing win nor playing attractive football. AKB would be satisfied, but I want to see the improvement, and we are not improving at all.


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